Experts Tell us the Best CRM Software For Nonprofit Organizations

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2 years ago

This article showcases our top picks for the Best CRM Software For Nonprofit Organizations. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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Planning Center

This product was recommended by Michael Sawyer from PEG Creations

Planning Center is an excellent, low-cost CRM solution for churches. Planning Center gives churches an all-in-one platform where they can manage People, Giving, Events, Services and more. Some of our favorite features are the automatic year-end giving statements, the ability to map out and share service orders, and the ease of registration and accepting payments for retreats and other church events. Planning Center is an excellent tool that helps streamline and organize church ministry.

Attivo All-in-One

This product was recommended by Len Reo from Attivo

Seeing the many shortcomings of typical process improvement software, Attivo specifically designed Attivo All-in-One, a comprehensive software solution with a built-in CRM, to simplify process improvement for businesses with one integrated, affordable, and customizable solution. This tool helps businesses streamline operations, increase efficiencies and inventory turns, reduce manufacturing lead-time, and improve customer service. More than ERP alone, this collection of integrated systems and services eliminates inefficient islands of automation and error-prone manual spreadsheets to help you answer the million-dollar question, “How can technology help you achieve your business vision?”


This product was recommended by Julien Raby from Thermogears

Nutshell is known for its ability to help people and organizations build better and stronger relationships. As per my experience, Nutshell is an exceptionally flexible CRM. Its contact management and pipeline has been designed for sales organizations; however the flexibility of the platform is such that it can even be used by nonprofits. This is a cloud-based software, so it was quite convenient for me to access the system from anywhere at all; especially considering its deployment with androids, iOS, Mac, and Windows. The communication system is so strong that if I find a donor on the go, I only need to have them scan their business card and they’re added in the donor list. This is the feature that I’ve loved the most about Nutshell. All necessary information about the donors is stored internally and anyone in the organization can access it in case of need. Nutshell also provides the ease of labelling organizations and people such as “volunteer”, “nonprofit”, and “donor”. They have two plans – Starter which retails at $19 per user/month, and Pro which retails at $35 per user/month. Both of these plans share one common benefit – the ability to try out the software and package for free on a 14-day trial period. This was great for us as it gave us the chance to use the software and see if it suits our needs perfectly or not.

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

This product was recommended by Brandon Walsh from Dads Agree

We are using the Nonprofit Cloud developed by arguably the best CRM developer, Salesforce. Nonprofit Cloud was explicitly built for nonprofit organizations like ours. With the functioning and structure of nonprofit organizations in consideration, this CRM doesn’t just assist us in marketing for our cause but helps the organization and our team in fundraising campaigns as well through donor-centric experiences. All team members have the flexibility of accessing the software from anywhere and are productive all the time. Nonprofit Cloud also helps us in being productive through its Program Management features. The communication and collaboration of our team weren’t efficient enough before we started using Nonprofit Cloud. Salesforce also offers discounts on its services for nonprofit organizations.


This product was recommended by James Hughes from Digital Marketing 4 Leads

Hubspot is probably the greatest CRM and marketing software that exists… ….and the CRM is 100% free, forever. This makes it perfect for nonprofit organisations. For free, you get multiple users, 1 million contacts, website forms and email tracking. You also get extra features such as meeting scheduling, gmail /outlook integration and a reports dashboard. I helped one of my clients get 1000 customers a year (£900,000 turnover) with Hubspot and 1 sales person.

Neon One CRM

This product was recommended by Chris Prasad from JookSMS

With Neon One CRM being built specifically for nonprofit organizations, it helps you save time on manual efforts so you are able to focus more on your nonprofit. This software helps staff and volunteers quickly engage members in ways such as built-in email marketing, event management, and tons of reporting features. This software is personally my favorite when it comes to helping to reach donors, manage donors, and facilitating non profits all in a super easy-to-use software.


This product was recommended by Avinash Chandra from BrandLoom

Insightly is a good recommendation for non-profit organizations. Insightly is a CRM platform that combines project and sales management capabilities into one powerful platform. Making it an ideal choice for a non-profit organisation who love to work efficiently and collaborate with others.

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