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This article showcases our top picks for the Best CRM Software For Individuals. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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This product was recommended by Bruce Hogan from SoftwarePundit

Pipedrive is a very popular CRM solution that is powerful and affordable for individuals. Pipedrive’s entry-level subscription is $12.50 per month and comes with numerous valuable features. While it can be used for most communication purposes, it is designed as a solution to support sales. As a result it includes features such as customizable pipelines, deal management, contact and organization management, email sync, a meeting scheduler and performance reports. It integrates with the calendars from Google and Microsoft, Google Drive, Chrome and over 200 other applications.


This product was recommended by Rob Delory from QuickSilver Agency

I have worked with quite a few CRM’s over the years. For an individual, it is tough to beat free. Hubspot is a marketing automation platform but it is also a fantastic CRM. It probably has more than most individuals need but it is hard to beat. Lots of options, endless customization and there are probably more how-to videos on the internet for ways to use it than any other CRM If you sign up for the simplest version at no cost, you can just use the CRM that is included.


This product was recommended by Hannah Martin from HarvestOnlineMarketing

Airtable is an incredible software for creating a personal CRM (and so much more) because it can be completely customized to have the data you want, and it integrates with so many other services. Unlike being forced into another CRM’s structure, you can create the exact view you want to see the contact info that’s the most important to you, without excessive fees or limits.

Act! CRM

This product was recommended by Breanna Golub from Safari Digital

Finding a personal CRM for a solo individual is all about striking a balance between software that’s easy to navigate and a platform that is customisable to meet the unique demands of a small business. I have found that Act Software is simple to use and does not limit the customisations needed for an individual or small business. There are a plethora of CRM software options out there for small to medium businesses. I came across Act software when I realised that I needed to find a platform that streamlined the process of managing clients without having to change from mainstream email, document and organisational tools. Using Act allows the user to rely on a CRM system that is integrated into Microsoft Office and Outlook, and also provides access to the marketing tools that have become crucial to operating a small business in 2021.

Less Annoying CRM

This product was recommended by Nick Chernets from DataforSEO

Less Annoying CRM is great for individuals who want to manage their tasks and contacts as well as the lead-to-sale and all follow ups. LACRM provides all users with individual logging addresses which enables you to create contacts regardless of the email provider you use. The software offers a free 30-day trial after which you have to choose one of the plans that are all very affordable.


This product was recommended by Liraz Postan from LP Marketing Services Inc.

I personally recommend Infinity (startinfinty.com) as they have great lifetime desks, so you end up paying for the first year a lot less if you need to connect clients/ other teams etc. It’s super easy to use, as well as a great support to help you figure out the first steps and how to manage your data. I migrated from an Excel sheet and got a great onboarding from their team, plus. they have wonderful templates to work with.


This product was recommended by Matthias Klausing from Systhub

ContactShip makes it easy to stay in contact with family, friends and people you meet. Save what ever information you want, use timelines and reminders, schedule your next party, event or meeting and generate automatic lists of people with common interests. The simple rating system allows you to rate your contacts and their attributes, making it easy to identify likes and dislikes. Make the most of your contacts! Main features – Integrated rating systems for contacts & their attributes – Extrem flexible for the data to manage (even create your own data categories) – Integrated data analytics (create automatic list of people or attributes) Of course with timeline, reminders, groups, relationship networks and cross device sync etc.


This product was recommended by Larissa Uredi from No-Where Consultants

VoteSharp is the non-partisan, cost-effective CRM for civically-minded community members who want to break into their local or regional politics. It lowers the barrier to entry for managing voter and constituent relationships and is the only CRM that puts communication first. VoteSharp is easy to use and solves the very real problem of making outreach and communication with real people simple instead of hard, messy and complicated.

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