Exercise is Getting the VR Treatment | FitXR

4 years ago

What is FitXR?

FitXR is a new virtual fitness studio that brings the energy and enjoyment of group fitness classes to your home.

Designed to put the fun back into exercise, FitXR is packed full of workouts that will get your heart racing while putting a smile on your face, whatever your fitness level.

Pull-on your virtual gloves and jab, weave and uppercut your way through workouts in time to adrenaline-pumping music.

Skip the gym, cancel your gym membership and defeat the battle of the bulge in your own home!

Why Fitness?

It can be hard to fit exercise into your routine, especially if you aren’t feeling totally like it. It can be a chore to get out of the house and to drive to a gym, then to search for space to work out in and then to spend an hour or more on a treadmill. Hence why FitXR was developed, it’s a fun and easy way to spend your time.

For the last few years, the smart fitness wearables market has been booming. The FitXR team have been investing in the smart fitness wearables industry.

Their aim has been to provide people with the choice of working out from the comfort of their own home, exercise becomes an easy choice when FitXR is readily available.

FitXR is a brand new exciting workout platform. It puts the user in charge of their fitness through motivational coaching, to-the-millisecond choreography, and a variety of workout speed and difficulty levels to cater for all abilities.

The FitXR App

The FitXR app features a variety of workouts that cover a broad spectrum of different exercises. There are workouts for intensity, cardio, toning and losing weight, so there’s something for everyone.

FitXR is also a social workout experience, with the ability to challenge your friends to keep you motivated or to do a workout with them.

FitXR gives you the ability to track your progress with charts and outlook summaries, so you can see how you’ve been doing.

This allows you to see how you are progressing and share your success, before the competition!

You simply select the workout you want to do and get straight into the action.

FitXR works with your virtual reality headset and hand controllers, allowing you to feel like you are really there.

With the addition of hand controllers, you will work all your muscle groups in a more effective way, whilst making it fun too.

It works with Oculus Rift headsets.

How Does FitXR Work?

A range of music is available to play along to and every workout has different tracks that are relevant to the workout.

Once the workout starts the app manages the workout for you; this way you don’t need to follow instructions or worry about not doing something right.

The app is designed to be as easy as possible for you to use.

The app works on swipe movements and works very well.

The app takes you through the workout and manages the workout intensity and difficulty for you.

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