Everything You Need as a New Truck Driver

Everything You Need as a New Truck Driver
3 years ago

So you want to be a truck driver? You’ve done the research, you’re taking or about to take the required CDL courses, and you’re ready for the open road ahead. While it’s good to have a positive mindset, keep in mind there are a few things every truck driver must have in their cab to stay safe and prepared. Here’s everything you need as a new truck driver, so you’re ready for your future travels.


Before you start your new career as a truck driver, you must possess a valid CDL. A commercial driver’s license ensures you’re qualified to drive, maneuver, and handle a large commercial vehicle, like a semitruck, flatbed trailer, school bus, or another type of industrial vehicle. You must complete a certain number of driving hours in a certified CDL course to earn certification. Once you successfully complete them, you’ll be eligible to drive as a professional truck driver.

Fuel Card

Fuel cards are another necessity. A fuel card is a form of payment card accepted at most conventional gas stations or service stations to fuel your vehicle. It’s acceptable for gasoline, diesel, or other fuels. Fuel cards may also cover maintenance or snacks, depending on your company. There are many reasons commercial drivers need fuel cards. They save money, ensure smoother operations, and allow for greater flexibility on the road. Remember yours when you need to fuel up or repair your vehicle.

First-Aid Kit

As with any job, truck driving has its accidents and incidents. You never want to be stuck on the highway with an injury. Therefore, a first-aid kit is something you need as a new truck driver. Whether a basic kit with bandages and ointments or an advanced kit filled with gauze, wraps, and more, you never know what may happen on or off the road. Even if not for you, it’s a good idea to have a first-aid kit to help your fellow drivers.

Clothes and Sunglasses

Clothes and sunglasses may not seem like crucial items to have on the road, but long-haul driving takes its toll on the mind and body. Be prepared for changing weather conditions and bring a few extra layers. It’s always a good idea to have more instead of less. Having an extra set of clothes cools you down or warms you up, depending on your geographic location. You should also bring a pair of sunglasses. Driving all day means driving with the sun blaring down on you. Protect your vision to stay safe on the road. You’ll protect both yourself and other drivers.

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