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Email Hosting Systems for Small Businesses and Start-Ups 2021

7 Effective email hosting systems for businesses on a budget

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Having a reliable and efficient email hosting service is an essential for any business. However, new businesses on a budget might struggle to find a service that is both useful and affordable. Below are email hosting systems that positively aid your company’s marketing and communication practices without breaking the bank.

#1 G Suite from Google

G Suite from Google
Who suggested this product?
The G Suite from Google was recommended by Jorge Sheffy from Loclweb. You can find out more about Jorge Sheffy here or read their product recommendation below.

G Suite is the best option because it’s extremely dependable and will be around forever. Not only that but it’s more than just email hosting. G Suite is an entire suite of productivity apps and it can all be accessed online from anywhere in the world.

We build websites specifically for local small businesses and in addition to our websties, we only offer our clients the ability for them to sign up for G Suite and have us set up. It’s the only service we feel comfortable delivering to our clients that’s high quality and won’t need any management after we deliver it. It just works.

#2 MixMax

Who suggested this product?
The MixMax was recommended by Phil Strazzulla from SelectSoftware. You can find out more about Phil Strazzulla here or read their product recommendation below.

MixMax has amazing time saving functionality built into their solution like templates and automated calendaring. This product also allows you to send mail merge campaigns in plain text format which has higher deliverability and open rates than HTML emails..

#3 Mailchimp

Who suggested this product?
The Mailchimp was recommended by Yuv Malik from Gradient Designs. You can find out more about Yuv Malik here or read their product recommendation below.

Mailchimp, is the perfect email hosting service, for anybody. The free service comes with 200 spaces for emails. This also comes along with subscriber popups, that you can implant onto your website, it is also perfect to create your own customised newsletter, to go out to all your subscribers. It is a perfect simple user interface that allows you to interact with your customers smoothly and easily.

#4 Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail
Who suggested this product?
The Zoho Mail was recommended by Stacy Clements from Milepost42. You can find out more about Stacy Clements here or read their product recommendation below.

Zoho Mail is an excellent email hosting choice for small business owners. The service is comparable to some more well-known options, such as GSuite and Office365, but at a slightly lower cost for the premium version ($4/user/month as of August 2019).

Zoho also offers a Lite version ($1/user/month) for those just starting out who may need less storage space and don’t require some of the more advanced features. I like the email interface more than any other web-based email interface I’ve used, and Zoho also has a well-designed native mobile app that makes it easy to check emails when you’re on the road. As a security professional, I also like the fact that Zoho Email encrypts email on the servers and also between the server and your device, reducing the possibility of your data being tampered with.

#5 Black beard hosting

Black beard hosting
Who suggested this product?
The Black beard hosting was recommended by Filip Silobod from Honest Marketing Galway. You can find out more about Filip Silobod here or read their product recommendation below.

Black beard hosting has intuitive user interface, you can create a brand new email mailbox in no time and manage its settings. You can forward mails from one mail account to another, create email filters, set up autoresponders and shield your e-mail accounts against spam email messages.

#6 AWeber

Who suggested this product?
The AWeber was recommended by Shehraj Singh from Bloggingfire. You can find out more about Shehraj Singh here or read their product recommendation below.

I will suggest AWeber to small business because it didn’t too much costly. Thier plans start from $19/month. And they are providing lots of features then pricing. It’s very reasonable for thier services.

Mainly, I am a fan of AWeber automation. they provide very easy automation set up than any other email marketing tool.

My agency is also using AWeber for thier all business and financial works. Thier support is also very active, they revert back within in few seconds of the message sent.

So, Simply I said, Blindly go for AWeber. Thier service is super awesome.

#7 Bluehost

Who suggested this product?
The Bluehost was recommended by Steve Kurniawan from Nine Peaks media. You can find out more about Steve Kurniawan here or read their product recommendation below.

Bluehost is not only a hosted email provider, but a full-fledged web hosting service which also offer a hosted email service. This is a suitable option for small businesses who are also looking for a web hosting service, especially if the site is WordPress-based. Starting at just $7.99/month/user for 50GB storage, it’s also more affordable than G Suite. It doesn’t offer as many features as G Suite and as many integrations, but it’s cost-efficient and reliable.

Who contributed to this article?

Jorge Sheffy from Loclweb

Phil Strazzulla from SelectSoftware

Yuv Malik from Gradient Designs

Stacy Clements from Milepost42

Filip Silobod from Honest Marketing Galway

Shehraj Singh from Bloggingfire

Steve Kurniawan from Nine Peaks media

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