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Conduct a Cyber Security Health Check on your Small Business – 4 Companies we Recommend in 2020

Cyber Security Health Check

Don’t leave the security of your business to chance. Small businesses can be especially vulnerable to cyber-security threats – so let one of the following companies help you conduct a health check of your businesses cyber security.

Stanmore Insurance, Business Brokers

This product was recommended by Jackie Hyde from Stanmore Insurance

With an increasing reliance on technology and computer systems to conduct daily tasks, many businesses become exposed to a cyber-security threat. As a consequence they may put their businesses at risk of a data breach which can cause reputational damage, disruption to the business and potential income loss. Prevention is always best, but an essential aspect of protection is to have business cyber insurance cover to provide support should the worst happen.

Cybersecurity Self-Assessment

This product was recommended by Lumena Mukherjee from SectigoStore

This free assessment designed by security experts from Microsoft creates a risk profile of the business based off on 20 questions from four key cybersecurity categories. The health check report comes with strengths, weaknesses, tips, and recommendations and takes around 20 minutes to complete.

Cyber Health Check by Intelect Group

This product was recommended by Lumena Mukherjee from SectigoStore

This tool assesses the security posture of the SMB through a questionnaire divided into five sections aimed at understanding the policies, processes, etc. of the business. It takes around 10 minutes to complete.

Cyber Security SMB Toolkit

This product was recommended by Lumena Mukherjee from SectigoStore

The start-off point is a set of 60 questions that thoroughly investigates the company’s security health.. The findings are reflected on an easy to visualize cyber risk dashboard that is integrated with the toolkit and can track progress as the business addresses their risks. The software comes with instructions and tools to address the specific risks identified. It also comes with ready to use policy templates, checklists, vendor recommendation, etc.

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