Complete Guide to STORIS Management Systems

4 years ago

STORIS is the leader in retail software solutions for the furniture, bedding, appliance and electronics industries. From point of sale and inventory control to accounting and business intelligence, our scalable product suite provides complete control over retail operations.

Why do you need a STORIS Management System?

When a retailer is faced with the possibility of growing sales, one of the first things to consider is the existing operational infrastructure. The STORIS suite of products provides complete turnkey solutions that run on Microsoft SQL Server. These include:

Online POS – a cloud-based point of sale system for POS and inventory with mobile and web POS capabilities.

• Store Manager – inventory and purchase control software that provides an inventory and point of sale interface with a variety of channels. It also manages all in stock, ready-to-ship and special order items.

• Corporate Account – accounting software for retailers that has state of the art interface capabilities. It provides complete centralization of all financials, control, reports, AR reconciliation and payroll.

• SCANA – accounting software designed specifically for dealers. It provides OEM dealers for the furniture, bedding and appliance industries with a fully integrated system that has Genco efficiency, yet still integrates into Cost Plus, Big Box, and B2C.

For retailers who want to manage inventory and other business functions with one solution, STORIS provides complete control and management of retail operations.

What makes a management system effective?

For many, a management system is a necessary part of business growth. Whether it is inventory control, order entry, POS sales, inventory information, accounting, payroll, or just tracking sales, a great management system provides complete control and growth potential to small businesses. STORIS excels in bringing together all the components of growth. With leading edge products, STORIS allows small and medium size businesses to grow and build. There are four components that make a management system useful and valuable when it comes to growing business.

  1. Scalability

The best management systems are scalable. Businesses start small and grow. A good management system allows start-ups to expand while dealing with a limited number of employees. It also allows growth for mid-sized businesses without overstretching the technology capabilities. STORIS management systems use Microsoft SQL Server stack architecture to scale easily. Whether it is the standard or fully loaded product, a STORIS management system can be easily adapted to suit the needs of a small or mid-sized business.

  1. Business Intelligence

By combining accounting, POS, inventory, sales, and product information, STORIS management systems provide a robust and complete snapshot of business practices. It provides sales projections, inventory control, store performance, and corporate accounts. A STORIS management system provides critical information to assist decision-making and planning.

  1. Software/Hardware Integration

As a business grows, internal processes can become fragmented. A management system can help businesses with software/hardware integrations. This can not only increase sales opportunities, but also increase productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency. STORIS management also provides integration with many third-party business to business applications and programs and provide streamlined integration of ancillary systems.

  1. Flexibility

Flexibility is an important part of any management system. The ability to manage a single store or a national chain is important. STORIS management systems provide a high degree of flexibility to integrate into any business structure. Whether it is small or large, high-tech or old-fashioned, a STORIS management system can adapt to the best practices of an individual business and do it in a cost-effective manner.

  1. Cost Effective

And speaking of cost-effective, STORIS management systems are a customer-friendly way to build business. They are designed from the ground up to be the best and most cost-effective system available. Whether you are managing major accounts or single retail locations, a STORIS Management System provides a complete solution for growth.

Benefit of STORIS Management Systems

Mobile POS

STORIS’s mobile POS provides retailers with a competitive edge for their business. The mobile POS is available for Apple or Android devices and utilizes the GLO API. Market research has shown that customers like mobile POS systems. More than 10 million Americans use their smartphone as a means to make purchases online and off. The mobile POS offers a fresh new way to reach customers and grow sales.

Commercial POS

A STORIS Management System can provide a complete solution for business. From inventory to purchasing to payroll, STORIS POS products are powerful and complete. With mobile POS coupled to Store Manager, retailers have a system that can manage a single store or a national chain. From the corporate headquarters to manual tools, a STORIS Management System is a smart buy.


Human Resource Software, also known as Acuity, was designed for mid-sized businesses. Acuity is a software that handles employee scheduling, payroll, time and attendance, performance reviews and HR tasks. With Acuity, businesses have a controlled and centralized system to handle all human resource needs. Acuity provides a full organization system that is affordable and completely functional.

Software/Hardware Integration

A management system allows a business to build and grow. Software/hardware integrations can speed up service, improve efficiency, and can even give customers a competitive edge. A STORIS management system provides integration capabilities to integrate ancillaries into a complete solution for growth. The ability to place an order through POS or purchasing an item from STORIS Mobile POS and have it shipped in STORIS SCANA provides an easy, complete, competitive, and cost effective solution for growth.

Finance Management

When it comes to control of finances, corporate accounting needs to be in the hands of the right person. Some businesses are fortunate to have an accountant on staff, while other businesses budget a small amount to hire from outside. Regardless of the financial arrangement, corporate accounting needs to be in charge. Accounting provides the stability and control to a business that is run with a profit as the primary goal. A STORIS Management System provides this functionality by offering a complete accounting solution for retailers or dealers.

Inventory and Purchasing

When it comes to purchasing and inventory management, STORIS has a complete solution. Store Manager controls inventory and procurement, with integrated business intelligence and real-time analytics. With Store Manager having access to the GLO API, it can do more than just buying and selling. POS integration is seamless, allowing for etching and purchasing through STORIS POS. STORIS even provides a mobile POS system that has real-time inventory and can access GLO directly.


Hospitality applications are designed to offer solutions for businesses that require unique business solutions. Therapy Desk is a hospital/therapy software that is based on billing, insurance, scheduling, reception, and much more. POS integration with Hospitality applications allow for ease of ordering and selling. SMS integration provides real-time sales reports on the go without a POS system.


STORIS main Application offerings are designed for mid-sized businesses. The purpose of the Acuity application is to issue and manage contracts, employee onboarding, employee time and attendance, performance reviews, training, benefits, payroll, and HR process management. All of these applications are designed to help a business grow.

Other Applications

There are also many unique STORIS applications that focus on specialty behavior. Acuity Self-service, Acuity Mobile, and the Marketplace hosts about 30 different applications. Regardless of the business situation, STORIS most likely has a solution.

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