Complete Guide to Getting the Best Executive Journal

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4 years ago

How to pick the best Executive Journal?

There are many to choose from. Some are flimsy and cheap looking, while others are well crafted and available in a variety of styles. Consider your own unique style and what you find pleasing.


The executive journal you use should be both creative and functional. Ideally it will reflect your business cards or website, so that you can create a theme. After all, it belongs to your business.


The size of journal you choose depends on how many pages you want, for writing extra notes. Most journals have daily and monthly pages, which is ideal for a busy business person.


The quality of an executive business journal matters a great deal. After all it’s something you’ll be using for years, if not decades. It should be able to weather the trials of everyday life, without losing its appeal or even your writing.

Our Picks of the Best Executive Journals:

Leuchtturm1917 Master A4 Plus Ruled Hardcover Notebook

This product was recommended by Matthew Meier from MaxTour

It it a big, however it leaves plenty of room for all the day’s plans and notes. It’s size plus the high quality German construction feel like they were made for high-level executives. Using one gives you a feeling of importance and accomplishment, I highly recomend one for all busienss executives.

LYTek Classic Notebook Journals

This product was recommended by Steve Thompson from BootMoodFoot

When it comes to journals, I actually prefer the multi-purpose options that you can find at just about anywhere. They’re efficient, budget-friendly and still look nice. Many still come bound in leather with an envelope on the inside. Choose between lined or unlined, ones with calendars and those without, etc.

Leuchtturm1917 Medium A5 Dotted Hardcover

This product was recommended by Ezra Kewa from 4ALLTECH

Light, sleek and flexible, the softcover notebooks were rereleased alongside the brands other most popular formats in the new muted colours collection to much fanfare at the end of last year. The introduction of four new delicate colours (powder, denim, sage and bellini) might not seem like news, but in the stationery world, not to mention the bullet journal community… it was big. For those who love the experience of writing, there really is no equal. The size and range of colours make them ideal companions for all walks of life, while the blank contents page, numbered pages and blank spine sticker (for archiving when you’ve completed it, if that’s your thing) make it an ideal starting point for bullet journalers of all styles and levels – or simply those who like to keep their notes organised. Like most notebooks of its brood, there’s also a gusset pocket in the back. A nice added touch is the extra page marker.

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