Compare 5 Of The Best Small Business Phone & Internet Services

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These are the only phone & internet solutions a small business needs to consider. We know how crowded the market is, so we’ve sifted through the popular options, considering reviews, reliability and price.

These are your contenders. Some are more competitively priced, while others are better at keeping up with your growing business. So, read our handy descriptions and see which fits your business best, because we purposefully chosen a wide range of the best options.

Best Small Business Phone And Internet Service

Ring Central

Matt Schmidt from Diabetes Life Solutions:

One of the best phone systems for small businesses is Ring Central. They offer several different priced platforms based upon your needs. Ring Central also has bells and whistles for those who need automated dialing, texting, and integration with your own CRM. Staff and customer support are easy to work with.

Metro Wireless

Dominic Serra from Metro Wireless:

Metro Wireless is a perfect solution for small business Internet needs. With their proprietary network, they are able to service home based, rural and office building businesses while keeping a close relationship to ensure questions are answered. Most small businesses do not have in house IT support, therefore specialized care helps us meet their small business needs from start to finish.

Comms Consult

Geoff Bateson from Comms Consult:

The platform has a number of feature sets that work to help most industries become more efficient when handling calls in and out of the business. The system can also integrate into a number of software applications helping to utilise Click to Call functionality and even automatically log those calls and call recordings to the CRM record. Being able to deploy handsets across the world but working as one overall system can create great benefits for businesses of all sizes. Options include Call Recording (FCA compliant), full call reporting, call logging and all the features you would expect from a modern-day phone system. With prices starting at only £13.50 per month including all configuration, installation, free hardware and unlimited calls it’s a tough one to beat. The accompanying broadband service also provides an industry-leading service level agreement and prioritises the data of phone calls across the network, pretty much guaranteeing good call quality.


Ollie Smith from Card Accounts:

CallHippo virtual phone system is a fantastic option for a small business. Any startup or business with a tight budget can take advantage of their free plan which comes with some great features including welcome message, call reminder and contact management. It’s ability to integrate with external services such as Slack and Hubspot also adds great value to a business with limited resources. Give it a try – you won’t look back!

Zoho CRM

Shiyang Gong from AILaw.Inc:

You’ll definitely look for a service that is affordable, easy to use, reliable, and I think Zoho CRM has it all. It is an easily manageable platform for managing sales processes, pipelines, and account information as well as leads. It is an excellent CRM for small businesses as it offers a free plan that allows up to three (3) users. This free plan has the functionalities that a small business needs, like contact management and lead gathering. While free plans from other CRM providers have limited features, Zoho’s free version is robust, and other plans are also cheaper, making it a viable option for small businesses.

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