Common Hot Spots for Germs in Businesses

Common Hot Spots for Germs in Businesses
4 years ago

Properly sanitizing and disinfecting your business is important even on the best of days, but it’s vital while contending with COVID-19. You’ve no doubt done your best to keep your business clean and looking nice, but you may have overlooked the common hot spots for germs in businesses. Let’s discuss some of these hot spots.


Both office conference phones and personal employee cellphones can collect germs. People use phones every single day, making them a hot spot for bacteria. Employees touch phones with their hands, and they also hold them up to their faces and mouths. Despite this, phones rarely get cleaned, and as a result, they are some of the dirtiest items in any workplace.

Elevator Buttons

Elevator buttons are easy to neglect. Usually, people take no more than a second to push the right button on an elevator. But many people go through your elevator, meaning many hands touch the buttons. You should wipe them down at least a few times a week for your employees and guests.

Light Switches

Like elevator buttons, you flip a light switch and instantly stop thinking about it. You probably wouldn’t think of them as common hot spots for germs in businesses, but tons of people touch them every single day. You should regularly wipe and sanitize every light switch in your building.

Sink Handles

Most people don’t consider the office sink a hot spot for germs because it’s associated with cleanliness, but before washing your hands, you need to touch the sink handles, making them a germ trap. Sanitize your sink handles to avoid the spread of bacteria.

It’s often difficult and tedious to effectively monitor all of these hot spots. Because of this, you should consider hiring a disinfection company that has the equipment and professional know-how to make sanitation an absolute guarantee.

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