Coffee roasting machine for sale – how to choose the best one?

2 years ago

This is the place where coffee beans go through a huge metamorphosis and they become a luxury product. There are a lot of places on the internet where you can get a coffee roaster machine for sale. If you want to find out how to choose and where to buy a coffee roaster, continue reading this article.

Choosing the right coffee roaster – what to pay attention to?

You can meet a few obstacles on your way, while choosing the right coffee roasting machine for your business. One of them is the maximum capacity per batch. There is one crucial question, which every roastery owner should ask themselves – how many kilograms of coffee do I want to produce weekly? To find the answer you need to make some calculations first. Try to estimate the potential of your business based on your location, coffee culture in your nearest neighborhood etc. While calculating the amount of weekly roasted coffee, you need to keep in mind that coffee beans lose weight during the roasting process. You should take into account about 14 % – 20 % weight loss. This information should help you to define and choose the right capacity of the coffee roaster.

Another challenging thing might be choosing the right type of your coffee roasting machine. There are at least several kinds of coffee roaster machines for sale on the market. There are mechanisms powered by fuel (for example natural gas, propane, or LPG), but you can also find electric coffee roasters – these are more suitable for smaller businesses, because the energy costs a lot. You shouldn’t ignore this fact, if you open your coffee place. Sometimes you might be confused, because several coffee roasters can look very similar. In this case you should look for information about the maximum batch and the hourly output. You can avoid disappointment by simply reading the specification on the retailer’s or manufacturer’s website.

Coffee roaster for sale – price

As a matter of fact, the price range is quite wide in this category. The reason is simple – the bigger the machine you get, the more you have to pay. The capacity of commercial coffee roasting machines can reach even 30 kg or more per batch. Coffee roasteries can produce hundreds of kilograms of coffee each week, so they need a machine that will meet their expectations. It is not the time to break down though – you can find a suitable machine for less than 40,000 Euros. This number might be scary, but if you are not going to sell so much coffee weekly, you can easily find a coffee roaster for around 15,000 Euros or even below 10,000 Euros. Everything depends on the amount of coffee you want to roast per week. If you will buy a roaster that is too big for your company, you will not be able to use all its potential, and that would be a waste of money. Search for a roaster that you can fully benefit from.

Other important aspects while choosing a coffee roasting machine

You need to think about the coffee types that you want to roast. It is an important aspect, because the machine you buy should roast the coffee beans differently. If you sell different grades of roasts, you can gain more clients. Besides the final cost of the coffee roaster, you need to add different costs, e.g. for other equipment like a heat seal, an automatic scale or automatic loader. These machines will really help you maintain a good tempo of preparing your coffee and they take off the excessive ballast off your shoulders. If you are wondering, where you can find a trustworthy retailer who sells only high quality coffee roasting equipment, you should visit the following website: There you will find all the machines that you need to finally open your new coffee business. Pay attention to the product descriptions and specifications to be sure that you are buying a high quality and accurate machine.

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