Boost Employee Productivity By Installing A Game Room

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2 years ago

It is just part of human nature to be wishing you were doing something else sometimes when you are at work. Are you wishing you had your ping pong paddles instead of your wireless mouse on occasion? Soon you might be able to, at work. Many companies recognize that by trying to make work life a little more comfortable, their employees become happier, less stressed, and more productive. One way they are doing that is by installing a game room.

Corporations such as Google have become famous for the way they design a workspace that is conducive to making accommodations for workers. Meditation rooms, game rooms, luxury coffee machines in the lounge, having a lounge at all, are all ways that companies create a workspace that makes employees happier. And when employees are happier, they are more productive.

Learn about these benefits here.

Increase Productivity

Every employee always wants productive and engaged employees. Time is actual money here. It’s not about being jerky bosses that are cracking the whip, it’s about making sure as much money stays in the company as possible, and that starts with the employees. When workers are happy, they do better on the job.

The law mandates scheduled breaks. But some people have nothing to do on their break schedule, and it doesn’t feel like a break at all. Employees wander around the office or business talking to people and not really removing their brains for a few minutes from the business and the job. A game room helps them to take that break, unwind, and feel more rebooted when they get back to their desk.

Inspiring New Talent

Today, the labor market is more competitive than it has been in years. Some people have their pick of jobs, and some people don’t. If your business is attracting applications from employees who have their pick of jobs, you want to incentivize the yes when it comes to an offer. Having a game room does that.

The main reason that is the case is that you tell a story of work culture when you have perks like a game room in the office or building. The story of culture you are telling here is one that sends the message that you care about your employees, and recognize them as humans that have fun once in a while.

Develop Team Building

An office or business that has employees coming in and going home and rarely interacting socially with each other is not going to be described as the best place to work. It might be great for reasons other than social interactions, but there could be more to it. When your employees function as a team together, your business wins. You will make more money because they are looking out for each other, and your company in the process.

Team building occurs when you have employees spending time together in a way that is more relaxed, and allows them to break down some of their barriers. You can foster team-building with a game room by giving employees an opportunity to develop their relationships and bond as a unit. Games create competitive energy that humans in general love to banter about. This will extend into the workday, and the workforce, in a productive way when you implement a game room.

Triggers Creativity

Playing games involves problem-solving, strategic development, and critical thinking skills that are all produced by creativity. You build creative thinkers when you give them a chance to play on their breaks, blow off some steam, and develop strategies they can take to work beyond the lunchroom.

Creative people are inspired people that are motivated to produce. A game room gives your employees a chance to get away from their desks or stops and be inspired by a new way of thinking, even if it’s only for 15 minutes. When your employees have their creativity triggered, they will bring that back to their computers as well. It’s a win-win for you.

Make a Game Room Work For You

The benefits of having a game room in the office or business are many. These are just a few of the key things that happen when you build a game room for your employees. They will become more productive and inspired human beings when they get the chance to leave work for just a few minutes and engage in old-fashioned play.

Additionally, if you are having problems attracting talent and keeping talent, a game room becomes a marketable trait to show off to the applicants walking in your door. After they’ve been here a while, they will be able to show off that talent and feel part of a productive team that meets your endgame – increasing profits. Consider starting the plans for your game room today.

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