Best Technology Innovations for Education (2019-2021)

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Technology has led to changes in many sectors, such as entertainment, finance, health, and education. The changes have improved the way people do things and interact with one another daily. The old paper-based systems are slowly being replaced for the better.

The education sector has been and may continue to be affected in many ways. Innovations have changed the way teachers interact with their students and how students access learning materials. Below are some recent technology innovations in education.

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Artificial intelligence

US education technology is being supported greatly by artificial intelligence. It is predicted that in 2021, AI may become the main education trend with at least 45% growth. AI can automate key educational activities, such as marking and grading. Teachers can grade multiple choice papers and fill in blank questions electronically.

When AI tutors are very busy to address issues, they can still offer help to students. The AI-driven programs can be designed in a way to allow learners and teachers to provide helpful feedback. In some schools, AI can be used to monitor the students’ progress and to inform the teachers if there are any issues regarding students’ performances.

AI, through scanning software, has also been used to tackle the plagiarism problem in schools. There have been many cases of plagiarism in art where students copy content rather than developing their original work. Art is based on creativity and the ability to design something original.

Technology and assignment writing

Today, there are various tools and apps that aid the writing process and have made the students’ overall education process a lot easier. From time management apps to writing software and citation tools to plagiarism checkers, there’s a wide variety of options for students.

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The school closures resulting from the spread of Covid-19 in 2020 made distance learning a top educational technology trend. E-learning is training or education delivered electronically. It can be an online business course in schools, workplaces, or online activities that are slide-based.

E-learning allows educational content to be delivered to students through smartphones, laptops, computers, and tablets. It makes learning more interactive, convenient, and time-saving.

Learners can choose the learning content easily and quickly wherever they are at any time. E-learning has allowed learners to read through and view content to gain knowledge and therefore, it has changed education delivery. Students can access learning courses such as art, video, podcasts, and animation.

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Cloud computing

Cloud computing facilitates access to educational materials from any part of the world. Important resources such as video assignments, audio lessons and written lessons can be stored on the cloud terminal of the school. Students can access the resources from anywhere and complete and submit their assignments to their tutors. Cloud computing reduces the complexity of carrying books or going to the library. This technology also enables students to participate in live chats when making education-related inquiries.

The cloud-based software allows educational institutions to create virtual classrooms and hence reduce infrastructural costs. They can also reduce the need for more manpower in the faculties hence saving on labor costs.

Video-assisted learning

In the past few years, video-assisted learning has become very popular. Video is no longer taken literary as television-based like it was previously. With digital devices and internet access, any day can be a “video day” for learning purposes. Video-assisted learning is taking place in learning institutions that are adopting distance learning.

Animated videos are used to enrich lessons and make the content easy to understand. Projecting video during lessons can prompt discussions, enabling teachers to launch debates ask questions. Therefore, if well used, it can encourage active learning among students.

Social media in learning

Young people and students spend a lot of time on social media and therefore, this technology can facilitate the learning process. Many learning institutions are using social media for communication to allow students to interact with each other easily. Students can participate in group discussions, share learning materials, and comment on each other’s posts constructively. Organizations can create lessons and post them on youtube for people to access and share with their friends.

Social media is offering subject monitoring tools that can be used to extract data for research purposes. Students can find out how others feel about a given topic and get expert advice about specific issues. This can enable them to compile and produce content for research.


Technology innovations in the past two years have created positive experiences among learners and teachers. Some technologies, such as e-learning, artificial intelligence, and social media, have become popular due to the growing need for convenience among the participants. Students no longer need to commute to school or wait for long to receive feedback. They can access learning materials and interact with their teachers to complete their tasks via video-assisted systems and cloud-based technology.

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