Best Social Media Platforms for Advertising in 2022

Best Social Media Platforms for Advertising in 2021
3 years ago

If you’re reading this, then you’ve likely hit the milestone in your business where you’ve decided to start advertising on social media. Congratulations! This is a huge milestone for you and your company—and as such, one big part of advertising on social media is not messing it up. Before you begin, you need to determine which platforms you want to put your ads on. No need to worry—we’ve got you covered. Without further ado, here’s our list of the best social media platforms for advertising in 2022.


You knew we’d start with Facebook. Despite its shortcomings, it’s still the most prominent global platform and has over two billion active users. You have the whole world at your fingertips, and with all of the groups on the site, you can target just about any target market your business focuses on.

However, make sure that the overwhelming amount of choices don’t get to you. There are still a lot of common mistakes that marketers make on this platform, so be careful you don’t do them yourself.


According to experts at, if  you like the idea of targeting very specific niches, then Reddit is the place to go. There’s a subreddit for just about any group you can think of. Be careful, though—many Redditors are very against advertising on the platform, and aggressive campaigns can be met with harsh criticism.


YouTube has the same problem: users hate its ads. However, we’re still putting the site on our list because it’s simply that effective. You can have your ads show up on almost any video even remotely similar to what you’re selling.

As long as you can catch the viewer’s attention within five seconds, you could have a new customer on your hands. (Although, you should be aware that since your ads on YouTube are in video format, they won’t be as effective on other platforms.)


All of our choices have been primarily focused on general consumers. For those of you who sell directly to other businesses, LinkedIn is the best choice for you. This platform is full of business professionals looking for new opportunities to grow themselves or their companies. LinkedIn is a great way to advertise your company to people who’re looking for work. It’s a win for multiple areas of your company.


For the final entry in our list of the best social media platforms for advertising in 2022, we have TikTok, which has taken the internet by storm in the last couple of years. While the app doesn’t have traditional forms of advertising, it can be done.

You can make a profile for your company and create content in the same way as everyone else, except you’ll try to sell your products. If you don’t want to do that, you can pay popular creators on the site to sponsor you instead. That way, their audience will see what you’re offering.

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