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Tactic No. 1: Know what you want

Before you start your phone call, know what you want so that there are not any dead spots in your conversation. For example, you can tell yourself “What I want is for the customer to say “Wow! and in turn ask me to tell him more about my product or service”. So, right before you start talking to him, remind yourself of what you want so that you do not let your mind wonder during your conversation.

Tactic No. 2: Use stories instead of selling to someone

You could tell yourself the following story before you pick up the phone:

“I am calling someone now to tell him about my business. I am going to tell him the story about how my product or service helped someone solve his problems and how much money he could save with my product or service. Instead of telling him the sales pitch, I will allow him to draw the conclusion as he listens to my tell the story.”

Tactic No. 3: Use the hot buttons

You must know the hot buttons of your prospect. For example, when you are talking to a female about your product, you could emphasize how your product helps her family. And when you are talking to a male about your product, you could emphasize how your product helps him excel at his work.

Tactic No. 4: Act like a coach

You can tell yourself something like this “I know from the past experience that this customer could achieve the following with my product or service if he uses it. I will do my best to help him to achieve the objective by using the following techniques….”

Tactic No. 5: Tell them the great things before you tell them the bad things

To make sure that your prospects know the benefits of your product or service before you tell them the disadvantages of it, tell them the following story:

“There are two roads you can take to reach your goal of becoming a successful entrepreneur. One road is to ask your boss for a salary increase and another road is to sell your products and services to more people so that you could take the profit and buy more of your products. Which is more appealing to you?”

Tactic No. 6: Help them to worry less

It usually shows that prospect has lesser resistance to buy from you if you reduce his worries during your phone conversation. You do this in the following ways:

  • Tell the prospect that you had practiced cold calling by calling others prior to your conversation with him, etc.
  • Tell the prospect that you can tell him more about how you made X amount of dollars within X amount of days, etc.
  • Tell the prospect that you understand his situation, etc.
  • Tell the prospect that you have caller ID in your phone, etc.
  • Tell the prospect that you are going to send him your marketing package by different methods after your phone call, etc.

Lastly, use any of the above tips to reduce your prospect’s resistance to buy from you. If you follow any of these tips, he would surely buy from you.

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