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This article showcases our top picks for the Best Project Management Software With Google Calendar Integration. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.


This product was recommended by Patrick Sinclair from All Home Robotics

I’m referring to Trello of course. It’s a simple but effective web-based kanban board style project manager where every team member puts up a note for ideas and goals related to the project. It also let’s you add a number of power-ups to your Trello Board, one of which is of course the ability to integrate your board’s timeline with Google Calendar, allowing you to view all relevant dates and deadlines in one place. It’s a great tool to make use of for project management, and I highly recommend it it.


This product was recommended by Ian Sells from RebateKey

Asana is the best project management platform for your remote workplace. As a remote team, it’s a lot easier to ensure team accountability and promote collaboration and communication through Asana. Added perks are the numerous integrations it has, which makes workflows seamless. As a CEO who does a lot of other things on the side, it can get quite hectic, making it easy to lose track of things to do. I heavily rely on Asana’s integration with my Google Calendar and Slack to inform and update me regarding upcoming internal meetings and agenda.

Zoho Projects

This product was recommended by Martin Seeley from MattressNextDay

Every entrepreneur looks for an all-in-one project management software since it has all of the functionality they want to have. As a business owner, I believe that project management software should be integrated with Google Calendar to provide optimal planning and scheduling. Zoho Projects, in my opinion, is the all-in-one project management solution that Google Calendar has integrated. It’s a program that can be used by any company. It definitely saves time with its charts. It offers a user-friendly interface that provides the greatest possible experience.


This product was recommended by Alex Buchnev from Paddling Space

The best feature of this software is that it will instantly connect to your Google Workspace and all its integrations including Google Calendar. Wrike is very convenient as you can access it with a single account; you’ll stay connected to all the Google tools and have the liberty to save and store your documents.


This product was recommended by April Maccario from Ask April

Project management software is essential since it organizes your project’s timetable, milestones, and dependencies, as well as your team’s overall job. As a founder, I recommend because not it is one of the top software, but it is trusted in terms of its versatility, scalability, reasonable price, and impressive feature set. It includes features such as collaboration, timeline views, calendar views, time tracking, and dozens of interfaces that are suited on only to establishments, but also for freelancers.

Jira by Atlassian

This product was recommended by David Stellini from All Front

I can recommend Jira as a popular project management tool for agile teams. It has a user-friendly interface and a number of features as well as add-ons to integrate the tools you might already use. We at All Front use Jira to manage and keep track of projects from start to finish all from one place. From allocating tasks to team members, managing issues, and assigning priorities, it helps keep everyone in the loop. This also encourages transparency and accountability to ensure software projects go smoothly.


This product was recommended by Richard Lubicky from RealPeopleSearch

I recommend Redbooth because it makes it easy to communicate with team members/customers and organize tasks for different projects. It comes with different features and integrations, so I have the tools I need to work efficiently and collaborate easily. Personally, I love the group chat feature, HD video meetings, and screen sharing. I can also access Redbooth with my smartphone and computer, which is a plus and has a great cross-device user interface. No doubt, Redbooth is the best project management software that integrates with Google calendar. It is simple and flexible to use, enabling project teams and departments to get the job done. Files are easily accessible and synchronization is easier even. Last but not the least, it holds people accountable, and that is a huge plus for the companies to attain maximum productivity.


This product was recommended by Ryan Nieman from Solitaire

Teamwork is one of the best project management software with Google Calendar integration. It also offers a free trial but to use the full version, you will have to opt for a pricing plan that best suits your organizational needs. Teamwork makes it easy for members to see what they are working on and what’s lined up for them next. It significantly reduces the complexity of collaboration while providing the freedom to work at your own pace. Google Calendar is easily integrated into this software. This allows team members to keep track of important meetings and events. The customizations further make it easy to work together.


This product was recommended by Tom Miller from FitnessVolt

A shortcut is software that can be used for many purposes. From lesson plans to project management, people can use the ShortCut software to access as they want to. There are various filters to search for the data, templates to create the data in an admirable and clean format, and spaces to keep the same projects at the same place. Along with that, ShortCut offers you the opportunity to add people, add timings or reminders with Google Calendar, and provides so many features to use easily.


This product was recommended by Chiara Gomiero from Handy Wine Guide

This is one of the most affordable PM software with time tracking features with Google Calendar integration out there in the market. It’s free and has a time tracking app for Android and iOS devices. Some of its key features are timesheet management, offline and mobile time tracking, overtime calculation, task management of course, and multiple billing rates.


This product was recommended by Bishal Biswas from Word Finder

I have used an abundance of softwares during my time as a project manager, but Beesbusy stands out for collaborative planning features and adaptable interface. The software also gives out cheap pricing plans to users with the business plan costing $9.99 per month, whereas the enterprise plan costs $19.99 per month. The tool allows you to overview every recorded activity within the project.


This product was recommended by Vartika Kashyap from ProofHub

If you’re looking for the best project management software with Google Calendar integration then ProofHub, a cloud-based SaaS tool, can be the right choice for you. This powerful team collaboration and project management software offer a broad range of features in a centralized location, which makes it easy for users to organize and collaborate on their work from anywhere, on any device. More teams are using Google Calendar to schedule and organize their work, using a highly functional project management software like ProofHub that integrates with Google Calendar can catapult your team productivity to the next level. A simple learning curve, intuitive interface, and flat-rate pricing plans make ProofHub an easy pick in days of expensive, complex software with a steep learning curve. Integration with Google Calendar allows you to schedule your events, tasks, and milestones in one place so you can know what to do when. You can share your schedule with other team members and also create multiple calendars that you and your team can use together. The best thing about ProofHub is that it also offers you an inbuilt Project Scheduling Calendar. You can have a broader view of task assignments and check resource availability across multiple projects through “All Calendars” view. Now, that’s a double advantage for teams who like to keep to their schedules to the last minute.


This product was recommended by Dean Kaplan from Kaplan Collection Agency

Forecast is a simple and easy-to-use project management app that easily adapts to any workflow. Tasks are visually represented on a scrum board and we can drag tasks around as we please. This allows us to plan and manage our projects seamlessly. Forecast integrates with Google Calendar and tasks assigned from Forecast will appear in Google Calendar with key information including task ID, task name, and relevant project. We also like Forecast’s unique set of reporting tools that we use to analyze our projects and work out how to execute better.


This product was recommended by Timothy Woods from Carnivore Style

Notion is a great software for those who love and need to manage their tasks. Similarly, Notion is widely used in companies for Project Management as it helps everyone to stay active on the same software in every kind of device. Furthermore, Notion has quality features like a series of formats including calendar, tables, weekly plans and different colors. It has also the feature of connecting with the Evernote book, source studies, Google Calendar, contact tags system and many other helpful softwares. Overall, it has been the best project management tool for me to work upon my projects with my clients and friends.


This product was recommended by Shane McEvoy from Flycast Media

I know everybody loves Slack, but at our organisation we feel Basecamp is an absolute godsend. It integrates seamlessly with Google calendar, meaning that everybody knows which tasks they’re responsible for, for the whole week/month without having to log into it they don’t want to. It’s user interface is much more intuitive and if you have employees working all over the globe it’s extremely easy to manage projects efficiently. Everyone has their own projects in their own stream/feeds, and it takes all the mystery out of who is responsible for what task. We can’t live without it..


This product was recommended by Stephen Curry from CocoSign

Confluence integrates easily with Google calendar and even allows you to privately display your Google calendar on the app. This ability to embed the calendar makes it easier to track and manage events. Confluence provides a dedicated workplace for your team or projects. It is a flexible platform for any team’s work and creates a familiar place to connect and collaborate.

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