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This article showcases our top picks for the Best Project Management Software For Real Estate. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.


This product was recommended by Jonathan Faccone from Halo Homebuyers

As of 2021, we had just implemented a project management system called Monday which is very well known in the CRM/Project Management industry. I didn’t know what to expect but after about one year of use, I could confidently say that this system has been a game-changer for us. What attracted me initially was its beautifully simplistic interface and how customizable it was. As we began using it, our entire team agreed that not only was it intuitive and easy to use, but an amazing collaborative tool that makes getting project items done extremely efficient. I don’t have anything bad to say about its capabilities, the only negative is that they do not have a support chat feature that allows real-time assistance unless you sign up for an enterprise subscription.


This product was recommended by Corey Tyner from Buy Yo Dirt

Asana is a to-do list on steroids, and it’s straightforward to use. You can add due dates to checklists, tasks, and subtasks and tick them off as you accomplish them. You may, for example, construct a checklist template that you can use for each new deal, with all the emails to send, papers to gather, appointments to plan, and people to call. So you don’t overlook anything crucial, Asana makes it simple to understand who is accountable for each task, when it’s due, and how it’s developing. You can integrate Asana with other applications such as email and your CRM. Ordering office supplies, arranging inspections, connecting with clients, and marketing your listings are all simple activities with Asana. Inside the app, which is available on both desktop and mobile, team members can assign work to one another, set deadlines, and interact with colleagues (which means Asana can go where you go.) At a glance, track your progress and identify assignments that require further attention or are causing your systems to slow down. The best part is that Asana is completely free. Premium features are available for a fee, but the free version will suffice for most real estate or mortgage teams.


This product was recommended by Corey Tyner from Buy Yo Dirt

Trello’s visual progress board method can appeal to you if you prefer real-life file systems and sticky notes for time management and efficiency. Create virtual bulletin boards for deals that are pending, ongoing, or completed marketing efforts and other routine duties. Next, add cards with diverse information, such as phone scripts, social media schedules, and deal-specific lists. You can cross items off as you finish them, transfer them from one board to another, and keep others updated as you go. When tasks are due or finished, Trello will alert team members who have subscribed to a board. You can arrange your boards and cards however you like for your real estate business. Trello connects nicely with Google products, Zapier, Clockify, and many other services, thanks to a large number of browser extensions.


This product was recommended by Zac Houghton from Loftera Limited

Proofhub’s intuitive and easy-to-use features allow you to organize and plan team activities meticulously, track progress, give timely feedback, and improve communication at every step of the process. It is the best project management software for a real estate business as it boosts employee productivity and offers valuable insights into your projects.


This product was recommended by Julian Goldie from Goldie Agency

This is literally an all-in-once construction management solution that connects field teams, office administrators and developers in a tool.This tool can assist you manage your projects, resources and financials from project planning to closeout. Procore is a connection that project contributors with the owner and general or specialty contractors. Managers are allowed to handle project details, schedule tasks and view progress by the centralized dashboard. Moreover, this tool enables users to communicate across disparate teams making it even easier to work together by eliminating silos and establishing a single source of information. Thus, your team can access to everything they need to do their job, Support is extended via phone, email, knowledgebase and other online measure.


This product was recommended by Adam Korbl from iFax

This is my go to software as everyone know about it as the most takeoff & estimating software in the world. Users may drag and drop individual components or assemblies right onto a digitized layout to gather quantity takeoffs and begin the estimating process, and measure linears, unit counts, square footage, pitches, and angles in seconds with just a click, thanks to its visible point-and-click interface. This software can automatically compute takeoffs, saving users time and effort when bidding on jobs. By clicking various areas on the screen, users can determine digital numbers, such as labor and material expenses. Users can measure linear and square footage with just one click using the single click feature. The program also offers a Microsoft Excel connection that allows you to send takeoff quantities from Planswift directly to your current Microsoft Excel estimating spreadsheets. This software is really easy- to-use and customizable. You can have it for the rest of your life with just $1,595 for a lifetime license.


This product was recommended by Mohamed Natheem from RadicalStart

ClickUp is a fantastic service that allows you to keep track of your real estate properties, client data, and close sales, all in one simple platform. It has countless integrations to help you manage your workflow. The best thing about ClickUp is that you can customize it to your company’s specific requirements. And the free plan offers some of the best features that no other tool provides.

MRI Software

This product was recommended by Alina Clark from CocoDoc

This module is part of a larger integrated software system that manages all project-based operations for local and foreign real estate portfolios. Set up automatic schedules and budgets, manage team communication and workflow, and increase productivity through cooperation are all possible. Managers can control project expenses, track documentation, decrease risk, and enhance reporting by managing projects in real time. Data may be imported and exported in a standard format thanks to the platform’s integration with Microsoft Office.


This product was recommended by Olivia Tan from CocoFax

e-Builder is a cloud-based capital project management solution that tracks performance throughout the project lifecycle. Business intelligence provides on-demand forecasts and RFI control, allowing facility owners to track business processes. e-Builder software combines capital planning, cost management and controls, process automation, reports and dashboards, scheduling, document management, and bid management in one integrated suite.

LandlordTracks Management Software

This product was recommended by Phil Riley from Cash Offer Please

LandlordTracks manage is the best project management software for real estate. It is a complete suite of all important tools and features that every real estate professional needs to successfully manage their project. LandlordTracks Manage is an all-in-one solution that includes all tools and features needed to manage projects from start to finish. The software has an intuitive interface that helps make day-to-day management smooth and easy. Complete with online payments within the platform, report generation, and much more, the software provides a comprehensive set of tools that enhance productivity.


This product was recommended by Steven Walker from Spylix

Re-leased is a cloud-based property management system that keeps track of important dates, activities, and lease events. There are automatic notifications and procedures to assist real estate agents in keeping up with their time-sensitive tasks.

Qube Project Manager

This product was recommended by Bret Arrington from AIP House Buyers

Qube Project Manager is the Best Project Management Software For Real Estate. This project management software has been developed by Qube Corporation. This project management software has a unique feature by allowing you to customize the search criteria so that you can get relevant data from the database. This project management software has a unique feature by allowing you to customize the search criteria so that you can get relevant data from the database. This project management software system has a user-friendly interface which is attractive and attractive & attractive. This system has a user-friendly interface which is attractive and attractive & attractive. You can have access to various features with simple clicks. You can have access to various features with simple clicks. It has different features like tracking time, number of

ZOHO Projects

This product was recommended by Shiv Gupta from Incrementors

Zoho is a well-known project management application that provides a full collection of real estate developer solutions. Google application connection simplifies document and communication management; users may combine Zoho and G-suite to have quick access to all of their data. Zoho’s cloud-based interface integrates perfectly with their mobile apps, allowing users on the road – such as site foremen – to instantly update Zoho from the field. The user interface is straightforward to use, even for non-technical folks, which is a wonderful plus.


This product was recommended by Chiara Gomiero from Handy Wine Guide

Pendo is an ideal software for property managers with up to 100 properties. It offers many features, like the tracking data for people, income, expenses, vacancies, etc. and it can be linked directly to your bank account and get the necessary info from there. Of course, you have the usual features like files storage, a rental view dashboard and it’s available via the app so that you can monitor it anywhere anytime.

Showing Time

This product was recommended by Bill Gassett from Maximum Real Estate Exposure

One of the best showing management software tools is by Showing Time. It is by far one of the best tools for any real estate company or single agent. Showing Time takes a tedious task off an agent’s plate to make them more productive. The company handles all the showings and then has an interface that emails or calls agents as showing requests come in from agents. The post showing follow-up is just as important and Showing Time comes up aces with that. An automated email goes out to the buyer’s agent asking for feedback a short time after the showing takes place. Both the listing agent and homeowner are emailed and able to keep track of the activity level and feedback on their home. It is one of the best project management tools in a top producing real estate agent’s arsenal.


This product was recommended by Ian Sells from RebateKey

Back when I was in real estate and flipping houses, I needed a tool that allows me to keep every important detail about a project in one space. This includes contacts of potential buyers for that house, images of the house, and web and photo clippings for inspiration as I flip houses. This is not possible in most project management tools back then. Evernote on the other hand allows you to organize projects into notebooks and stacks. It also allows you to add tags to make it easy for you to look for the notes you need. What’s even better is you can share this note with someone else pretty easily. This allows you to easily create a notebook that you can forward to a team member or to a potential buyer.


This product was recommended by Kathleen Ahmmed from USCarJunker

Workzone is a robust project management solution that is ideally suited to help you manage your real estate projects since it conveniently offers users a wide variety of features such as document management, time tracking, resource and task management, project collaboration, and customizable reporting. And since the tool not only offers the flexibility and security to support different user roles and file permissions but also offers users automated and personalized to-do lists to see what’s next on each project, this ensures that all project plans are updated automatically to reflect those changes for the sake of clear project visibility. This in turn will help you to balance workloads, as well as save time on managing various processes and approvals in your real estate ventures.


This product was recommended by Shiv Gupta from Incrementors

LiquidPlanner is one of those pieces of software that attempts to be a lot of things to a lot of people, and unlike most others with such lofty goals, it usually succeeds. It works equally well as a helpdesk-style issue tracker and a general resource management tool. Strong reporting and integration with major cloud storage providers are included. Zapier integration is also available, allowing you to create your own automated connections with other business tools as needed. Of course, with more features comes more complexity, and while LiquidPlanner does an excellent job of explaining some of its more difficult elements before getting out of the way, it always takes extended to set up, understand, and master than many of its competitors. As a result—not to mention the reality that.

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Agile development stands at the forefront of the software industry, championing an iterative, high-speed approach reliant on effective team communication and collaboration for success. This piece underscores the indispensable role played by dedicated development teams in agile projects, shedding light on their significance, advantages, challenges, and vital management techniques. Engagement Models in Software Development As businesses embark on software development endeavors, they confront a pivotal decision in choosing the most suitable engagement model for collaborating with skilled teams. Fixed-Price Model Ensures project completion within set timelines and budgets, but may lead to increased costs for desired changes, limiting customization options. Time and Material Approach Offers flexibility by compensating teams based on hours dedicated to the project, allowing for easy adjustments and ideal for projects needing intermittent attention. Dedicated Team Model Balances fixed-price and time & material models, employing specialized teams for adaptable project scopes, ensuring reliability and flexibility in long-term delivery. The Importance of Dedicated Teams in Agile Development Agile development relies on dedicated teams, diverging from traditional project management methods. These teams prioritize frequent collaboration and communication to swiftly adjust requirements and task priorities. Comprised of professionals fully committed to the project, dedicated development teams collaborate to deliver innovative solutions and top-tier results. This section explores their crucial role in agile development and essential strategies for effective team management. Success in agile development depends on the expertise and cooperation of dedicated teams. Efficient communication, coordination, and excellence from every member are crucial for timely results, highlighting the necessity of dedicated software developers. Clear alignment with core business goals and expectations is essential for project success. The Advantages of Employing a Dedicated Team in Agile Development Using a dedicated development team in agile projects has many benefits. Firstly, their commitment ensures excellent results, boosting project success. Secondly, their teamwork increases productivity. Lastly, having a dedicated team improves oversight and control over the project's progress, aiding in accurate outcome estimation. Improved Collaboration and Communication Engaging a dedicated development team in agile projects also yields enhanced collaboration and communication advantages. This dedicated group fosters close cooperation among remote team members, bolstering comprehension of roles and responsibilities and accelerating progress towards business objectives. Establishing dedicated software development teams helps alleviate miscommunication and ensures alignment towards shared goals. Employing a dedicated team also fosters transparency, encouraging open expression of thoughts, seeking advice, and addressing concerns. Quality Assurance and Timely Delivery A dedicated development team in agile development leads to enhanced quality assurance, expedited delivery times, and early issue detection. Collaborative efforts enable swift and effective resolution of such matters, facilitating prompt progress to subsequent tasks. Implementing a dedicated software development team helps minimize delays and ensures alignment with quality expectations. Furthermore, dedicated teams operate with heightened productivity, enabling swift completion of development tasks and adherence to project deadlines. Flexibility and Scalability By enlisting a dedicated development team, projects become more adaptable and scalable. This enables easy adjustment to changes in market conditions or requirements. Businesses can readily modify the team size to match project needs without interrupting ongoing work, ensuring projects remain on schedule and are delivered punctually. Comparing In-House and Outsourced Development Teams In-House Development Team: An in-house dedicated team comprises full-time employees working solely for one company. They have deep knowledge of the company's culture, practices, and technology, smoothly handling projects from start to finish. However, there are challenges with in-house teams: Cost Concerns: Maintaining an in-house team can be expensive, including expenses like recruitment, training, salaries, and benefits, which may strain smaller companies or startups with limited budgets. Expertise Limitations: Internal teams may lack specialized knowledge, technical skills, or industry-specific expertise compared to external teams, particularly in niche industries or specific skill sets. Scalability Issues: In-house teams may struggle to adjust their capacity swiftly to meet changing project demands or priorities. Flexibility Constraints: Internally-based teams may find it challenging to accommodate varying working hours, meet project deadlines, or adapt to different methodologies compared to outsourced teams. Outsourced Development Team: External dedicated development teams, sourced from third-party providers, focus solely on the organization's projects. These professionals offer numerous advantages: Cost Savings: Outsourced teams often provide competitive pricing, reducing expenses on infrastructure, technology, and overhead costs. Access to Expertise: Engaging with a software outsourcing company grants access to specialists from a global talent pool with the required skills and experience. Scalability: Outsourced teams can adjust their workforce to match fluctuations in project scope and priorities, making them valuable for businesses. Flexibility: Remote outsourcing allows for greater flexibility in working hours, project deadlines, and delivery processes. Outsourced development team offers benefits despite challenges like language barriers and time zones. Good communication and teamwork can help overcome these issues. Leaders should consider these advantages when deciding on the best approach for their company's goals. Wrapping Up Having a dedicated team is crucial for success in agile development. Consider the pros and cons of internal versus outsourced teams. While internal teams offer control, they can be more expensive, whereas outsourcing provides expertise at lower costs. If you decide to go with an outsourced dedicated team, VT Labs can provide skilled engineers to meet your agile development requirements.

Dedicated Teams: The Backbone of Agile Development

Agile development stands at the forefront of the software industry, championing an
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