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Construction management software is a program you can use to keep track of all the information needed for a construction project. It contains task management, billing, time tracking, and many other essential features to help construction businesses become more efficient. The applications available are usually cloud-based, so the system is always accessible online and in real-time, even from your smartphone.

Businesses have been able to adapt this software for their own needs with great success. These are the features you should look for from a construction management tool:

Task Management

The most important part of a project is maintaining the task schedule and ensuring every task is performed on time according to its priority level. These task lists will also include any rescheduling and associated costs.

Communication Tool

Since many people have to work together to complete a project, there should be a line of communication available for the parties involved. So, it is good to keep track of all these communications with the help of specialized tools., such as chat integration and document sharing systems.

Reporting Through Dashboards

Through dashboards, you can see how your construction project is doing at any moment by generating reports that will include charts with budget and expenses incurred, task completion rate, among others.

Implementation and Support Services

Suppose you’re not familiar with how to use the construction management software. In that case, it’s always good to get help from specialists who can advise you thoroughly on what features you need and should prioritize.

Ease of Use

In most cases, these applications usually offer an online live demo where you can try them out in real-time either by yourself or with an expert service representative. Make sure to choose an easy-to-use and well-organized system to avoid getting overwhelmed.

Best Construction Management Software

As of this year, there are close to a hundred construction management software systems in the market. That’s why, when choosing, it all comes down to your budget and needs. Here is a list of some of the best construction project management software:


JobProgress is a web-based project management and collaboration solution for construction companies. The program’s intuitive interface and powerful features make it easy to get organized, manage tasks and work towards finishing projects on time. JobProgress offers tools for managing subcontractors, resources and materials, equipment, personnel, safety records, budgets, claims, and much more.

The system allows you to create plans and schedules, assign tasks to team members and collaborate. Field managers can also use a mobile app for iOS or Android devices for the same functions as their desktop browser-based counterparts.


Fieldwire is a management app and job site communication software that allows businesses to increase efficiency, boost safety and cut costs across projects. Fieldwire can be used by contractors of any size, regardless of their project scope and budget.

  • The system offers innovative notification tools for improved safety on job sites
  • Job-specific data collection tools that save time while increasing accuracy
  • Customizable workflows that make it easy to do things like submit claims, schedule tasks, and save preferences, all from one central location
  • Online dashboard with real-time data that helps you manage projects anywhere at any time


One of the most powerful, real-time construction management software suites around, InEight offers a great selection of management tools to help you plan, assess, budget, and execute a construction project with ease, while establishing project benchmarks and opening lines of communication with clients.  

The system offers innovative scheduling tools for all parts of the project. With real-time tracking and insights, you can easily manage contract workflows and keep all project documents easily accessible, in a single database. You can also run a cost and risk analysis any time, making it easier to keep track of these vital metrics. InEight streamlines project planning through a top down approach, using modelling and other built-in software functions. 

SINC Workforce

SINC is a mobile workforce management platform that streamlines communication between the worksite and the office. It provides a single source of truth for tracking and managing work hours. With SINC Workforce, companies can control their billing, reporting, and payroll processes related to labor.

The system was built specifically to accommodate the changing needs of the construction industry. It has features such as mobile time clock synchronization, tracking workers from multiple locations, integrated tools for invoicing and costing projects, and more detailed reporting. This is an excellent choice for any construction company looking for a workforce monitoring solution.

The construction industry is one of the most difficult to navigate. There are so many different types of projects, each with its own set of needs and challenges that you need to consider when pursuing them. You’ll feel like your head will explode if you don’t know where to start! But once you have a plan in place, it becomes much easier for your company to succeed.

Luckily, some excellent construction management software on the market today can help streamline this process and make it more manageable from beginning to end. We hope our article has helped provide clarity and direction as you move forward with building your business for success!

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