Best 5 Websites Where You Can Hire Professional Essay Writers

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3 years ago

Writing an academic paper is a mentally exhausting task that requires hours or even days to complete. Students regularly engage in these types of assignments, which often results in busy and stressful days. The task requires students to conduct extensive research and utilize proper writing skills to accomplish. 

However, not all students are comfortable with their writing abilities that can lead to poorly written papers. Fortunately, various academic assistance services offer writing help to all types of students. There are hundreds of these services online, and students should not find a shortage of helpful websites. This article will introduce students to some of the best websites where they can hire professional essay writers.


CustomEssayMeister is one of the best academic writing services online. The website has been active since December 2006 and is continuously offering help to students and professionals with their written projects. CustomEssayMeister has a large team of 500 in-house essay writers that specializes in different fields. The website and the team have completed more than 200,000 written projects that include essays, research papers, term papers, coursework, dissertations, reports, and reviews. 

CustomEssayMeister guarantees a 100% plagiarism-free output that strictly follows customers’ instructions. The website also ensures the client’s anonymity during the overall process. This allows customers to take ownership of their orders and submit them as their works. This makes CustomeEssayMeister a perfect choice for students who are looking for ghostwriters.

Additionally, CustomEssayMeister offers hundreds of sample essays for students to read and examine. Students can use the samples to learn academic writing formats as well as to better understand how to write specific essays. The website has samples for all types of essays, academic papers, resumes, letters, reports, and other documents. This makes CustomEssayMeister not just a writing service but also a platform where individuals can read proper academic papers.


EssayService is another academic paper writing service that offers some of the best output in the market. Their essay writers are experts in different fields and possess university degrees, academic achievements, and are active members of the academic community. These qualifications make EssayService one of the most reliable academic services online.

EssayService prides itself on its top-of-the-line editorial team that examines and approves the written papers before the essay writers submit them to the customer. Their editorial team ensures that all site’s outputs are high quality and meet the standards of both the website and the customer. EssayService’s customer support complements its editorial team in ensuring customer satisfaction and addressing concerns regarding the overall process.

EssayService also offers academic assistance for math assignments. This particular service includes detailed explanations of the process and complete calculations. This allows students to understand the assignment and not just have someone solve math equations. Students can provide specific problem-solving methods to ensure that the assignment complies with their teacher’s instructions. Not many online academic assistance offers this type of service, which puts EssayService one of the top platforms in the market.


EssayShark is an academic assistance service that aims to connect essay writers and customers. EssayShark acts as a platform where essay writers and customers directly communicate and produce the best paper for the client. Customers, such as high school and college students, tend to have specialized instructions that they need to follow while creating their assignments. 

While some services allow their clients to indicate these specific instructions, EssayShark enables them to directly communicate with the essay writers and oversee the whole process. This ensures customer satisfaction as well as clear instructions for the writer. EssayShark also allows its writers to rate customers, which can help make the client’s experience easier on the platform.

On the website, EssayShark highlights exemplary customer support. The website indicates that EssayShark customer support will assist customers within six minutes. This ensures that customers with tight deadlines will have no issue addressing technical problems. This hands-on and quick response support garnered the service with a high customer satisfaction rate further highlighting their competence in the market. 


EssayPro is an academic writing platform that specializes in helping college students complete their academic assignments under tight deadlines. The company hires writers through a specialized hiring process funnel to check their qualifications and test their writing skills. This extensive hiring process ensures customers that EssayPro’s services are one of the best and that their essay writers will produce only great papers. 

According to the website, EssayPro has accomplished 900,000 academic papers in 2020 with an average of 75,000 orders per month. This statistic shows that they have a very large team of academic professionals that can quickly accomplish papers with customer-specific instructions. EssayPro’s services include rewriting, editing, and proofreading papers.


MyAdmisionsEssay is one of the most reliable writing services for American students. Similar to other websites, MyAdmissionsEssay offers various services from academic essays to research papers. The website’s professional writers and editors are more than qualified to accomplish written academic assignments. 

Aside from writing papers, students can use the services for rewriting, proofreading, and assistance with homework. Since MyAdmissionsEssay focuses on helping students, they offer papers that the students can use as examples for other tasks. This ensures the legality of the website and defines its role in the academic landscape.

According to the website, MyAdmissionsEssay has completed more than 140,000 orders with a team of 3,754 essay writers. Their services have an average customer rating of 4.9 out of 5, which indicates high customer satisfaction. Visitors can also read client feedbacks from the webpage to get a sense of the overall service experience.


The five listed websites, namely CustomEssayMeister, EssayService, EssayShark, EssayPro, and MyAdmissionsEssay, are just some of the best academic writing services available online. The websites offer similar services like essay and research paper writing. The main difference between them is the professional essay writers that they hire. 

Some of these websites utilize extensive hiring processes to identify talented individuals while others examine customer feedback to assess an author’s capability. Customers who are still finding it difficult to choose an online academic assistance platform should try any of these five websites. They offer the best services and hire some of the best writers in the market. Most of them also offer revisions to ensure that customers get the exact paper they order.

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