A Look At Voyeurism And Adult Entertainment

A Look At Voyeurism And Adult Entertainment
2 years ago

When it comes to adult entertainment, pretty much anything goes. Rule 34 states that if something exists, a pornographic version of it also exists online. However, one of the most common fetishes is relatively tame by modern standards.

We’re talking about voyeurism.

Technically, any adult scene that isn’t from the viewer’s perspective (i.e., POV scenes) indulges in voyeurism. Since viewers are not actively participating in the act, they’re essentially voyeurs. Everything from a solo scene to a VR gangbang is fair game, but why is voyeurism so enticing? Let’s find out.

What is Voyeurism?

Voyeurism is defined as someone getting sexual arousal from watching other people be naked and/or engaging in sexual behavior. This fetish can take on many forms, including some not-so-decent options, such as:

  • Third-Person Porn – As we mentioned, all porn scenes that are not from the viewer’s POV are voyeuristic.
  • Peeping Toms – First of all, we don’t condone peeping in on someone without their knowledge or permission. Whether it’s from a tree, a hole in the wall, or a window, peeping voyeurism is pretty creepy.
  • Hidden Cameras – Again, a hidden camera is not only creepy – it’s illegal. Typically, this form of voyeurism occurs when someone hides a camera in the bathroom.
  • Phone Sex – Engage in explicit or voyeuristic conversations on phone sex lines, sharing intimate details or experiences.

Voyeurism Over the Centuries

These days, we all take porn for granted. You can literally use your phone to call graphic images from every corner of the internet. But, for most of human history, if you wanted to see someone naked, you had few options to do so. Sure, you could try to have sex with another person, but if that didn’t work, where else could you turn?

Porn technically started in 1524 with the mass publication of a book called I Modi (The Ways). This book contained 16 graphic sexual prints and was an instant hit. Now, people didn’t have to spy on other people having sex in person. Instead, they could enjoy erotic content from the comfort of their own home.

As technology developed, motion pictures became the next medium for voyeuristic material. A film called El Satario was filmed and screened as early as 1907, but it may have been as late as 1912. From there, adult content was destined to become a part of every technological revolution. One example was the Nickelodeon (AKA nickel theater), where patrons would pay five cents to watch a short film of their choosing. While adult clips weren’t promoted heavily, they were available.

Over the decades, adult theaters became more secluded, and patrons could enjoy their favorite films in the relative privacy of a darkened room, not a mechanical contraption. While pleasuring yourself at a movie theater may not seem as comfortable as doing the same at home, it does offer some interesting benefits.

In modern times, individuals have virtually unlimited access to adult content on-demand. So, it’s never been easier to be a voyeur and enjoy customized clips whenever and wherever you like.

Voyeurism and Virtual Reality

If watching porn on a computer is personal, virtual reality only enhances the experience to be as intimate as possible. VR headsets blur the line between reality and fantasy to the point where it feels like your favorite model is in the room with you.

Although VR technology aims to replicate the enjoyment of having sex, it also works wonders for voyeuristic content. Watching other people have sex feels even better when it seems like you’re sitting in the corner, quietly participating without engaging.

Fortunately, sites like SexLikeReal make it easy to experience this kind of content with dozens of scenes that tickle this particular fancy. So, no matter what type of voyeurism you’re into, you can enjoy it safely and in a controlled environment.

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