A Guide to Getting Started in the Industrial Assets Marketplace

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Selling industrial assets is a great way to raise capital and get paid for assets you no longer need. This introduction to the industrial marketplace explains how the selling process works, and what you need to do to get started.

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Choose Your Selling Method

Whether you are selling a single machine or are embarking on a full factory clearance, there are several ways to sell your industrial assets, both online and offline. For instance, you can sell directly, via third parties, or through auctions. One method may be better for specific industrial assets than others. For example, if you are clearing a whole factory, a negotiated sale via a broker or auction house is recommended, whereas if you are selling individual items of machinery, it is usually best to go with a specialized dealer like Revelation Machinery. The company can expand your customer outreach by getting your equipment listed on several excellent platforms. In fact, your industrial assets are five to six times more likely to sell through Revelation Machinery in comparison to trying to sell directly to customers on your own. The company can sell a wide variety of process equipment on your behalf, including adhesive and sealant equipment, plastics equipment, and chemical equipment to name just a few.

Research Prices

You need to spend some time looking at industry trends and discovering at what price similar industrial assets to your own are selling for so that you can be realistic with your pricing. Your industrial assets need to be competitively priced if you want them to sell. It could even be worth undercutting your rivals to ensure you sell quickly if the time factor is important to you. Check several marketplaces and compare listings to determine what price you should sell your equipment at.

Refurbish and Clean Used Machines

If you are selling used machinery, it is vital that it has been refurbished if you want it to sell. Repair any damages to the machine and ensure you are upfront with potential customers about the current state of the equipment. It is also important to give your machinery a good clean. First impressions matter, so buyers are more likely to stop and look at your machine when browsing through listings if it looks shiny and clean.

Take Excellent Photos and Videos of Your Equipment

Buyers need to be able to inspect your equipment in detail. The first time they see your equipment will be in listings, usually online. So, it is important you provide excellent detailed photos and videos of the equipment so that potential buyers can explore the equipment in detail. Take photos from various angles and ensure your equipment is presented well. You will then stand a much better chance of selling your industrial assets quickly and for the best price.

Create an Online Marketplace

Don’t just rely on listings, where you will usually be presented with many competitors. Instead, you can create your marketplace website, where interested people can enter and directly explore your products. In addition, you can redirect people from online listings to your website. 

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Provide as Much Information as Possible

While it is important to provide detailed photos of your industrial assets, it is just as crucial to provide as much detailed information about each piece of equipment as you can. For instance, if you are selling a CNC machine, you should include all accompanying records and service history. Customers will want to know things like the make and model, how old the machine is, and how much use it has had. When you list your industrial assets for sale online, make sure you provide all of the details that customers would expect to find. By doing so, potential customers will be able to make more informed buying decisions and are more likely to make a purchase quickly.

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