A Complete Guide To Marketing Strategy For Tiffin Service

Chef preparing cuisine in hotel kitchen
4 years ago

If putting on an apron, creating new recipes and feeding your family, friends and guests is your passion, then you can become a food entrepreneur with ease. Several women are talented and skilled in the art of cooking. They love hosting dinner parties and look forward to potluck lunches.

The need and demand for good food is never-ending. A lot of people live away from home for work or education. You can deliver fresh, homemade food, cooked with care, to them. The concept of cloud kitchens encouraged tons of women to deliver their regional specialities or specific cuisines. The model of a tiffin service business is simple and highly lucrative. You can run it as a part-time job for now, while studying or working.

Are you still making your mind? Here is how you can get started:

Idea and Concept

In the crowded market, the differentiation becomes vital. Offer gourmet food prepared with fine ingredients and attention to the fine details. Make the dishes

Lunch is the most important meal of the day. Who doesn’t love to have a healthy lunch with friends over a conversation? Who doesn’t like a Wednesday evening office lunch and a Sunday afternoon brunch with friends? Not many. If people love to spend money on a good meal, then you have a solid business idea. Be ready to take up orders in bulk. Prepare for the demand with a scale-up plan.

What exactly do you do?

You can cook yourself, run a small catering unit or hire a chef to make food for customers. You deliver the best food at their office cafeteria or workplace. The best tiffin service providers offer fresh food from their kitchens. Prepare a menu that is finger-licking good.

Even before you get started, you need to come up with a menu. Do a reality check with the price range of similar food from restaurants and hotels in the neighbourhood.

The way forward for a tiffin service entrepreneur

It is obvious that business is booming. If you choose the brick-and-mortar model, you need a kitchen with all the amenities. It can be pricey.

Your customers will be happy to work with a neat and clean kitchen if you are offering food for their office canteens or corporate parties. They simply love to eat good food. So, you must do a lot of research, observe the market and find out the best way to prepare food for your clients.

The chef in charge needs to have proper training and certifications, especially the food safety course. You can also follow the rigorous guidelines of the food business policy. Getting the licence of the food safety management is your later step in the establishment of the business. Back then, you need to get permission from the local authorities. It is your legal duty to serve a healthy food dish to your customers.

The suppliers

You need to decide the kind of food you want and select your suppliers accordingly. You must employ a manager to oversee the kitchen in your absence. You must stay in touch with bakers, late farmers, and local farmers. Make sure you are not overburdening them with too much work. Determine how much you can take at one time, not more and not less.

A good tiffin service provider has a good connection with the farmers, so as to meet the demand. Besides, you must have a good grasp of the trends in the market.

Reach your customers

You need to get in touch with your potential customers directly. Your menu, contact number and photo should be an integral part of your website. It is not enough if you have only a Facebook page. You cannot advertise your business with that kind of strategy. You need to find out where your customers are going and advertise your business in the right place. Know your market and build your brand in the right areas.

Reviews and feedback

You need to perfect your recipe and consult with your customers. Customers will appreciate the excellent quality of food and valuable feedback. However, the bad review or a social media rant impacts you. Reach out to the customers and fix the problem. Be systematic and follow the letter of the law wherever you are in India.


You need to submit a proposal to your customers for your budgeting. It is the best and simplest way to gauge the affordability of food. Remember, your customers are always on a budget.

The low ticket size of the tiffin service business might be considered a drawback. However, it is a good way for you to tap into a plethora of markets. It is not difficult for women entrepreneurs. It is the niche market, and you need to fill in the gap. Find the best customer base for yourself.

It is not a difficult task to start your tiffin service business. The first step is to plan a menu of high-end food, then you can decide the business model. Happy business!

Beyond The Tiffin: A Complete Guide To Tiffin Service

Have you thought about starting a tiffin business? Read on and find out why it could be a lucrative enterprise

States like Kerala and Tamil Nadu have a well-established food business sector. Tiffin business has increased due to the current demand for healthy, preservative free and tasty food options. Eating quality and fresh food has become a lifestyle. People of all age groups are willing to pay for it over the plasticified and processed meals.

But technology has introduced a new strategy of food supply to the modern generation—Tiffin.

Tiffin Delivery Business Model

If you are not familiar with the term, it is basically a food supply system in India. It is a traditional house-to-house food service business which can be implemented by anybody.

There is huge potential in this business. You can start a tiffin business even without investing huge amounts of money, with a niche catering requirement.

Tiffin service is not widely accepted. But it is a concept that is unique and filled with opportunities. It is a business model that can be tailored to many other markets, not just in India. If you have the stomach for grinding, then you can start a tiffin business without worrying about the budget.

How to make your Tiffin business profitable –

Loyalty comes with reliability, you think. You don’t have to be known. Mint market surveys show that customers tend to stick with one tiffin service provider if perceived as reliable. All you need to do is have your payment terms clear and stick to them. People can complain here and there about the food cooked, but it is better for you than competitors.

To start off, you only need to have a basket/bag and a bicycle. You can create a story around your food and sell your passion as well.

Considerable Advantage-

Tiffin business has a competitive advantage over other food businesses because the customer base is limited. You can build loyalty in your customer. As a tiffin regular, he feels closer to you than a restaurant. You have the advantage of getting your customer base searched for you; they will tell and recommend others to try your food.

But to bring the full advantage of the tiffin business model, you might have to acquire more palatable and delicious food.

The actual idea of playing safe is to make sure that the food you offer is free from pathogens, antibiotic-free, or preservative-free.

Technological Support for your startup business-

With the latest tiffin business concept, you can deliver food on the go and set up your catering business. You can market your business on the Internet and reach more customers.

You can promote your business on different social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Moreover, you can store and deliver food via an app for high-precision and real-time order tracking.

Steps to start a Home Cooked Food Delivery Business

Set your business goals early in your venture— You can learn the tips to start a home-cooked food delivery service business. You can develop a clear strategy about your pricing, delivery, and marketing. You should be able to understand your customers’ needs.

Get the right vendor permit— You can buy home-cooked food from an application for a vendor permit. You also need a food handler’s permit. You should know that you have to follow health regulations to ship your food in the market. To start a tiffin service business, you need to have food safety management plan in place and a food safety license.

Create your menu— You think you need to have a menu in place. You can start with developing your pricing strategy as well. You should know and decide the kind of food your business offers. You should hire a well-trained chef to prepare the menu of your food.

Establish a routine— After starting a tiffin service business, the first thing you should do is build a routine. You need to convince your customer to return to your service offering. You have to decide the timing of your delivery service. You need to decide the type of area where you can focus your business.

Get your customers— You can do some marketing to get more customers. You will get immediate customers if they have used your service before. You can approach local businesses, show the tiffin service concepts and offer them a deal. Consulting with the local authorities is an advantage. You can contact local schools, colleges, and hotels to promote your business. You can also approach your neighbors or somebody who lives close to you.

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