A Complete Guide To Marketing Strategy For Mobile App

4 years ago

Almost everyone uses mobile devices now, from toddlers to seniors. There’s a huge market for mobile apps.Unfortunately, many apps are downloaded daily and some are never used.

For people to choose your mobile app – out of the hundreds of similar options available – you need great marketing.

App downloads usually peak within the first couple of weeks after launching. But those results are short-lived if your app’s community and marketing efforts aren’t built to last.

Most people download just one app, but they recognize it as a “one-size-fits-all” solution.

Building your app’s community

Many people use one app for a short period of time before moving on to another. But that doesn’t mean you need to stay stuck in one app, a one-size-fits-all campaign.

To rank for a whole market, you need to build your application to stand out from the crowd. You’d be crazy to put every one-size-fits thing brand in the same category.

That would leave you with over-earning at best, or generating less than zero revenue from your app.

Explain how your app will solve an issue of your customers, for example. Give them an immediate, measurable benefit: free transportation, or time saved, or cost savings.

You can use a lot of different solutions for marketing your app – if you carefully choose the right ones.

Yes, a number of people find apps intimidating. But paid for users built a community with you that won’t get bored with your app and move on, creating another one-size thing to fit.

Promoting your app

Let those who have already downloaded your app be the first to know about your app. Hidden ads are a good way to grow lists.

Promote your app in other channels, most platforms have a base of free apps to promote. You can also donate to apps that have been built for other platforms so that they’re available for download on the app store for free.

Build a profile

You can create a marketing strategy that is a blend of paid ads, market research and user logins.

Promote a free trial of your app. There are a number of free tools that you can use to create an app that tests only a limited app development and deliver a great user experience. One of these tools is Magrith. You can publish the version of your app that Magrith generates as a promotional non-commercial product so that you gain access to a whole market of users.

Ask for feedback, start improving

Once you have the basics in place, continue to listen regularly to your users. Your users are social beings, and they may share ideas with you and each other.

They also have a habit of speaking up when they see something wrong with a solution. So, when you see something that doesn’t work from their perspective, it may be your turn to fix it.

If you’re a market-focused app, you can try to fix an issue that hasn’t really been reported as a missing feature. When you unexpectedly find out that your app’s primary users don’t like your solution – you can take action.

The basic steps of App Store marketing strategy

Package your app in a bundle so that it’s easier for people to locate and purchase

Add ‘in-app purchases’ that boost app functionality and functionality improvements

Ask for feedback to know how your app can be improved

Create a marketing asset with a tagline and a unique icon

Even if users understand your app, they may not be in to the visual aspect. Probably, they’re not interested in what the app looks like, they care more about how it might help them. To express that, you should have a unique icon.

Raise awareness using the IAP feature

In-app purchases work best when users have to install the app in order to take advantage of the feature.

Show your users your commitment to usage while making the system transparent

The IAP feature should be considered as an easy way to initiate a transaction.

Mute notifications until you get something in return, whatever it may be

The idea behind this marketing strategy is to trick the user into installing your app even though the app is free.

Spread promotion and interest through social networks

None of those marketing channels are as important as the apps and services on which your users rely.

Too much competition from other apps can hurt your app’s sales. But often, you can win them over with an original, localized, design, or a professional graphics package.

Proof your decision to compete against the competition by adding a unique and attractive element to the app that makes it stand out from all the similar ones

Create a customer contact form that follows precisely what the users want and that can be added to the app – without any extra charge

Customer contact is an important aspect in marketing your app.

So, whenever you need to sell someone something, you should always build an online form that looks impressive and can be updated easily.

Grassroots marketing to markets that work for you is the best form of paid marketing to reach your users.

Instantly improve your app with an internal app learning system

The key to success in app marketing is to build a community around your application.

Always remind people how the app works and explain everthing they need to know about it so that they can use it immediately.

You don’t have to invest much to build the community. The most you need is 5-10 Twitter updates. A lot of users will be interested in following your thoughts.

Create a design package

It’s common to see a kit designed to sell apps on the app store. But you can always offer a try-it-yourself showcase of your app, so that people can find out more about the basic function.

Use QR codes, laser-etched numbers and images to enhance users’ input

There are a number of ways to code your app.

Don’t be afraid to use your computer and scanner

Add a link to create an inside joke, such as “Sample of your content”links to help ease the user into the app application.

Use your own design fonts and imagery to get creative

We’ve seen designers create iOS apps for clients for free. But if you have a great design and graphics package, you can integrate it to your own designs.

You can try to create an app design that looks attractive and sophisticated.

If your app has a lot of images in it, try to use bold colors and beautiful photography to make your app look sleek.

Even a microscopic change can make a big difference. The main thing is to take a step to relax your users.

Use a newsletter service

You can give your users a chance to earn extra money by watching videos.

Add links to popular YouTube channels to expand the revenue of your app

Create a video that demonstrates the app to a user, so that they can try it for themselves

Use images to promote your app

If your app has an image of a wildlife, then you can use it as the main model for your app’s user interface and icon.

Define a wonderful way to introduce the app to new users

If the app feels a little awkward to them, they won’t take the time to try it and move on.

Make the app user-friendly

Remember, not all users have patience, and doing any app development is hard. But if they do, they’ll wait for your app and won’t move on to another one, finding another similar thing that does the same thing.

If your software looks simple and simple, but has more interesting features than products of its competitors, your app would really be something special!

Brand your app with a strong, memorable name, logo and icon

Your app name or branding campaign should be able to convey how it works and what it can do. It should attract users.

Use a unique, carefully chosen name and logo that will take your brand to the next level. Use the correct spelling and keep in mind how it can be pronounced. Use it in a sentence so that people can understand what your app is about and get to know your brand.

What are your marketing techniques for mobile apps?

Podcasting is a perfect choice for app developers. The platform allows you to easily turn your voice into a podcast. You can talk about anything that’s interesting to you, even though you may not have the time to bring it up in real life.

However, podcasts can be tricky. There are various quality issues you should remember before producing one.

Check the podcasting platform before deciding to create one for your app. There’s not much information on how to produce a good quality podcast and make it successful.

18 Best Mobile App Marketing Tactics That Work

If you’re overwhelmed by all of the options and statistics that you can find on app marketing, then you’re not alone. All of those things add up to confused people and slow growth.

Nevertheless, you probably know that you need to give your app an app store rating at some point, since people are likely to take their time to find it.

Having an outstanding app rating is much better than having nothing, because it will boost your app’s popularity among users.

  • The process will take some time, but you don’t have to do everything yourself.
  • Compare the following into three main categories:
  • Social links
  • Distributed in-app advertising
  • In-app purchases

Social Links

Direct social links to your social media pages are one of three best things you can do to gain the trust of your users.

By giving your app a social media integration, you can encourage all your users to share it with their friends and even their followers. You can also generate the app store’s base traffic.

On your app’s home page, add your social link to your main link or be sure to use a plugin.


Apps with a good review rating have a bigger chance to score higher than others.

When determining your app’s ranking, you should pay close attention to three factors. Firstly, a good rating will help app developers to get over the marketing fee and transfer it into the cut. Secondly, good ratings will encourage app store users to give a positive review. Thirdly, positive reviews will help your app to get more users.

There are several ways to get reviews.

Post a link to your app on different social media networks

Post a link on your website where your users can find it.

Share your app on Twitter and Facebook, and invite people to take up different methods to access your app

You can directly follow users on Reddit or other social media platforms who own a similar app.

When the user has the app installed, he will have access to some features of your app. He can review your algorithm and design and see what helps or doesn’t help.

You usually have to pay $0.99 to get a good review. You can get a good number of reviews by following the process listed above.

User-Generated Content

In-app content will earn the app store’s traffic and revenue.

is not easy to increase user adoption or create a loyal user base.

Nevertheless, you can direct your users towards a new interaction.

The app store rankings will take time to adjust.

Online polls

Create an online poll to attend users.

If some users rate your app highly but others rate it poorly, the app store will rank this app low.

Users will be more likely to take the time to go through your app.

The user will read your reviews and have a chance to compare your app with the others.

If you give experienced people a chance, they’ll give their constructive feedback.

You can offer a different experience to new users by offering a reward. For example, a card by referring them.

virtual rewards

You can always offer a free app to a user who downloaded another app.

This strategy is usually ineffective, because the algorithm will update it quickly. If you come with in-app purchases, you will be very popular.

You can offer virtual rewards. The app users can choose from dozens of motives for purchasing. If the purchase is from a regular price, they can get a coupon code for free access and if the purchase is from a premium price and beyond, they’re able to support the developer and support the app store.

For some users, you can offer a free app for a certain period of days after they have finished a certain task on the app. For others, you can offer a discount for purchasing the app.

If a user wants to get a discount, he should complete a certain task. This is a way to get users to support your app.

If a user has downloaded your app for a long time, you can give him a discount.

You don’t have to offer any discounts. It might be hard to maintain a good user’s trust if you offer a discount for five times for the app.

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