A Complete Guide to Marketing Strategy For Launching A Website

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Website marketing is the strategic promotion of a website to drive relevant traffic to the site. The goal is typically to attract people who may be interested in a company’s products or services. More traffic coming to a site means more opportunities to put your value proposition in front of potential customers.

As a web professional, you are likely to come across the term website marketing strategy:

This guide will explain the details of website marketing strategy:

How to Find and Generate Traffic

This section will explain how you can find and generate traffic to your website. This will usually involve using paid advertising services. The purpose of advertising is to spread the word about your company. You will be able to reach thousands, even millions of people with the budget you are allowed.

Advertising can be broken down into a few different types:

Press Release Advertising. View the Internet to find news websites that are hungry for content. Create a press release detailing your company. Make sure to include naming of your company and the URL. Use free web-based services to distribute the press release quickly.

Sponsored Advertising. This can be done by using many of the same services as press release advertising. Sponsoring allows you to directly sponsor the newspaper, website, magazine, or radio show. Sponsorships are more expensive because they are usually longer-term.

Online Advertising. In the online world, not all advertising is done the same. The Internet provides opportunities for ads to be a primary source of revenue for many businesses. The advertisements are more personally targeted as opposed to television advertisements. Online marketers advertise on their websites, but they may also advertise on auctions, classifieds, blogs, and forums.

Link Advertisements. This type of advertisement takes advantage of the natural links between sites. The simplest way to do this is to link to a site that has similar products or services. For example, if you are selling lawn mowers, you may wish to link to sites that sell a related product, such as tractors, hedge trimmers, and other lawn caring tools.

Companies like Google have created services that will alert you when someone clicks on the link your page. This service allows you to build a relationship with the prospect before they arrive at your web site.

Website Advertising Tactics

This section will explain the different tactics that you can use to advertise your company’s website.

FTP Advertising. This can be combined with many of the other strategies. Adding a banner to your website that advertises your company’s services is another option. Another option is to put a link on your website that will allow readers to download a document. This is a good way to educate potential clients on how you can help them. Some companies will upload an entire guide to their company’s products and services. This can be a very powerful marketing strategy as long as it is interesting to the reader. Making sure your website is visually appealing is also important. Most visitors will pass on the site if the site is poorly designed. A website like this will probably require extra work on your part to make sure the website is visually appealing.

Email Advertising. The Internet is a great way to communicate with customers. You can advertise a newsletter or send customers an email if they sign-up for your newsletter.

Networking. This strategy is any company’s favorite. This allows you to advertise your business’ online presence to anyone within the same industry. You simply send out emails to people in your industry. If you want to be clever, you can send the email out to someone in your industry and ask them if they would like to recommend your business to their next potential client. This strategy can be used to advertise a company’s products at events such as networking events, trade shows, and seminars.

Paid Search Advertising. This is a great way to bring back those lost visitors. PPC allows businesses to bid on keywords that are searched for online. PPC is a very competitive market, so many businesses use PPC advertising to make sure their web site is found. PPC marketing is also a good way to promote a product, although such campaigns are not recommended for new websites.

Local Advertising. Local advertising works well for a small business. Search engines allow anyone to advertise on the Internet. The ads are placed on the local search engine’s website. The maximum cost for a local ad is usually $35. Local advertising is useful for brand awareness and customer introduction. Just because you are not selling a product or service to someone in your area does not mean that you cannot use this strategy. The key is to back up your message by placing your ad on the website of a local business or the business’s website.

Marketing Strategy For Launching A Website

As a web professional, you will eventually come across the term marketing strategy and perhaps you might ask yourself how you can put together a marketing strategy for launching a website.

While there are many companies that offer paid advertising campaigns, it is often the case that many small businesses get by without outsource marketing assistance. The need to “do it yourself” is sometimes a part of the small business owner’s mentality.

A marketing strategy for launching a website however can actually be broken down into 4 steps.

The 4-step model is the most effective way to get the “best” content out of your company. Unfortunately, there are a lot of companies offering these services. At the same time however, there are only so many businesses that can afford the massive costs of employing a company of these types.

The basic idea of this model is to create multiple content pieces and then strategically coordinate them in multiple formats so that they are most informative and effective.

The term content marketing refers to the creation of content to generate buzz and drive targeted business on a website. Much like a newspaper or magazine would use content to spread the word about the company to drive targeted traffic.

A lot of companies will use content marketing to drive relevant traffic to their website. The goal is to educate, inform, and entertain your visitors to drive them towards your web site where they can purchase your product.

If you cannot invest in hiring a company that will create the content for the entire campaign, you can still use content marketing strategies. This allows you to use your existing web pages to drive targeted traffic to your website.

Content Marketing for Launching A Website

This section will explain the different tactics that you can use to create your company’s content to drive targeted web traffic.

Content Marketing with Social Media. The social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the best way to build a following on your site.

Mobile Marketing. Using smartphones to drive traffic to a website is an effective way to build a brand for your company. As more people are using their smartphones to access the Internet, more people are visiting their websites.

Events. The most common way to publicize a company’s products and services is to host an event. This allows you to attract a targeted audience where they will most likely make a purchase from you.

eBooks. The eBook is the new way to promote a company’s products and services online. The eBook is the perfect way to show off your company’s website and educate prospective clients on the type of products and services that you offer.

Promotions. Send out coupons, search, and blog about your company’s products and services. This will drive targeted traffic to your website.

Email Marketing. Send out emails to your customers to inform them of a new product, explain why they need to purchase it, or suggest that they make a purchase from you.

Print advertising. Going paperless is fast becoming the norm and this is the perfect marketing strategy to use when you do not want to invest in digital advertising.

Psst. If you visit the financial section of the newspaper, you will notice something interesting about the ad headlines.

If you look at the top 10 ads in national newspapers, you will notice a trend. They are advertising “the best” and one of those “best” products is a product from your company.

Using the National Newspaper Ad Studies

To do this, you will need to know the trade publication’s audience demographics. After you know their demographics, do the following:

List the most important skills that the average reader wants to learn for the position they are trying to fill from their occupation.

Analyze 5 of your company’s competitors’ websites and see how many of your company’s competitors’ websites include these skills and resume best practices.

Keywords will mainly be the highest traffic generating keywords for your business. These are the keywords that you should setup your website with.

If you are running a business then these keywords will be your target phrases. Our websites get traffic by these keywords.

Also a lot of SEO company websites made it obvious but you need to use good quality and relevant keywords. If you spread it wide it will work but if you focus on quality content then it will work for you well and you will get good rank fast.

Good quality content but you must set your keywords list correctly and use your keyword research tool to track back your competitor sites and boom! you will get your rank up.

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However, it’s important to keep in mind that SEO and content marketing is just one combatant in your company’s war on limited budget. Which is why we’ve created content marketing round up, which includes other things you can do to maximize your bang for your buck.

Content marketing is now the #1 marketing tactic to attract traffic to your website. It involves ensuring your website provides valuable information to potential customers.

Whats your opinion? Are you doing any content marketing or something similar? What do you think about this new discovered strategy? please let me know below in the comments section.

Launching A Website

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