A Complete Guide to Marketing Strategy For An App

4 years ago

An app may be something that you’ve worked hard so that it can meet a need in the market, and you can profit from it. Or it may be a critical part of your overall marketing strategy that you need to get good, actionable user data from and put that towards more effective market research. Whatever reason you created your app for, one thing is for sure: in order for it to succeed it must be used.

Let’s find a few things to look into.

The Business Model

The fact is, every app will have a business model behind it. Every business model has a unique objective and set of products. Every app that you create will come with its own business model. No matter how good the app, if the business model of the app is not the best fit for the market it will most likely fail. No strategy is complete without a clearly laid out and defined business model. App monetization is all about the right business model.

The App Ratings

The ratings of your app must be properly set. Having a low rating for your app will mean that brands, businesses and customers will not even trust you.

User Acquisition

App store marketing is really hyped as a key aspect of successful app marketing. However, it is important to know when to invest in app store marketing, and how to select properly the strategy that has been best

Going viral is entirely depending on the app’s personality. The app with a low personality and

The app with a low personality and

It is important that you know your audience and the different types of apps that best serve their needs.

Fee-Based App Marketing Services

Planning the creation of your app can take a long time, and that is why you might come under great pressure to focus on building the app as fast as possible. However, you will find it interesting to know that this tactic is not always the best choice since app promotion campaigns take a lot of time to create and can bring only a minor boost in the distribution of your app and its popularity.

In the event an app must be put on the market quickly, it is important to understand the app ratings, and the ratings of the competition.

Basic App Marketing Strategies

Google actually plays a key role in the success or failure of an app. You can find that there is no free ride in the app market. There are so many fierce competition, and the first place is frequently swiped away by the next runner-up. Marketing a new app in the market requires you to be well-prepared and to build up your app from the ground up.

For the first time developers, one key thing that they should know is that there are a lot of app marketing services available out there. These services can actually help you get your app out there to the world for you, providing you with everything that it takes to succeed.

Case Study

Popular app ‘Gifoji is a popular iPhone app, which allows you to create animated GIFs out of video, from your own video. The success of Gifoji shows that GIFs are a great way to communicate quickly.

The app was launched in July 2010, which the developers who tried to promote the app on their own, by creating a blog post and going to the App Store. It worked, and the app had a huge success in its first week. The developers were more than happy to get a surge in usership from their efforts.

However, the app went on to sell 85,000 copies. This successful surge encouraged the developers to expand on the marketing strategy to get a success in marketing that would outrun the initial surge. The developers wrote an article to promote the app in The New York Times and sent at least one dozen beta copies to celebrity journalists and established magazines.

The app is still popular, racking up an average of 30 downloads per day, and is in the top 10 free apps every week.

Paid App Marketing Strategies

It is unfortunate to admit that most mobile app marketers have no idea what app marketing is. If you are one of them, then you might want to take out 15 minutes to read this article, which will help you get a head start.

User Acquisition

It is a basic truth in the app marketing world that the app with the highest downloads does not always have the revenue coming in, whereas the app with the lowest downloads and a limited audience does.

It is so important that you connect with the right group of users to get them on board early.

Paid app marketing strategies should be placed before a user-acquisition campaign, or else it will just become a piece of wasted effort.

Passive App Marketing Strategies

This means that the marketing campaign that you use with your app has no elements of in-app purchase and there is a mechanical push.

This is not to say that you cannot incorporate in-app purchase elements, but it should be kept limited to the very first stages.

The Market

It is important for app marketers to understand how mobile apps are used in the markets where they are marketed. All marketers should know which are the top-downloaded apps according to the devices.

User Experience

There are a lot of similarities between apps that have been successful and failed. Some of them can be seen as technical factors, and others are as simple as a user interface layout.

For instance, if your app is successful, it’s because it has an above average user experience. The right user experience will make the app attractive and desirable.

App Store Marketing Marketing Strategies

This is about doing the proper research on the app store categories, and then also about finding out which app marketing services are right for you.

User Acquisition KPI Metrics

Knowing the KPI is what will help you figure which app marketing strategies are going to be most successful for you.

App Ratings

If there’s one thing that you need to keep in mind, it’s that having a good rating for your app is important to the success and survival of your app. If the app doesn’t have a good rating, then you will find that it goes unnoticed, the amount of downloads and the revenue will be reduced, and no one will even go near it.

Therefore, it is very important that you have a good app rating.

Valuable App Marketing Services

From all the app marketing services, the one that can provide more timely, high-quality data will be the most valuable. The bottom line is that it is more cost-effective to get your reports from the right app marketing service and you will benefit more from it.

Paid And Passive App Marketing

Listening to a lot of marketing consultants, or other commentators online, for the last few years, you’ll have heard the phrase “Paid is right, but let’s do it right.” It is a very old lesson that they are trying to teach you which is true.

The paid app marketing strategy is right for the small app and a good starting point.

Using Users As Your “Advertisers”

The emergence of mobile advertising has made it easier than ever for you to reach the mobile app audience. With a simple phone or tablet, you can quickly reach millions of smartphone users throughout the world each month.

However, installing an app developer tool you can now build applications that can leverage the power of users as your “advertisers.”

Basic App Marketing Strategies

If your goal is to sell your app, you will need to select a distribution channel soon after launching the app. The app store is a great way to get the app in front of non-users, but the other channels provide a way for non-users to have paid apps installed on their devices.

The next step is to distribute the app to users, which can be done through various mechanisms, depending on the nature of the app.

Paid App Marketing Strategies

It is important to know that the paid app marketing can also bring in money, and that’s great news, especially if your app is difficult to install on the iPhone or other devices. If so, it might be a wise move to take the $5 to $10 payment for installing the app and then collect cash as soon as the app is downloaded or later.

Yes, there are times that the users give surveys, but you can actually get your app to collect money as well.

Passive App Marketing Strategies

There are many in-app marketing tactics that you can use to get your app noticed and added to users’ homescreen. The most popular of these in-app strategies are intros, interactive menus and achievements.

App Store Marketing Strategies

The app store is the home of the paid app marketing. This is where the purchase can be made, and the user can then download and install the app. You can learn how to add your app to the app store and pour your efforts on creating the app store, and you’ll become a pro.

After the app is placed on the app store, it is important to know that promotion is key.

Marketing Spam

Sometimes, the apps gets downloaded and installed just because of the user’s curiosity. This type of app marketing is not good, but it happens.

The next part of app marketing is that your app marketing should not go too far into spamming the user.

The Bottom Line

The goal of every app is to make a profit, but once you make the app, it is important to make sure that it has a good rating. The lower the rating, then the less likely people who have downloaded the app will use it. The app will not be used, and it will probably lose all of its money, and the app marketing will be wasted.

App marketing is expensive, but it is also the key for success.

iTunes Connect

The iTunes Connect is the place where you upload your apps and then set them up to make sure that the app can be offered on the Apple’s app store.

App Marketing Campaign

This is the part where you set out to make your app app marketing campaign as effective as possible.

Passive Marketing Strategies

In order to do the passive marketing, you will often use the in-app store to create in-app advertising.

Plus, this is a much better approach than using banners and pop-ups.

Using the in-app keywords is also one of the best ways to identify the targeted users and then display the ads to them.

Paying A Bit To Get Customer Reviews

When all is said and done about app marketing, the reviews are very important, and you can read this article to see how to get them.

Evaluating the reviews is very important, because it will tell you whether your app is of high quality and is a good buy.

Get Reviews So Your App Will Get Noticed

These few tips are very easy to understand, so you can use them for your app marketing campaign. Now you know how to get the app readily downloaded and can start pouring your efforts on getting your app noticed.

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