A Complete Guide to Marketing Strategy For A Salon

4 years ago

 If you’re a professional stylist, makeup artist, or beauty therapist who cares about growth marketing, it’s time you understood the utmost impact social media is going to have on your business in the days to come. 

n the next months and years, a transition from the old statistics standpoint regarding the social media popularity graph is going to become more and more evident.

For stylists, the transition from the old statistics standpoint of book sales, website visits, and client visits is going to become crystal clear.

The rates at which people connect with a business via social media networks like Twitter has been increasing each year.

For example, the rate at which people visit a business through Twitter has increased 51% from the same time last year. The rate at which women use Facebook has also increased 41% from the same time last year.

These numbers show us that social media has not only become the de facto method of business today, but has also become very inexpensive to the clientele. Rather than receiving word through the mail or on a phone call or through a person appearing in front of them in an office, people are able to connect via this wonderful medium of social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and many other sites.

The thing that people like the least about social networking websites is that they’re a distraction. People don’t call and say wait a minute, I’m stuck on my computer, go ahead and leave me a voicemail…They actually have to stop what they’re doing, get off and log on, click the social media site, and do what they want to do.

If a person doesn’t care about something on social networking sites, then they shouldn’t be on there. If you’re sitting in front of your friends and making comments, then you probably aren’t working on a client or doing something that is business related.

Although social media has changed many clientele’s view of who a stylist or makeup artist is, it’s not as much of a challenge for a stylist or makeup artist to become successful. In fact, since the concept of social networking itself has been around for quite a while, they’ve developed a great deal of experience creating content that is relevant to their reader’s.

If you use social media correctly, you’re going to create amazing content. You may even see some of your clients come to you on social networking sites, not in person, but through social networking sites, through their Facebook or their Twitter accounts.

At first glance, you might think that social networking is for customers rather than for promote your product. But when you actually go into the client’s account on social media sites, you will see a lot of comments.

Did you know that women use Facebook to ask about their beauty service before they come into the salon or go online to see price comparisons between different salons or price comparisons between a salon and a competitor? So what you’re doing is you’re giving the client an opportunity to invest before they even get to the salon.

That investment of time for the client to come to your salon or have you service their hair or have you service their makeup is going to yield a better return for you.

The easiest way that you can do this for your community is by posting content on Facebook. Maybe you post a few things. Maybe five or six posts will usually do it. Post at least three to four times a week.

This repeated posting of great content, on a regular basis, is what is going to lead some people to stay and follow you on that social media network. This is also going to lead those clients to come to the salon.

The other way you can do this, and this is perhaps a bit more risky because people can comment poorly on a Facebook posts, is you can have a blog. If you focus on one blog, and you distract people from maintaining one blog, you’ve lost a lot of traffic.

If you would like to distribute all the content on your blog to all of your social media accounts, then this is something you should do.

You could also create a LinkedIn account, and put your content on LinkedIn and post at least one or two times a week.

You can do the same thing on Twitter. The same goes for your YouTube channel. You can do it on Google Plus, and even on your Etsy store.

The most important thing to remember is that you have almost too much content out there for your clients to consume. So, as you’re creating content, more of your clients are going to be coming to the salon because you’re giving them this opportunity to have you work on their hair or their makeup for free or for a discounted price before they even get to the salon.

As a professional stylist, the importance of social media marketing cannot be underestimated.

Based on these statistics, you could be winning the battle you have to win. If everyone in the hair and beauty industry went to the salon as much as they use social media to spread the word, then the likelihood of your salon being successful is more than double.

You’ll be able to gain more clients, and become more successful. And your success will come about as a direct result of your social media social networking site marketing success.


If you didn’t know already, Twitter is mainly used for quick updates when something important happens to the client. It is used to deal with everyday problems easier or to make a suggestion to you that they will like.

Since you make your posts grammatically correct, people will be more likely to follow you if you tweet your problems or if you ask questions about booking their dates with you. This can create a great relationship with your following. Even if you don’t get many followers in return, you are still getting the word out and they are still getting great referrals.

In addition to Twitter and Facebook, I would recommend that you start using Pinterest and Instagram. The main reason why I chose these two is because of the amount of attention that they are receiving, and the fact that more people are getting on them than other social media sites.

Instagram is a great choice for those who use the photo sharing site.

It is visually intriguing and creative, and would draw the attention of many people to learn more. Great news for you if you are in the business of photography, and your work is visual.

In order to start out on Instagram, it is usually best to start with your business.

To start a page, you will have to collect images that look professional, or that you will be able to misuse as publicity.

The next step is to set up a profile that looks professional.

If you are going for the selfie style, then it is best to go with a professional setting in a professional space, like a studio or in a controlled environment.

You’ll want to use a professional camera, and have a professional background that you can fill in with subtle birds, trees, etc. The front of the profile is where it is crucial that you have a good picture to go with it.

For example, if the profile is for someone in the makeup industry, then you will want to post some images of makeup that you are wearing or your products in shot.

This will get people to like you, and your profile so that other people will see them. This will lead them to you, and that will lead them to your salon.

If it is your profile on the days that you have time off to work on a client, then you will want to post images of you working on a client. You can add quotes about working on clients, and posts about your passion for the business.

This will get people in the door

Also, if you are trying to attract the attention of people in the health industry, then you can work on any of these examples.

When you are trying to get more people in the door, you can post images of yourself creating a new business card. You can also create a banner that illustrates the purpose of your business.

This will get people to like and share your profile, and it will get you in the door.

You should also make another thing that you can do is start to post images of yourself and your products.

This will also get people in the door. Once people see you working out, and they see you taking care of your skin, or doing your nails, etc. they tend to approach you. This is good, because they want to get your ad.

When you are on Instagram, you can then put your post in the URL of your profile. For example, healthyladiesmedia.com will probably be the name of my profile, and then I will pin my images there. This is important, because the more people who share your content, the more traffic you will receive.

You are going to need to use a username that does not look like yours. You will want your username to be something that is unique to who you are, or a little bit of fun.

Let’s take case in point

Let’s say that your name is Sara. You should create a username that has Sara in it. You will want to not only put the name Sara, but you will want to put the name lara, sara or something like that so that your Instagram page will be easy to remember and search.

Let’s say that you are Sara. You may post the name Sara on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., but on Instagram you may want to create a profile and a username that is something fun, and something that will make your profile unique.

We will not choose case in point because it is not a good one, but in reality I will, but I will keep Sara as the username. SaraNailsSalon. com will basically be her Instagram page.

You may also consider creating an Instagram account that is free. The reason why this is important is because when you create a free account you make your first post.

This is important when people unfollow. For example, let’s say you have a hundred followers, and five of them stray away. If you were to have a free account, then it is a lot easier to get those followers back, because you have to start from scratch.

If you are going to create a free account, then I would recommend that you do not create a username. I would recommend that you create a username nameplate. This is very unique because it is a combination of the first name of your business and your last name.

The first name of SaraNailsSalon is Sara, and my last name is Nails. So the username for my profile is SaraNailsS alon.

You will want to be consistent when you create the name, because if you want to get people in the door, you have to have the same username that you use for all of your profiles and all of your photos.

Now your profile is going to be unique. If you want people to see you and like you, and your profile, your profile has to look extremely good. You will need to have a professional background with birds, flowers, and trees that you can fill in.

You will also need to have an image of yourself. A photo or two of yourself, and of your products, are usually very good.

If you do not have a photo of yourself, then I would recommend that you find an image of you on your tablet or computer that looks professional.


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