A Complete Guide To CRM For Network Marketing

4 years ago

Learn more about how a CRM system can assist Multi Level Marketing. MLM Software refers to a multi level marketing ( MLM )/Affiliate marketing management tool. This would allow an admin user to manage a network, its users, and compensation plan. MLM Software also provides its end users in the network the ability to see their network status, income, and manage their referrals, and payouts.

What Is A CRM System?

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system helps manage customer data. It supports sales management, delivers actionable insights, integrates with social media and facilitates team communication. Cloud-based CRM systems offer complete mobility and access to an ecosystem of bespoke apps.

Why Do You Need A CRM For Network Marketing?

An MLM – CRM system allows the admin user to easily keep track of users and their actions. The admin user can check statistics for total sales, total orders, sales by individual distributor, affiliate, as well as for a wide range of other parameters. The main advantage of a CRM system for online marketers is that it allows for the easy retrieval of all the information you need about your own or your distributor’s activity.

Benefits Of A CRM System For Multi-Level Marketing

A CRM system allows the admin user to log on, run reports, and easily look at trends over several times of periods. This saves a lot of time and allows for greater management of a network marketing environment. You can find out how many people were recruited, who made what sales, and quickly identify new recruits with high potential.

Ways To Use A CRM System

Multiple Dashboards

A CRM tool can be customized to meet the needs of each affiliate manager . It helps users to have their own dashboards so they can monitor their affiliates, their sales, and potential recruits

Easy To Use

Cloud-based CRM systems are very easy to handle. They require a simple login through a browser, and an entire functionality can be easily accessed. They do not require the installation or maintenance of complex software. Most of the time, they can be easily integrated with the existing social media accounts, and offer direct access to the system.


A CRM system is usually customized to the particular needs of a network. This allows for greater flexibility and advanced management. It is possible to set parameters to update the CRM whenever a particular action is performed. This ensures that your network will always be up to date and all data is available at a simple click on a web address.


A CRM system enables every user to effectively handle his or her network, as well as to access data about any aspect of their operation. The information can be retrieved in various ways, not just by means of a standard search. You can view the data from different angles or vantage points, giving you a better understanding of your network.


CRM systems allow admins to set clear, measurable goals and objectives, and to define specific targets. This way, a network can effectively see the progress of their activity. The targets are set and they are measured against real data.

Easy Access To Data

With a CRM system, any manager or distributor is able to access relevant data with ease. You will always be able to obtain relevant data about your network sales, local activities, and performance at a country level. A MLM – CRM system offers easy migration from one CRM to another with minimum loss in data.

Hybrid CRMs

Cloud-based CRM systems enable admins to view data from different angles and to create custom views that will best represent the data for the purpose. They allow admins to set their own hierarchy when viewing reports, allowing for a better understanding of what is being seen.

Automation Of Business Processes

It is possible to set a CRM system to flag up events as they happen, and to define the actions that need to be taken. This allows for a better management of your network and greater efficiency.


When CRM systems are properly implemented, they can help provide a clear understanding of the company’s progress. They are business tools designed to make the users’ lives easier. The admin will be able to meet all the requirements of the sales cycle in a simple, structured, and consistent manner.


Cloud-based CRM systems are not expensive and most of them are completely free. They do not require a lot of resources and are usually fast and reliable.


CRM system reporting is one of the most important aspects of MLM Software. It is fast and easy to access, and it is possible to quickly identify any events and understand their effects. You can also filter the events and customize them, getting all relevant details quick without having to go through all the data. Most cloud-based CRM systems offer ad-hoc reports and queries.

Easy To Use

Not only are these systems simple to set up and use, they also continue to provide an easy-to-use interface, getting rid of the need to sort through complex jargon and find information.

Multiple Tools

A CRM system simplifies the work of sales managers. It offers a lot of tools that can help them grow their business, and it can also be easily integrated with other tools, enabling accessibility from any device.

Mobile Access

Cloud-based CRM systems are now mobile enabled, providing sales managers and distributors with on-the-go access to their network. It allows them to carry out all their business processes whenever and wherever they are.


The ability to perform segmentation and data analysis is also an important feature of these CRM systems. A cloud-based CRM system can help you to identify a successful network, identify its problems, and effectively act on them.


CRM systems are able to help users organize their daily tasks, which can often overlap. They also allow users to manage their tasks in a highly efficient manner, saving a lot of time. Any Dealing with CRM For Network Marketing is not easy job

There are multiple strategies to employ and different motives to follow, but one thing is certain; your network marketing competence is not served by learning everything by heart and hope that your recruit will do the job for you. CRM Software is an ideal tool for any network marketing professional.

Rules For Successful MLM Software Implementation

There are several rules to follow when implementing CRM Software for a network marketing company. But the good news, a person with only basic knowledge of their tools and functions can do it effectively. The user guides and demos are detailed and easy to understand. All that is needed is a good planning and clear guidance. When it comes to the system, it is very easy to use and manage, allowing the admin user to set the particular data filter for each type of search, allowing the user to get the most relevant results.

Do Not Overform

A CRM system can be easy to set up and operate, but setting up a new system and getting everyone on board takes some time. In addition, system management may tend to overdo things, forget the entire purpose of a system, and spend too much time doing work that can be manually done. Make sure everyone knows the purpose and operation of the system.

Correct Data

Unfortunately, many people use CRM systems, only to make it swing their way. They enter false data or change the data to generate a particular outcome. This can distort the whole chain of data. The data should be entered correctly the first time; after that, the system will automatically produce the relevant results for each segment.

Get Your Members Involved

Remember that not all users of MLM Software will be admins. Some of them will be distributors, but all of them need to be made aware of their abilities and responsibilities. The users need to be highly involved in their operation of the system. They need to know how to use it to its full potential for productive and effective results. They need to use the system to its full potential. It is very effective at managing a wide range of activities, such as leads, network alerts, and follow-ups on potentials and current distributors.

Give Incentive And Reward To Your Distributors

Cloud-based CRM systems are easy to set up, but for good results and maximum possible effectiveness, there needs to be proper training. The responsibility lies with the admin users, but distributors also need to be aware of what they are doing.

Consider The Size Of Your Network

The CRM system should be set to handle the appropriate order of magnitude. It might be difficult to handle 100,000 members. It would be better to start with a few hundred users and upgrade when needed. CRMs are not expensive, but it is much better to start small and upgrade when the need arises.

Regularly Train Your Users

The CRM should provide training, demos, and user guides to keep everyone in the loop. It is important that the admin users get educated and be able to support the use and operation of the system. In addition, it is important for them to fully appreciate the importance of using the system to its maximum advantage for practical results.

Cloud IS The Limit

Cloud is the future and it is time for MLM Software distributors to move in. The future lies in technological advances in the industry and the ability to exploit them to their advantage. Cloud-based CRMs enable the user to do a wide range of tasks, from managing leads, to scheduling appointments, to creating reports, among other things.

Always On The Go

CRM system for network marketing have evolved over the years. When established in the beginning, they were working on the traditional PC format. But as the technology has evolved, so did the systems. By now they are fully cloud-based and are available both on the desktop computer in the office and on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. This allows users to stay always on the go and work even when they are on the road.

Cloud-based CRM systems are also a lot easier to access, store, and share. They are the best and most effective tools available for network marketing companies. They have been designed to manage the intricate data of different sales processes and activities.

In the past, networking software was available for Windows, Linux, Unix, and Mac only. But now, cloud or on-demand platform enables the use of these tools from anywhere at any time. With recent advances in technology and the contribution of the cloud, you can access your data on any device. No matter where you are, always know what is happening in your business. Boost your productivity and accelerate business growth, regardless of your location.

Manage Leads And Prospects

A modern CRM platform can be used to manage a large list of leads and opportunities. Quite often, an MLM company starts with a list of contacts, which is used to generate leads. These leads are then further developed into new prospects and leads depending on the rules set by the company. A good CRM system enables users to manage the lead development process, generate reports, and track the progress.

Create Reporting And Track Progress

The reporting feature of a modern CRM platform is very important. Reports allow team leaders and distributors to check the progress of each distributor separately. Each distributor should upload progress reports and an admin can check progress against the progress of others.

Build Opportunities To Stay On Top Of Prospects

Prospects are important since they can lead to sales. But they can also be a drain on the business if they are not followed up regularly and properly. It is important for the business to build opportunities to stay on top of each prospect. A good CRM system enables this aspect and allows managers and distributors to enter new opportunities, follow them, and track their progress.

Manage And Report Your Sales

CRM software for network marketing can also be used to track sales. This involves tracking down the collection of sales, ensuring that you have received payment, and they have been properly fulfilled. A good CRM system can even check your stock levels to ensure that you have the right number of products available. CRM systems also allow you to transmit information directly to the web or your apps, or other systems to ensure that no opportunity is missed.

Build A Powerful Online Presence

Another good feature of a good CRM system is the ability to create a good online presence. A CRM system has the ability to create a strong network and be able to contact all members at the same time. In this way, you can offer special products or deals or manage communications to the group. This is a good way to maintain interaction and even make money from each interaction.

Expand Your Capabilities

CRMs are versatile. While they are firstly designed to manage contacts and online activities, they can also be used to manage other activities. This can seem like extra work, but it is essential for the growth of the business. CRM systems can also be used to create surveys or polls. The good thing is that they can be used to manage the distribution. It is also possible to use a CRM system to monitor the relationship with the distributors.

Follow The Network For The Best Results

A CRM system is a tool and a very useful one. You can use it to communicate with your team and manage sales, but you must use it to your advantage. If you use it to effectively manage your network and communicate with each distributor, you can keep in touch with everything that happens.

MLM software is the best tool that will help you grow your network marketing business, from managing leads, tracking and reporting your sales, and enhancing your online presence, to keeping an eye on your network and achieving better results.

Business Intelligence Software and Applications – How They Can Benefit Your Network Marketing Business

If you are in business or have ever wondered what it would be like to start a business, you have probably come across the phrase “Data is Power.” The ability to examine and analyze data is the most powerful tool in any business. It gives people the ability to make intelligent decisions based on facts. This is why when the term “Business Intelligence” is mentioned, we think about accessing data from different sources in our business so that we can use it to make better decisions.

Business Intelligence Software And Applications

Business intelligence can range from the most basic applications to highly complex products and solutions. But it can still be broken down into two very easily defined categories: Business Intelligence Solutions and Business Intelligence Software. Let’s explore each category, as well as the types of applications they fall into.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Business Intelligence Solutions are typically something that organizations purchase as a bundle of software and services. A lot of large organizations employ business intelligence consultants, who act as advisors for their company. These advisors are experts in using all of the different business intelligence software and applications listed below. They will evaluate your current business intelligence strategy and recommend ways that they can help improve it.

BI Solutions can be broken down into two categories:

  • Rapid Business Solutions – These are very quick fixes for implementing business intelligence. They are ideal for smaller organizations that need a quick fix. Sometimes they can come with the product listed below. Other times you can use the product instantly without purchasing the Rapid Business Solution.
  • Business Intelligence Application – These are large, complex systems that are designed to help get you the information you need as fast as possible. These custom programs are one time purchases and cannot be bought directly from the provider. It is also not the same as purchasing a product directly or part of the Rapid Business Solution.

Because they are used for a variety of organizations with different requirements, it is important to work with a business intelligence consultant to find an appropriate solution. This is true even if you plan on purchasing the software directly from the provider.

Business Intelligence Software

Business Intelligence Software is what most people think of when they hear the phrase “Business Intelligence.” These products are designed to analyze data and offer solutions to almost any type of problem. There are many different types of BI software, including:

  • dashboards
  • data visualization
  • reporting
  • information
  • analytics
  • memory
  • governance
  • search
  • prescriptive

These solutions are great for any level of organization because many of them have a basic version that offers limited functionality at a low price. They can also scale up to more complex systems that can even include a business intelligence consultant to help you get started.

How To Get Business Intelligence Software And Application

Once you know you need business intelligence software, you will have to choose the type that best suits your needs. Since they are typically complex software tools, you want to choose the best you can afford. The price can vary depending on the complexity of the software. Also, some software may require ongoing maintenance, so you have to watch your budget for long-term investments.


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