A Complete Guide to CRM For Business Development

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4 years ago

CRM solutions help manage and maintain relationships with clients for a B2B sector. Utilizing such systems, it’s possible to register, track, and use all the information connected to the users.

CRM system is profitable for both — customers and businesses. If you want to use the client-oriented approach, you definitely need to integrate a CRM solution.

To satisfy users’ needs and expectations, it’s better to provide them with quality services. For instance, CRM systems allow fulfilling orders faster and more accurately.

Advantages of Using CRM System for Business Development

First of all, you can manage your business without problems. When using CRM systems, you can increase your business conversion rates and revenue. It also allows more effectively managing the existing customers.

CRM systems allow creating “data connections” and gathering information. In fact, a CRM system unites a huge number of CRM users who are interested in updating and maintaining their database.

How to Choose the Right CRM System for Your B2B Company?

In order to choose the appropriate CRM system, you need to know that not all CRM systems are suitable for B2B businesses.

Do you want to find any necessary information? Use these tips:

Try the system.

It’s better to create a trial presentation, and then you can analyze the CRM’s performance.

Analyze your business needs.

Compare all CRM systems. Study them. Take into consideration some factors to choose the most suitable solution.

Check the device compatibility of the system.

Analyze how this CRM system is convenient to use with cell phones, tablets, and the first desktop version.

Try to analyze the customer support service quality.

Many companies provide poor service. So, it’s better to tell them your thoughts and requirements.

Consider the standard price.

Standard price is the price for one seat. If an organization needs 10 seats, then is not necessary to multiply this price.

Check your CRM usage.

What system is more adequate for your style of work? Remember that each user has its own requirements. So, it’s better to analyze the system’s abilities. In fact, a CRM solution can be convenient for big organizations and social workers but useless for enterprises.

Another alternative is to use a cloud-based CRM. The main benefit of such systems is its flexibility.

Advantages of Cloud-Based CRM Systems

Cloud-based solutions, like SugarCRM, are widely used. This is due to the following facts:

  • Low costs for using a CRM
  • Minimal infrastructure requirement
  • Enables customization
  • New features appear quickly due to flexibility, scalability, and integration of add-ons
  • Fast response to the user requests
  • Saves time

SugarCRM is a cloud-based CRM that is useful for those who want to develop their business efficiently. This platform is more than just a CRM application. Thus, it could be a great solution for a business.

SugarCRM is a powerful CRM for every Small Business, not just for B2B customers. It was designed to help businesses of all sizes, verticals and industries manage their business activities.

Therefore, if you want a comprehensive CRM solution to manage business processes and relationships, using the SugarCRM platform is worth your attention.

SugarCRM is an open source cloud-based CRM that helps you keep track of your contacts, leads, and campaigns. This CRM platform enables you to have insight into your business. It offers both the features and flexibility for managing business information in different scenarios.

SugarCRM provides the customer with the following benefits:

Empowered sales teams

The system can help you prioritize, manage and schedule the most important activities. Thus, the sales team is able to get acquainted with a variety of relevant information at the right time.


Any useful information can be shared by using this system. Thus, your team members will work more efficient.

Data Integration

SugarCRM helps users to understand their customers. This solution allows using the detailed prospect analysis and segmentation.

The main advantage of this CRM system is a wide range of this software applications that allow integrating different data. Moreover, this system provides coherence and ensures clear understanding of a goal.

Simple to use

It can be combined with business applications and integrates with the existing financial and marketing systems. Moreover, this CRM application is flexible and allows customizing. Therefore, it is easy to use.

Mobile App

SugarCRM Mobile allows you to access SugarCRM information locally and remotely. You can login to your account and access SugarCRM data on all devices. To get more information, you can download Sugar CRM iPad App. It’s available on iTunes. You can search SugarCRM App on Google.

Disadvantages of SugarCRM

If you are going to use the SugarCRM for your business, keep in mind that:

The users have to learn the system from scratch. But it is worth it for a responsible IT manager.


Though the Sugar CRM is free, the added modules are not free at all. For some of the modules, you need to pay a separate fee. For example, the SugarCRM account.

You can try Sugar for free or free trial.

Searching for free CRM system that allows users to manage the business processes is the thing that SugarCRM is not intended for. It can be suggested for those who want to try out SugarCRM and who want to have a clear insight into its potential and functionality.

The Importance of CRM for Your Business

CRM can help you better than you can imagine. Â Here are the benefits of using a CRM for B2B:

Helps to increase your conversion rates

Helps to increase your conversion rates. It may help you to get new clients or get more customers. Moreover, it helps to attract new customers and leads. At the same time, it helps to attract new customers and leads and convert them into clients.

Better control over sales and marketing activities

CRM allows you to keep track of the entire process. Thus, you can control your sales and marketing activities. You’ll be able to get more sales through better targeting of your audience and better connecting with your clients.

Makes the work more productive

Work becomes more productive when you use CRM for your B2B.

It helps to analyze data from inside and outside your business. Thus, you can make a better decision.

Used by Sales Professionals

A CRM solution helps salespeople to manage and use sales activities. For example, Â it helps to understand the customer’s behavior and to develop a new strategy in order to attract the new clients.

Helps to keep track of contact information

CRM allows you to keep track of contacts. In fact, you will easier to automate the sales process.

Better data analysis

It is easier to analyze data when using CRM for marketing and sales purposes. You can identify opportunities and analyze what’s successful and what’s not.

When choosing a CRM Â to grow your business, it’s essential to focus on the features that are most important for your business. If you want to know more about CRM for B2B, you can read about it.

A CRM that is good for SMBs will be good for medium and large businesses. Â The main purpose is to improve your business and have better control over sales.

Every CRM system has its own price, functionality, and features. If you want to learn more about a CRM for B2B, use this guide. But it’s better to choose a solution that is more flexible and most convenient for your business processes.

Cost of a CRM

If you want to buy a CRM system for e-commerce, the main price factor is the number of users. For e-commerce businesses with 1-10 users, the price is usually $200-$500. For businesses with 10-20 users, the cost may range from $500-$1000 depending on the level of functions. For businesses with more users, the price is higher.

Free CRM systems have some limitations. At the same time, you need to pay for paid CRM systems. You can add the paid modules with the free version.

The price of SugarCRM is $0-$525 per month. You can save the money if you buy one year or more at a time.

How to Choose a CRM

It’s not easy to choose a CRM system that will suit your business well. At the beginning, you need to write a list of features that you need to analyze and compare the other CRM application’s features. If your business has multiple locations, you need to choose the multi-user feature for your CRM.

SugarCRM is user-friendly and it is not difficult to set up. You have to choose from three types of SugarCRM: the community version, professional version, and enterprise version.

The community version is free and is designed for personal use. The enterprise version is designed for large businesses. Moreover, SugarCRM allows users to customize several features. You can add the features of accounting, sales forecasting, solutions monitoring, and reporting, and more.

When comparing SugarCRM with other CRM software systems, compare the following parameters:

  • Number of users
  • User experience
  • Customization options
  • Integration options
  • Analytics and reporting
  • File attachments
  • Security options

Are other CRM in the marketplace very similar to SugarCRM? Â You can do a simple search in Goggle.


SugarCRM is a useful website for businesses that need to manage and organize customer information. Thus, the company can easily improve sales and marketing strategies. This CRM is a cost-effective solution and easy to use.

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