7 Highly Underrated Skin Care Instructions to Follow for Comfortable Inking

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Getting a new tattoo is way more complicated than what meets the eye. While there is no substitute for selecting a good parlor for the job, at the end of the day it all comes down to how your skin responds to those buzzing machines and the penetrating needles.

Your choice of expletives, during the act, can get significantly mollified if the skin surface is all supple and ready for the process. Tattoo making can be painful but the extent of the discomfort often depends on how well you have prepared the skin or how efficiently you follow the aftercare strategies.

While there are quite a few strategies to care for the skin, both pre and post-tattooing, I would enlist 7 underrated tips that are mostly ignored but can categorically mitigate any form of uneasiness. Also, I would also mention the timeframe that you must adhere to, as some of these tips are best suited for pre-tattooing whereas the remaining ones make sense, after getting inked.

Load yourself up with Water

Don’t get your hopes high as I would only recommend plain water and its amplified usage at least 7 days before considering a new tattoo. But why water! Here is a more detailed explanation to understand how this trivial inclusion can have such a remarkable impact.

Consuming at least 2 to even 4 liters of water daily, at least a week prior to getting inked, keeps the skin surface soft and supple. Therefore, any tattoo machine the artist chooses works rather swimmingly as the dermal layer is now capable enough to absorb the pressure with minimal abrasion.

Plus, even if you are planning to get inked from a novice, who is most likely to use a starter kit for tattooing rather than a full-fledged machine, a well-watered skin surface (pun, intended), is expected to make you weather the torment better. Not that we recommend it though!

Also, on the day of reckoning, you should tank yourself up with a hefty meal and loads of water, to keep the expected dizziness at bay.

Avoid Stims and Liquor

Here comes the most difficult part I presume. Getting rid of the morning coffee and those nightly pegs can be an uphill task for certain individuals. However, you can make a few sacrifices to accommodate a new design as a permanent part of life. Also, the trick here is not to leave these indulgences for eternity but to refrain for at least 48 hours in advance.

This way, you need not worry about excessive bleeding as stimulants and alcohol can cause blood thinning, making the entire process way murkier than it should be.

Stay Miles away from Aspirin

Even if you have a headache, hours before getting inked, it is advisable not to consume aspirin. Aspirin tablets are expected to make the blood run thinner, which might not enhance the tattooing experience. A bloody session is bound to make you and even the tattoo artist feel uneasy at times. However, its impact on the skin sanctity is also evident as lesser blood flow keeps the skin firmer for the tattoo and ensures that the ink doesn’t ooze out of the surface.

Choose the Clothing, Wisely

Wait, what does your choice of clothing have to do with the skincare expectation? However, you would be surprised to know that the tattoo, even while getting designed needs to breathe. Therefore, it is recommended to select loose clothes to wear to the parlor; something that you can keep wearing even after getting inked, so that the piece of cloth doesn’t stick to the surface and harm the design.

Moisturize Extensively

A good post-tattoo skincare routine is absolutely vital to keep the skin in the best possible stead. A good approach is to rely on an excellent, non-fragrant moisturizer to keep the surface lubricated without having to use water. Plus, a reliable, chemical-free moisturizer also helps with the healing as after getting tattooed, the skin surface starts drying out abnormally, therefore resulting in scab development and abrasive outgrowths.

Keep the Surface Covered

A good way to keep the tattooed area free from infection is to keep it covered immediately after the design is complete. While letting it breathe is a good approach, in the long run, the moment you step out of the parlor, you must cover the same with a thin bandage or even a cling wrap, depending on how big the design is. Once you uncover the same, you must immediately wash it off using lukewarm water and antibacterial soap.

Avoid Soaking

It is important to avoid soaking the tattooed area in water, by indulging in swimming and exaggerated shower bouts. While it is still advisable to keep the surface clean, a lot of water exposure can even cause blowouts and bacterial proliferation.

In addition to these strategies, it is advisable to keep eating healthy throughout the healing process to ensure the comprehensive well-being of the tattooed region. Plus, direct exposure to sunlight needs to be avoided if you keep the tattooed skin surface looking fresh throughout.

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