7 Great Websites For Learning About Cyber Security In 2020

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4 years ago

With every data breach, cyber security becomes more and more relevant in the world. Every company has some sort of online presence, and the relative lack of security means you’ll be learning about a service very much in demand such as HackEdu’s secure coding training guide.

The websites we list provide high quality courses that are worth your time and attention. Whether you’re interested in changing careers or if you want to safeguard your own business better, these websites offer great insights into the newest of fields that can make all the difference to companies. 

Cybrary – Online Cyber Security Training

This product was recommended by Kenny Trinh from Netbooknews

They offer a very wide range of computer study courses and certificates. The study is free, and you pay for exams and labs. Also, they do not swamp your email account, which is always a good thing. Although I have finished many of the courses, I always go back, not only because it is a helpful and knowledgeable community, but also because there are many good, up to date articles on offer.


This product was recommended by Katie Holmes from OutwitTrade

They have an excellent online security course that’ll get you on the right track to a career in cyber security. I believe they used to have paid courses but now it’s 100% free. All the content is on the website, there’s no ads or spam, and you don’t even need to register.


This product was recommended by Rima Shah from Technostacks Infotech pvt ltd

It provides access to cutting edge in the field of cybersecurity. The course has 4 levels that provide expertise in cryptography, cyberattack, cyber defense, denial of service attack and information security. Suitable for both a novice and for professionals as courses have been selectively handpicked for overall skill development in the field of cybersecurity. The courses include ethical hacking, penetration testing, bitcoin, coding, networking and much more.


This product was recommended by Rima Shah from Technostacks Infotech pvt ltd

Varied range of courses that include cybersecurity law primer, that could benefit to get an overall picture of cybersecurity ethics. There is no accreditation or certification, just in-depth knowledge offering courses for the ones interested. Although paid it is cost-effective with the comprehensive knowledge gained.

Heimdal Security

This product was recommended by Rima Shah from Technostacks Infotech pvt ltd

It offers 20 lessons on the basics of cybersecurity, required tools and tactics, to identify and eliminate security loopholes, safety from cybercrime, bulletproofing online accounts from crimes and to counteract malicious attacks. The course thought extensive provides step by step advice to move on and get hands on the right tools of cybersecurity. So, get started on your cyber-security career this 2020. Follow the above resources available online and become certified and more importantly an ethical hacker.

Null Byte

This product was recommended by Satya Prakash Sharma from Talent500

This is one of the most promising sites out there to stay updated on all things security. Get all the latest news on cyberweapons, password cracking, exploit development and much more!

Future Learn

This product was recommended by Norhanie Pangulima from Centriq

This website is more focused on general introductory short courses that are paid-for and accredited learning opportunities available through the platform. The courses themselves are well-presented in short and easy to work sections that make learning simple and interesting. What is especially good about this website courses is that they focus on specific aspects of IT, which means if there are areas you’d prefer to specialize in then you can focus on that rather than have to take a larger course to access it.

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