7 Convenient Answering Services for Your Small Business 2021

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5 years ago

Having an efficient answering service is essential to doing good business. As most small businesses and start-ups have a budget, finding a service that works well and doesn’t break the bank can be difficult. Here are seven services that will help to improve your business and move it forward.

#1 Google Voice

Google Voice
Who suggested this product?
The Google Voice was recommended by Alexandra Bohigian from Enola Labs Software. You can find out more about Alexandra Bohigian here or read their product recommendation below.

For small businesses on a budget, I recommend using Google Voice as a call answering service. Google Voice is cost-effective and has the capabilities to easily screen calls and block unwanted telemarketers.

For example, if you’re a hospital, first-aid dispensary or a doctor’s chamber, and are looking for a 24/7 call answering service without any human receptionist, the best way to do so is through a medical answering service system that is always in a Live mode, ready to take calls, leave messages and answer.

I set it up so that when I answer our business phone, I know who exactly is calling and can decide to speak to them or send them to voicemail. If sent to voicemail, I receive a transcription of the voicemail, via email, making it simple to decide how to move forward and to keep calls organized. But, you can also choose from Google voice competitors that also promise exceptional voice quality and call forwarding features just like quicktalk.com, if you’re planning to set up a dedicated customer phone call answering service with exceptional features at home or office.

#2 Phone.com Live Receptionist

Phone.com Live Receptionist
Who suggested this product?
The Phone.com Live Receptionist was recommended by Ari Rabban from PHONE.COM. You can find out more about Ari Rabban here or read their product recommendation below.

With Phone.com’s Live Receptionist, small businesses can now have their very own live answering service adding versatility, flexibility, and availability to their company, no matter the size. Phone.com’s US-based professional live receptionists ensure calls will be answered by a real person then guided to wherever you choose such as a voicemail box or a different extension.

The Phone.com brand is synonymous with innovation, which not only reflects year-over-year growth for nine straight years, but also executive leadership’s persona. Having founded the company that made the first ever VoIP phone call, CTO Alon Cohen’s expertise with internet-based telephony is unrivaled.

For small businesses, entrepreneurs and innovative enterprises, Phone.com is a comprehensive cloud-based business phone system that offers enterprise-grade, omnichannel unified communications and collaboration (UCaaS) services without requiring any contract.

Here, you needn’t have to worry about the virtual receptionist pricing & costs, as one such fully automated call answering service is quite competitively priced, when compared to hiring, staffing, training and employing human receptionists.

Why is Phone.com’s Live Receptionist the top choice for small businesses?

  1. No contract or set-up fees: Plans start at $90 per month.
  2. White glove service: Add a personal, professional touch to your business at affordable rates with a Live Receptionist skilled in the nuances of customer service.
  3. Appointment Scheduling: In addition to answering and directing calls, Phone.com receptionists can schedule meetings and appointments on your behalf, straight into your calendar.
  4. Live Call Answering: Their attendants are available to answer your business calls from Monday to Friday between 8 AM EST to 9 PM EST so you’re covered even if you’re busy or closed.
  5. Keep your Business Spam Free: Bothered by pesky robocalls or solicitors? Phone.com attendants screen inbound calls and only forward those pertinent to a customer’s business.
  6. Telephony Expertise: Phone.com’s award-winning UCaaS platform includes HD voice, video conferencing, team messaging, collaboration, follow-me, CRM integration, IVR, queues, fax, audio conferencing and many other contact features.

Live Receptionist capabilities include:

  • Answering in your company name with a scripted response
  • Taking messages and sending to email or SMS
  • Call forwarding (voicemail, extension, cell phone) and screening
  • Attended Transfer, Cold Transfer, Send to Voicemail
  • Appointment setting using market-leading software from Appointedd
  • Simple call instructions based on client criteria

#3 eReceptionist

Who suggested this product?
The eReceptionist was recommended by Rory Whelan from eReceptionist. You can find out more about Rory Whelan here or read their product recommendation below.

With eReceptionist you can choose from three different phone plans, all designed with small businesses in mind.

These start from as little as £9.95 per month making this an affordable option for small business owners. As well as providing the obvious benefit of any virtual phone plan – being able to divert your landline number to a mobile – the eReceptionist packages come with various other features including voicemail transcription, multiple call forwarding options and a professional studio recorded greeting.

#4 CallJoy

Who suggested this product?
The CallJoy was recommended by Erika from CallJoy. You can find out more about Erika here or read their product recommendation below.

CallJoy is a cloud-based phone agent that enables small business owners to measure, improve and automate customer service. With CallJoy, SMB owners receive the following for a monthly flat fee of $39:

  • a phone number with a local area code
  • an intelligent virtual voice agent and custom greetings
  • unlimited call recording and conversation transcripts
  • textback functionality
  • spam blocking technology
  • and Google My Business integration

With CallJoy, small businesses can:

  • Gain powerful insights with audio recordings and searchable text transcripts of all connected incoming calls.
  • Make better business decisions with metrics such as peak call times, new vs. returning callers, and conversation topics.
  • Easily direct callers via text message to place an order or schedule an appointment online, increasing sales while freeing up staff.

#5 Davinci

Who suggested this product?
The Davinci was recommended by Rishit Shah from TallySchool. You can find out more about Rishit Shah here or read their product recommendation below.

A real live receptionist will answer the calls when you are using this service. It looks highly professional and personal when a live receptionist answers the customer’s calls, hence increasing the brand value.

In addition to that, there is also a toll free number, call forwarding and screening facilities available.

Davinci can also handle appointments, order processing and customer care on premium plans. Bilingual receptionists are also available to take care of your international customers.

#6 Abby Connect

Abby Connect
Who suggested this product?
The Abby Connect was recommended by Andrei Vasilescu from DontPayFull. You can find out more about Andrei Vasilescu here or read their product recommendation below.

Abby Connect is the ideal answering service for any small business that requires a dedicated team of receptionists. This service deploys a team of five professional receptionists for each account who answer inbound calls with personalized greetings. Actually its personalized inbound answering service has made it stand out.

Furthermore, it provides dedicated live call answering, bilingual receptionists, voice mail to email service, unlimited voice mail boxes, customized call transfer music and so many other useful features. Additionally, Abby Connect provides call overflow service to its clients at every price ranges. Hence, Abby Connect is a complete phone answering solution for any small business.

#7 Ruby Receptionists

Ruby Receptionists
Who suggested this product?
The Ruby Receptionists was recommended by John Linden from MirrorCoop. You can find out more about John Linden here or read their product recommendation below.

We’ve used Ruby Receptionists for years and they are excellent.

For one, Ruby Receptionists has a very friendly and courteous staff. For small businesses, return clients are invaluable. Having receptionists always ready to answer clients in a timely and affable manner greatly improves the connection to them.

There are many features, such as weekend coverage, that allow the business owners to relax and know the phone calls are being well handled.

Who contributed to this article?

Alexandra Bohigian from Enola Labs Software

Ari Rabban from PHONE.COM

Rory Whelan from eReceptionist

Erika from CallJoy

Rishit Shah from TallySchool

Andrei Vasilescu from DontPayFull

John Linden from MirrorCoop

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