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The greatest human resource management software makes managing employees straightforward and uncomplicated, from recruiting to coaching to payroll taxes.

It can be a huge help to your company, particularly if you find it difficult to handle HR-related chores independently or if your company doesn’t have an inner department. But, HR software can be difficult, so it’s important to check closely to ensure you have the finest technology for the job and at a fair price.

While others plan and organize training sessions, some assist businesses in keeping track of job applications and managing the recruiting process. It showcases the top tax preparation software, payroll software, and other practical tools for monitoring and evaluating employee productivity.


This article will talk about the 7 best HR management software. If you’re interested, keep reading!

1. Happy HR

Through the help of Australia’s world-class team of bachelor’s HR professionals, Happy HR is a user-friendly cloud-based HR and payroll software. You can manage the entire worker time cycle so HR will never be a concern again.

2. Bullhorn

Bullhorn focuses on the recruiting process, an integral step in developing any expanding organization, unlike most HR software products that attempt to cover every feature of human resources.

You can manage the submissions you’ve collected for available positions at your business with the help of Bullhorn’s cutting-edge, fully integrated applicant monitoring system. Generally, you can access all the essential information in one place. Also, you may post job ads, view lists of prospective applicants, and email numerous applicants at once.

3. Odoo HR

In addition to helping HR managers with recruiting, staff administration, budget control, appraisal management, and other human resource requirements, Odoo HR is a functional and adaptable tool.

Users can access the list and views of job vacancies, phases, media, priorities, and responsibilities and generate reports on the justifications for rejecting some applications. With the user-friendly Odoo suite of HR software, businesses can easily automate HR procedures.

4. Workable

Another piece of HR software that accelerates and enhances hiring procedures is called Workable. Making your hiring process more efficient makes perfect sense when a company is only as great as its employees.

Workable features more than 700 phrases your firm may use to generate position descriptions and ads. It can publish your job postings to more than 200 job sites and continues to increase the number of applications you receive.

This tool allows you to screen job applicants and see important information about them. Lastly, the statistics from Workable might help you decide which applicants are best for the position.

5. PeopleHR

The web-based platform provided by PeopleHR seeks to speed up all essential HR procedures while providing clear prices.

Additionally, the app’s user-friendly interface can handle a variety of functions, like monitoring staff turnover, tracking illness, and granting vacation requests. It can also keep tabs on new job applications and post openings on the best job boards.

People provide a ton of information demonstrating how much effort you’ve conserved by converting to this software. It suggests your choices’ best course of action by showing how other businesses have performed in similar circumstances.

6. BrightHR

Several HR management tools are available on the BrightHR platforms. It has a nice holiday planner among its outstanding staff management tools. Additionally, you may quickly and easily log absences and sick leave. You can scan files directly into the platform, including medical records, and you will be notified whenever team members are scheduled to resume work.

The BrightHR system also keeps track of key parameters to assist you with payment processes and save you time on administrative tasks. It includes recording over time, keeping an accurate account of paid and unpaid vacations, and keeping track of any incentives or additional payments for your workers.

7. Freshteam

Utilize Freshteam’s HRIS to handle all of your workers’ individual and career details, orientation documents, and other items under one cover. Using an employee self-service platform allows employees to upload files, maintain accounts, and interact with one another.

Create organizational charts immediately to assist staff in understanding authority and effective communication techniques. Use Freshteam’s protected document management to manage staff information and grant limited access properly.


Your company’s requirements should guide your choice of HR software. One of the systems mentioned will probably be a great fit for your business if you run a small one and don’t have any special requirements.

In contrast, software designed for HR management will be far more beneficial if you have a particular weakness in your HR process. Payroll and recruitment are two instances of procedures with specialized solutions. Larger businesses should think about purchasing enterprise-level HR software.




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