6 Common Accounts Payable Problems and How to Solve Them

6 Common Accounts Payable Problems and How to Solve Them
1 year ago

Accounts payables are often one of the most problematic and time-consuming areas, especially for small businesses. It takes time to track down invoices and make sure everything is paid on time. It leads to late payments, which can cause many financial problems for the company. There are a few standard accounts payable problems that you might encounter. Read on to learn more:

Slowed processes

One of the most common problems with accounts payable is that the process can be slow and cumbersome. It leads to delayed payments and cash flow problems. Accounts payable automation speeds up the process and makes it more efficient. It prevents late payments and improves cash flow.

Incorrect invoices

Another common problem is that invoices can often be incorrect, leading to confusion and mistakes. The issue results from wrong entries, missed information, or customer mistakes. A digital invoicing system automates this process, reducing errors.

Unauthorized purchases

Another common problem with accounts payable is unauthorized purchases. It happens when someone in the company buys something without getting approval. It also occurs when someone uses a company credit card for personal purchases. Unauthorized purchases can lead to many financial problems and can be challenging to track down. You need to have a system to authorize purchases to solve this problem. Create rules about who can make purchases, how, and when.

Theft and fraud

Unfortunately, theft and fraud are common problems in business. They can occur when someone steals money or goods from the company or gives false information to get money from the company. To solve this problem, have security measures to prevent theft and fraud. You also need a system to track and investigate the crimes. With increased cybercrimes, educate staff members on detecting an attempt, protecting company data, and following protocols.

Disappearing invoices

A common issue in busy businesses is disappearing invoices. The problem is caused by lost or misplaced invoices, incorrect data entry, or simply human error. It leads to confusion, late payments, and financial losses. To solve the problem, have a system in place for tracking invoices. Ensure that all the information is correct and that you have a way to find lost or misplaced invoices. A digital invoicing system keeps track of all the invoices preventing loss or misplacement.

Double payments

Tracking goods already paid for and pending transactions is challenging without an effective system in place. The issue leads to double payments causing many financial problems. It is advisable to have separate entries or a tracking system to follow goods and invoices that have been paid for to eliminate double payments.


Accounts payable is a hassle for businesses, but you can overcome these common problems with the right solutions. Automation, data entry, and authorization processes prevent mistakes and keep your business running smoothly. Decreased errors translate to fewer late payments and better cash flow. A digital invoicing system is the best way to keep track of your invoices and prevent theft or fraud.

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