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I’m Guenter, and I want to tell you about how I use eBay software to run my business.

I have run my eBay business for five years. I have a storefront on eBay that generates around $450,000 a year. I watch my eBay sales grow every step of the way, and I cannot take credit for all of it.

How am I making this money? What do I do? This web site will tell you about my experience. I hope it helps you.

Who am I?

I have been selling stuff on eBay since 1997. I have a few computers, but I don’t have a storefront. I make my living from selling on eBay, and I love my job.

I have sold everything, from high-end computers to clothing, furniture, and collectibles. I have sold computers all over the world. I sell to people I don’t even know. I am a small business owner, and I love it. I enjoy the freedom of doing my own thing.

Why eBay?

eBay’s not a bad place to be, and honest people are doing very well on eBay. If you’re looking for a sales outlet for your stuff, you shouldn’t ignore eBay. It’s a great place to sell your products, so you can make money.

As with any venue where small businesses compete, eBay is not a level playing field. You will have to work hard at it to make a living at eBay. But you can do it.

I am not a guru. I’m not even a very good businessman. But I have learned a lot about running a business on eBay. I think this site will tell you what you need to know to work a business on eBay. I have tried to be complete and honest.

Some people on eBay have it made. They can sell just about anything for big bucks, and they make a lot of money. I know people like that. I’m not like them. But I make a good living. I don’t make the big money.

The key to making it on eBay is to use eBay software.

If you want to make serious money on eBay, you’re going to have to use software. It’s just the way it is. There’s not much to it. If you want to make serious money on eBay, you have to use eBay software.

Do you want to be a power seller? Do you want to make at least $1000 a month on eBay? If so, you’re going to have to use some software.

What do I use?

I use an inventory management program. I use it every day.

What do you need?

You need a good inventory management program. On eBay, you have to manage your inventory. This need does not go away if you haven’t got a storefront. Unless you get your inventory in order, you will not have control over inventory. You will not be able to sell anything, because you will not have what you need to sell.

How much software do you need?

If you’re going to run a successful eBay business, you’re going to have to put together a complete eBay business system, with software.

You need to have an inventory management system, a listing program for eBay, a way to generate your ads, and some way to manage your business from your computer.

You can see eBay-specific programs, like programs to help you manage your eBay listings, listings that help you keep track of your inventory, programs to help you generate PayPal invoices, and programs to help you manage your business and generate reports.

You can get such systems as a suite of software from one company. Or you can get them from different companies. Either way you go you should be able to get a package that suits your needs.

How much do you need?

You will need a program that lets you manage your inventory. It will let you update your listings, and it will do a lot of the grunt work. You’ll end up adding more stuff to it.

You will need an eBay program that lets you generate your ads and formats your listings: it will make your auctions look good, help you do things like take credit cards, etc.

The listing program will also let you manage your business from your computer, and generate reports. The reporting program will help you manage your business, help you with your taxes, and help you with your business decisions.

You’ll want to track your sales, too. You’ll want a way to keep track of your sales and revenue. You’ll want a way to track your expenses, track your profits, and download your sales reports from eBay.

You will, of course, want to have a way to keep inventory. Your inventory management program will have to manage your inventory and keep it up-to-date. It will have to buy your inventory and sell your inventory.

You will also want to have control of your cash. You’ll need ways to move cash in and out of your business.

Basically, what you want to end up with is a complete business system, on which you can run your business from your computer. It should be a fully-integrated system, so you don’t have to go looking for stuff.

If you use my suggestions, you won’t have to go looking for software. You won’t have to buy each program separately. You will have systems working together, automatically. Your software won’t run itself, but you will be better organized than before.

Your system will be able to make sales on your behalf. It will be able to manage your business for you. It will help you recruit inventory. It will help you stay organized.

I should be clear that any of these programs will do the basic job. eBay is not locked in to any single program. If you want to use one of those free, one-source-of-data programs like listingmanager, go ahead. If you want to use one of the high-end cataloging programs, go ahead. Just be warned that you will not be able to maintain a comprehensive and up-to-date catalog. Some of the high-end programs are really good. They can do a lot of what the programs I am going to recommend can do, at a lower price.

Why do you need so much?

You need a comprehensive system because you need a business that is up to your needs. You can’t run a business with just a “little bit” of software. Once you get started, you will find that you need more and more.

I know people that use the same software that I use. But they don’t use enough: they have to buy tools to get tasks done. That is wrong. You need a complete process: a system, a suite of software integrated to work together. You’ll need

Fishbowl Warehouse

This product was recommended by Allan Borch from Dotcom Dollar

Fishbowl is by far the best inventory management software for eBay that I’ve used. It offers advanced inventory management features that help online businesses manage multiple warehouses, track parts using a variety of criteria, set up auto reorder points, generate barcodes, and a whole lot more. I especially like that I’m able to get some outstanding integrations, including one for QuickBooks. There’s a free trial too so you can explore the tool without having to make any financial commitment yet.


This product was recommended by Ali Rizvi from Dream Superhero

inkFrog gives you the freedom to manage your eBay business like a pro.


This product was recommended by Anushka Pandey from Purplerain technology pvt

eBay is a huge site, and massive number of people come to the site to check out stuff, since the nature of the product can be complex or simple, depending on that will the questions of the potential customers vary. This is where Limecall enters. It’s an app that allows the visitors to request a call in 28 seconds so that’s perfect also if you’re offline they can schedule a call for the next available time. Worked wonders for us. Since it’s SaaS, can be done sitting at home.

Channel Advisor

This product was recommended by Daniel Juhl Mogensen from Kodyl

Channel Advisor is one of the best software suites that you can have for your eBay business. Founded in 2001, Channel Advisor still continues to deliver a top-notch tool for managing and optimizing your product listings on eBay. By integrating more than 50 global marketplaces, it enables you to get your product sold all over the world. It includes leverage platform tools that are unique to Channel Advisor and give you the competitive edge to succeed in the eBay industry.

Day Optimizer

This product was recommended by Trevor Lohrbeer from Day Optimizer

Use Day Optimizer to time block your day, to ensure you are doing both the work to keep selling on eBay (acquiring goods, listing them, shipping them, etc) and the work to continue to build and grow your business (strategy, legal, accounting, hiring, etc). Most eBay business owners will also want to schedule in personal time throughout their day, to handle personal chores or support a better work-life balance. A daily schedule with time blocks created by Day Optimizer helps keep you on track and focused on your priorities.


This product was recommended by Jane Flanagan from Tacuna Systems

Quickbooks is an accounting software that removes the hassle of accounting from your shoulders. This software is intuitive and highly functional. It also allows you to integrate other software for other tasks.

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