5 Ways To Get More Traffic From A Single Article

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2 years ago

When someone is starting an online business, it takes ages to search for the perfect keyword. It’s the only way you’ll find one that could rank on the first page, which will help drive traffic to your brand new site.

Please don’t think you’re finished once you find the ideal keyword. There are tricks you can use to send more visitors to your articles. Let’s focus on how to make every article on your site more profitable.

1. Add Lots Of Photos

It’s not just your words that show up in Google searches. Photos will show up in Google, so you need to add plenty to your articles if possible. Windows manufacturers in Canada would find it easy to add a few.

Someone could go around taking photos in the warehouse, or window fitters could take photos at customers’ homes. If you’re in a position to shoot your own, it’s more likely they’ll drive traffic to your site.

2. Interlinking Articles

If you have a blog post about Mississauga windows, it should be linked to other articles on your website. When you start interlinking, it will spread link juice around the site to increase your rankings.

Your articles targeting long-tail keywords should be linking directly to your money pages, plus one or two articles in the same category. It’s good to think about how you’ll link everything before hitting publish.

3. Focus On Competitors

Google always tells you what it wants inside your articles. It’s easy to look at the site currently sitting at the top of the first page. Firstly, it will tell you which type of article it wants to see.

For example, it could want a list post or how-to guide. You can also check if competitors have mentioned something you skipped in your article. Adding a few extra paragraphs at the end is only going to help.

4. People Also Ask Section

Look at the ‘People Also Ask’ section the next time you search a query into the Google search bar. If you keep clicking the links, more keywords will keep showing up. It’s Google saying these are related to your main keyword.

Try to sprinkle a few inside your article. It’s okay to put them at the end, in a question and answer section. You will notice your traffic numbers going up once you start ranking for these long-tail keywords.

5. Refreshing Your Content

You shouldn’t leave an article sitting forever, even if the content is evergreen. Google likes to put fresh content at the top of the first page. It’s good to go back now and again to update your article.

Add anything you’ve learned about the topic since you wrote it, check if there are any new keywords in the ‘People Also Ask’ section, and take another look at your competitors to see if you’re missing any vital information.

A Huge Boost In Traffic

You’ll see a nice increase in traffic once you start implementing these tips, but you’ll experience superior results once you’ve got enough articles on your site.

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