5 Ways An E-Scooter Startup Can Succeed

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2 years ago

Do you want to start a business selling or renting e-scooters but are unsure if it would be a good idea? If so, what measures should you take? No worries; we are here to help you make a decision.

Below are the five most significant ways to help your e-scooter startup succeed.

The Choice of Location

It’s time to move on to the facts and choose the ideal location for your e-scooter shop after you’ve worked on developing your business idea. You must choose a property close to a suitably busy road, even if the rent price is out of your budget range.

The most important thing is to select a really spacious room with a lot of open space to keep and store the different models of e-scooters on show to entice your customers. You must also have a reception area within the store where you may greet customers, followed by an office where you can complete the sale and handle the accounting (if you aim to sell some spare parts, even a small corner to hold some shelves with stocks).

To say that the area should be a certain number of square meters would be an understatement in this case; instead, determine if it has adequate capacity for your conception of an e-scooter shop.

For instance, make sure to require a considerably larger room if you want to have both a facility for selling motorcycles and your personal e-scooter workshop. Another option would be to designate a room section to sell e-scooter parts.

The Staff That Presents and Sells Your E-Scooters

Bear in mind that you can’t handle everything on your own. In fact, if you want to handle the sale part, you’ll need someone to handle customer service, bookkeeping, or administrative duties. Therefore, you should first have at least a few people to help you. You can decide whether to add more personnel as the company expands and the workload increases.

The Formalities and Accommodations

The painful point for each action is now reached: the bureaucratic procedure. In fact, you must first establish the company before a notary public and open a tax number with the relevant revenue agency. Then, you must finalize your position with the social security agencies and register your company with the chamber of trade.

The municipality to which you belong must next receive the declaration of the beginning of your business, together with a request for authorization to set up tables and signs and engage in other forms of self-promotion. Make sure the location meets expectations and, if required, make some renovations to make the place look more attractive.

The Cost and Upfront Investment

How much money would you need to invest initially to launch this kind of business? Given how many expenses must be included in the cost of operating the shop, from paying the location’s leasing charge to renovating it, advertising, and purchasing e-scooters to be sold, note that you will need a significant amount of money.

Then there is the monetary consideration, which includes taxes, electricity, salary, and INPS payments if you opt to employ staff. You must start with a minimum of 50,000 dollars and work your way up if you want to attempt to quantify.

Franchising as a Business Model

As an alternative, you can always choose a franchise if you’d rather run this business with support from someone else. In this scenario, you might be required to resell e-scooters of a particular brand to comply with the parent company’s demands, but from an economical and administrative standpoint, everything would be made easier for you.

In fact, the franchisor handles every aspect of the business, including teaching you and getting you ready for the actual sale. Overall, it might be a reasonable balance between success and savings.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, research and investigate all the e-scooter companies in your area and start contacting them.This is a cheaper option to start a business and will also save you a lot of time.

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