5 Things to Look for In Your Trailer Tracking Solution

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The primary objective of installing a trailer tracking solution in their trucks is the real-time monitoring of vehicles for their location and movements. It gives you clarity of the situation and peace of mind. You can communicate with drivers, manage the routes, and take prompt actions in response to any notification received. The tracking of trailers also minimizes the chances of inappropriate use, unwanted downtime, and risky driving. An efficient, GPS-enabled tracking device installed in your fleet will provide relevant and updated information. It enables you to make informed decisions towards maintaining productivity and cost-efficiency in operations.

Any business focuses on profitability which requires effective utilization of assets and resources. Trailer tracking solutions form an integral part of fleet management by providing various inputs that help make strategic and timely decisions towards achieving better efficiency. The tracking system gives a clear picture of overall logistics with real-time tracking of travel time, downtime, and delays. It helps to improve the utilization of assets and resources as per set standards. This information guides fleet managers to take suitable actions to improve fleet optimization and cost-efficiency.

Factors to consider when selecting the Best Trailer Tracking Solution

Trailer Tracking devices are available with multiple features. You should look at the basic parameters and features in the devices that satisfy your purpose. Here we have listed five things you should look for in your trailer tracking solutions.

Flexible Network Connectivity

The tracking devices work with a global positioning system on a cloud-based platform to collect and analyze information. It has two parts, one is the device which is the hardware part with the sensors, and the other is the software part. The two systems work in synchronization with the help of stable network connectivity and require compatibility with many devices to enable the software to function as expected. The system should operate with variable network speed and connectivity because the trailers move across various locations. The software should be compatible with iOS and Android operating systems to offer more flexibility in operation through a mobile device. The tool needs to provide a user-friendly interface to allow easy operations and no disruptions due to connectivity issues.

The Durability of the Device

The devices most suitable for trailers must have robust and durable structures to withstand adverse conditions like extreme weather, moisture, and dust. It must be tough and able to tolerate any climatic conditions, physical impact, or handling issues because trailers travel through variable geographical conditions. The device selection should consider weather resistance and over-the-air serviceability features. The device manufacturer must ensure that its internal components and GPS sensors are well-protected to work optimally even with exposure to water, heat, or dusty conditions. The tracking devices need to be water-proof and impact-resistant, making them most suitable for trailer tracking operations.

Battery Support

The devices must be powered with a good battery backup so that it is not gone out of charge suddenly. The trailers usually don’t have any charging facility or power sources to recharge the battery. So, the tool must have a long battery life, even up to a few years, to make it work independently without charging. Modern devices have in-built features, that allow generating low-battery alerts and help fleet managers take appropriate actions on time. It is one of the most significant features of trailer tracking devices. New products are being developed with longer battery life to improve reliability.

Alerts and Notifications

The GPS tracker installed in the vehicle gives the real-time location and the movement of the trailer that acts as security support. The design features must allow alerting if any deviations from specified norms are detected. You should be able to set up alert configuration as per your requirements, such as over-speeding, hard braking, sharp turning, and any other risky driving behaviors.

You can also get an alert if the truck deviates from the specified routes or zones so that you can take necessary measures to control its movement or prevent unauthorized access. It is a useful tool in detecting the position of lost or stolen vehicles. It would help manage and protect valuable assets during everyday operations by minimizing the chances of theft as it becomes easy to track and recover the vehicle. This monitoring system encourages truck drivers to avoid unsafe driving behaviors and wasteful idling.

Efficiency in Operations

The system must have the capacity to provide desired tracking solutions through GPS facilities that help to streamline fleet management operations. The GPS features in the tool must allow the managers to track the vehicle location, speed, mileage, and driving performance, helping them make informed decisions towards improving efficiency. Such information helps to determine the appropriate routes for individual vehicles. GPS tracking should provide a clear view of routes and locations through efficient mapping solutions. It also provides necessary feedback to identify the best-suited routes for trailers that save time and fuel by avoiding traffic congestion and disruptions. It also ensures better customer service and efficient fleet operations by reducing the time of vehicle movement and reaching the destination earlier.


A suitable tracking device for your trailers offers several benefits like controlling vehicles with reduced risks, improved utilization, and necessary safety compliance. A tracking system installed in automobiles can help achieve benefits in the long run like improving vehicle efficiency, profitability, and customer service. You need to select a device based on specific features that best suit your requirements. The most necessary quality that a tracker must possess is an effective and reliable navigation system with an accurate route tracking facility. It should have a long battery life as there may be constraints regarding the availability of a recharging facility.

Durability is another significant factor with impact resistance and water-proof features to withstand the unfavorable conditions of the outdoors. The compatibility with network devices and reliable software support is what you should look for before selecting the ideal product. Investing in a feature-rich, durable, user-friendly, and reliable tracking solution for your trailers will help you improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability in the long run. It is highly advisable to consider all such factors while selecting the tracking solution for your trailer.

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