5 Reasons Your Customer Isn’t Buying From Your Site (How To Solve It)

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3 years ago

You have designed a unique website with a large selection of products. You spend big bucks on SEO, AdWords, and social media campaigns. Yet, despite all these efforts, your eCommerce store is not getting expected sales or conversions.

There could be several reasons why your site fails to drive revenue and why your customer isn’t buying from your site. We have listed the most common ones, with the best possible solution for each of them.

Reason 1: You’re Expensive, or They Get a Better Pricing on Another Site

It’s evident that shoppers buy from your competitor who might be offering the same product at a lower price. Due to the widespread availability of the internet, it’s easy for people to compare prices and choose alternative retailers for buying a product.

According to a study, 36% of online buyers leave a site if they find the same product at a lower price elsewhere.

It’s not an ideal solution to drop your prices always to win customers. Instead, draw shoppers’ attention to the unique features and benefits of your products or services. Then, focus on providing excellent customer service that helps guide and convince your customers to buy the product from your site.

Moreover, do adequate research on your competitors and the market to understand products’ demand and the lowest price you can charge.

By choosing the right repricer and an expert competitor pricing service, you can maintain a competitive pricing position for your products and gain a real edge over the market.

Reason 2: Insufficient Product Details

Clear, relevant, and easy-to-read product details help shoppers make the right purchase decision. In addition, information on product pages helps users feel confident in a product’s suitability for their needs, which further improves their shopping experience. On the other, insufficient product information causes users to abandon the page or even the site itself.

Writing an impressive product description is possible if you have a good amount of data related to your products and potential customers.


You can consider an eCommerce service provider who can assist with product data management services to collect, clean, upload, and enrich your product data for better performance. In addition, these professionals can help with product catalog management, product data entry services, product writing, etc.

Reason 3: Your Checkout Process is Either Complex or Insecure

Data collected from 44 different studies, Baymard Institute concludes that the average eCommerce cart abandonment rate is 69.80%. And, the too long or too complicated, or insecure checkout process is one key reason behind this phenomenon.

Some simple solutions to ensure that shoppers complete the checkout process are:

  • Allow guest checkout
  • Minimum fields to fill out
  • Enable them to hit a “back” button as needed

For this purpose, you need a robust eStore Development solution that can help integrate an efficient and secure payment gateway system.

Reason 4: Poor Customer Service

A recent survey conducted by HubSpot reveals that 90% of customers rate immediate response as “important” or “very important.”


Buyers don’t like long waiting times, inconvenience, and unfulfilling answers to their questions. So, to make sure people buy from your site, you need to integrate robust customer service solutions to your site.

Though intelligent chatbots and digital assistants help, nothing can replace human touch or human voice. Engage your potential shoppers with real-time responses from skilled agents for chat support, email support, and call center services.

Not only will this free your workload up, but it also reinforces the customer service capabilities of your business. So, consider outsourcing your customer support to skilled and experienced professionals.

Reason 5: No Customer Reviews and Feedback

According to the Local Consumer Review Survey 2020 conducted by BrightLocal, 87% of online shoppers read and trust online reviews before buying.

Customer reviews and feedback enhance the credibility factors of your online store. These trust signals help shoppers make an informed purchasing decision but also helps drive traffic and boost conversions. What’s more, every review feeds a search engine algorithm, thus helping your business climb the ranking.

Because of all this, a proactive review management workflow is critical to your eCommerce business. You need to create a robust and success-oriented review strategy for your business. You can hire a virtual assistant for an eCommerce store that specializes in review management. They help monitor, analyze, respond to, and generate positive reviews across multiple relevant platforms.


Fortunately, you can choose a full-service eCommerce agency for all your backend business activities. They offer excellent eCommerce support and a wide variety of eCommerce management services at affordable prices.

At Vserve, we offer services like product data management, eStore development, data intelligence, digital marketing, customer support, and more. All in all, we ensure to increase your site traffic, convert your customers and bring revenue to your business. For more information about our services, you can contact us today to stay organized and profitable.

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