5 Reasons Why Your Office Should Have a Games Room

5 Reasons Why Your Office Should Have a Games Room
2 years ago

An office gives employees what they need to complete their duties. Yet, while they may have all of the tools at their disposal, they need to be in the right head-space to do so.

An overextended employee will produce sub-par work and place a burden on your business. And yet, this is a burden of your own making. This is why it is so essential to pay attention to burnout and do what you can to prevent it.

The perfect modern solution is to include a games room in your office. It may seem like an expensive investment, and perhaps even a distraction to your employees, but a games room provides many benefits that greatly outweigh its drawbacks. Here’s some top reasons why your office should set up a games room.

Reduces Stress Levels

Likely one of the most prominent issues you face as a business is employee burnout. Excessive workloads and tight deadlines lead to high levels of stress, which you need to control. An easy way to do this is to offset the work with a little play.

Games rooms offer a multitude of games to meet the needs of any fatigued worker. Just a 10-minute break away from glaring screens will help uplift employees and reinvigorate them to tackle their workload. This 10-minute loss is more than paid back in their resulting output, which is higher quality.

Helps Build Stronger Teams

All employers dream of a completely cohesive team that works flawlessly. Yet the reality is often the opposite. Teamwork may be dysfunctional in small teams, let alone between departments.

Games are competitive and multiplayer. As such, they naturally build new relationships and strengthen existing ones. Learning more about colleagues helps people understand what drives them and how to better accommodate them in the workplace.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of team building here, is the new relationships between individuals in separate departments. Such people, who perhaps would have never otherwise met, become very familiar with one another. This helps them learn more about each other’s role in the company, thereby encouraging them to reach out in instances where they may be able to assist.

Improves Fitness

Not all games in your games room will enhance physical fitness, but at least a few should. Two we recommend are foosball and table tennis. Table tennis burns as many calories as a quick walk, which helps keep your employees in shape.

We recommend investing in only the best ping pong tables as these are made from high-quality materials and are built to last. The last thing you want is a damaged ping pong table that needs replacing in a couple of years.

Improves Public Image

Games rooms not only enhance the well-being of existing employees, but also act as a strong selling point to potential new applicants.

The presence of a games room shows that you are running a progressive company that cares about its employees. As a result, keen job-seekers will flock to your vacancy adverts. Simply put, interest from applicants will likely inundate you, giving you free rein to pick the best of the bunch.

Provides a Mental Workout

While games provide a much-needed reset for employees to momentarily unwind and find their fire again, games do in fact still challenge their mental abilities. Nearly all games, to some extent, push players to think strategically to overcome their opponents.

Take table tennis. It is hailed as the “world’s best brain sport” by brain imaging expert Daniel G. Amen. This is because it is a complex sport where your brain is always analyzing the states of play, both during and in-between points.

And then there are board games where the mental requirement is a little more apparent. Games such as chess and checkers require a great deal of foresight which really stretches your brain’s capabilities. Over in tech startup Food Panda’s HQ in Singapore, there are even automated mahjong tables in the meeting rooms that provides employees with an opportunity to bond post work over a game of mahjong or board games, or simply utilise these dual purposes tables as their casual meeting spot.


Games rooms are highly sought after additions, see best pool table reviews, to the office that will significantly improve the performance and well-being of existing employees. And almost as important, they will make positions at your company far more desirable.

Such benefits more than pay back the initial investment of establishing a games room.

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