5 Lesser-Known Business Benefits of Unified Communications

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2 years ago

Nowadays, when we think of business communications, we naturally jump to phones and email correspondence. If you are a business person, you need to utilise different communications to keep in contact with clients, investors, third-parties and fellow employees. That’s why unified communications are so helpful! They basically streamline everything into one. Here are five lesser-known benefits of using unified communications that you should know about.

1. Optimised processes

Right now, you may have certain communication channels in place to speak with clients and customers. The more communication tools you use, the more likely it is that things may end up getting overly-complicated. When you use unified communications, your channels will be simplified into one interface. This means you can work together on different channels without feeling lost or confused. Horizon Collaborate is a great tool to get started with. Learn more by visiting https://www.gamma.co.uk/products/horizon-collaborate-unified-communications/.

2. AI-efficiency

Did you know that AI can actually be used in tandem with unified communications? AI can be fully automated with unified communications to make daily tasks a lot easier to undertake. The AI can handle all of the simple tasks whilst your employees can work on more complicated tasks. This can make them far more productive whilst retaining active communications with clients and third parties.

3. Remote working

Another business benefit of unified communications is that it can actively promote remote working. Not only can unified communications allow for calls to be taken from anywhere in the world, but the streamlined platform can be accessed by other employees who need to collaborate on different documents. This makes the working experience more flexible, and it can also allow you to provide your employees with more freedom both in and out of the office.

4. Cost-effectiveness

One of the best things about unified communications is that you can save money whilst using it. For a normal phone system, you will be making calls over a landline. However, for unified communications, you will be using an internet connection. Therefore, this means you can avoid specific fees for a fixed-line service. You can also use video conferencing and virtual meetings to communicate more effectively and avoid phone expenses.

5. Customer service improvements

Unified communications don’t just involve you speaking to customers over the phone. What makes them so useful is that they empower your workforce to speak to clients through a variety of tools. CRM (customer relationship management) software can be integrated into your unified communications. This means the employee can see all of the data and information they need to know about clients. Whether they speak to the customer through text, instant message, voice or video call, they will be able to get to a resolution faster and help more people in the process.

Final thoughts: Are you ready to use unified communications?

Unified communications can be extremely useful for businesses looking to save money and become more efficient with their processes. The more you utilise unified communications, the easier it will be to speak to those who matter most. So, make sure to purchase your own system as soon as possible!

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