5 Best UK Payment Gateway Solutions For Small Businesses 2021

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4 years ago

Payment gateway solutions are necessary to authorize and direct card payments. Although they usually take a cut of the transaction, they are essential if your website includes transactions, especially if you are looking for a super simple payment solution.

We’ve got together the best payment gateway options for your businesses, focusing on their encryption capabilities, their accessibility and cost, all tailored to the UK market.
You’re bound to find something that fits your priorities if you check the list below!

#1 CoinCorner Checkout

CoinCorner Checkout
Who suggested this product?
The CoinCorner Checkout was recommended by Molly Spiers from CoinCorner. You can find out more about Molly Spiers here or read their product recommendation below.

CoinCorner Checkout is a new service from CoinCorner that allows UK businesses to accept Bitcoin payments. Merchants receive payouts in GBP (via UK Faster Payments) so there’s no exposure to the Bitcoin price – no price volatility, no risk, no worry! Supported plugins include – WooCommerce, Magento, Opencart, osCommerce, PrestaShop.

#2 BrainTreePayments

Who suggested this product?
The BrainTreePayments was recommended by David White from Best Response Media. You can find out more about David White here or read their product recommendation below.

When you run a small business, you can’t afford losing clients on the last step of the online purchase – the payment. It is also the step where buyers are most cautious. They will abandon the purchase if they see something unusual or can’t pay the way they are used to.

So, when it comes to the payment gateway, play it safe.

I would recommend Braintree, as it can easily be integrated to all significant e-com platforms, and it covers all forms of payment: Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay and all standard debit and credit cards.

#3 Stripe

Who suggested this product?
The Stripe was recommended by Supratim Dam from CallPage. You can find out more about Supratim Dam here or read their product recommendation below.

If you’re a small business, that operates both globally and locally, with a finite amount of resources, Stripe should be your go-to platform for payment solutions. Stripe is the new standard in online payments, as their website describes. It works like a charm out of the box, and you can get up and running with all the setup in a matter of minutes.

Their tool comes with top-notch features, and they continue to add exciting technologies to make receiving and making payments a breeze. A recent independent study shows that, on average, businesses using Stripe attribute a 6.7% increase in revenue to the Stripe platform. They have no setup or monthly fees, and you pay only what you use for.

#4 Adyen

Who suggested this product?
The Adyen was recommended by Ian Wright from Merchant Machine. You can find out more about Ian Wright here or read their product recommendation below.

Adyen’s payment gateway solution is probably one of the most comprehensive out there, although not the best know. They offer a range of services, which can grow along with your business. Everything from basic online payments to recurring billing to integration with other sales channels such as in-person or over the phone. Worth a look if you want options beyond Paypal or Stripe.

#5 PayFlow Pro

PayFlow Pro
Who suggested this product?
The PayFlow Pro was recommended by Shayne Sherman from TechLoris. You can find out more about Shayne Sherman here or read their product recommendation below.

It can be daunting when choosing a payment gateway. Going from deciding to take payments to actually taking them is a pretty large set of steps.

PayFlow Pro, from PayPal, is a great choice for those starting up. It’s well documented, easy to implement, and well supported which is necessary for any gateway these days.

Who contributed to this article?

Molly Spiers from CoinCorner

David White from Best Response Media

Supratim Dam from CallPage

Ian Wright from Merchant Machine

Shayne Sherman from TechLoris

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