4 Ways Data Centers Are Evolving in 2024

An all-white room with large floor tiles with four rows of white server racks full of electronic equipment.
1 month ago

Data centers are constantly evolving to meet rising demand and evolving technological needs. Whether you’re a data center owner or an IT professional who works with data centers, understanding the current trends and changes in data centers can provide valuable insight into the state of technology today. In this blog, we’ll examine four ways data centers are evolving in 2024.

Changing Data Rack Size

One noticeable evolution in data centers is the changing size of data racks. Historically, the most popular data racks typically measured 42U or 45U in height. In 2024, data centers are shifting toward taller racks measuring 48U or 52U. This shift is driven by the need to maximize vertical space and accommodate higher-density computing equipment and more customers. Taller racks offer the scalability data centers need as demand increases and equipment needs grow.

White Server Racks

Though black server racks have been common in data centers for years, more and more data centers are opting for white cabinets. The choice is not driven by aesthetic trends, but rather the other benefits white racks offer. White racks reflect light, leading to better visibility for IT professionals working in and around the racks and improved cooling and efficiency within the data center itself. As an added benefit, white racks improve the appearance of data centers, making them seem larger and more open than those with darker racks.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic across the IT world, and data centers are no exception. Data centers leverage AI-powered analytics, machine learning algorithms, and automation tools to optimize resource allocation, improve energy efficiency, predict equipment failures, and enhance security monitoring. AI is a key example of how data centers adapt their procedures and systems according to new technological breakthroughs. As AI continues to develop, we may see even more changes within data centers as AI is integrated into more routine tasks and management procedures.

Focus on Cybersecurity

With cyber threats becoming more frequent and more sophisticated, many data centers are heavily prioritizing cybersecurity in 2024. This includes implementing robust security protocols to safeguard sensitive data and infrastructure. Data centers also create defense and recovery plans to reduce downtime during cyber threats and attacks.

Data centers are constantly evolving. Maximizing rack size, changing color options, usage of AI, and a focus on cybersecurity are just four ways data centers are evolving in 2024, with more changes occurring daily. As available technology and demands change throughout the year, so will the ways in which data centers store and protect their data.

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