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Commercial security systems are not something to overlook. We’ve taken our time with researching for the best options for commercial use. 

We found that reliability, security features and accessibility was important to commercial usage. Based on these parameters and customer reviews, we’ve assembled this list of 4 systems that have got you covered in the basics.

Whether you’ll want to prioritize features over cost and other personal preferences, we will leave that to you. The point is – you can’t really go wrong with the best of the best.

Best Commercial Security System

CANARY (CAN100USBK) All-in-One Indoor 1080p HD Security Camera

Kenny Trinh from Netbooknews:

The Canary home security device is the all- in – one indoor and outdoor HD security camera. It is named so as it is a camera bundled with incredible functionality. It has a built-in siren with a climate monitor and an air quality alert. This device works best with Alexa. The Canary security camera is waterproof, weatherproof with an operating temperature of approximately -20°C to 50°C. It comes loaded with an array of unique features that guarantee to offer the most vigilant and top-notch quality home security services.

Google Nest Secure Alarm

Jennifer Willy Editor from Etia:

Nest has the best: glorious 1080p cameras that you can point right at the cash register. The rest of Nest’s security equipment is high-quality, if not particularly ground-breaking, so we’re really recommending the security cameras here.

ADT Monitored Smart Security System

Jennifer Willy Editor from Etia:

ADT lets you create unique codes for each person who uses your alarm system, and it sends you mobile alerts when someone arms or disarms your system. It also offers more advanced access options like permission-based access (so no one gets in that filing room that shouldn’t) and card-based access.

Vivint Business Security Systems

Jennifer Willy Editor from Etia:

Vivint works best for home-based businesses thanks to its many home automation features that complement its high-quality security system. Some of those features make your home (and business) more secure, like smart door locks, a remote garage door controller, and a doorbell camera.

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