3 Tips for Safety in the Foundry

3 Tips for Safety in the Foundry
4 years ago

Many things can go wrong within the foundry that can cause serious injury or even death. Consequently, ensuring the safety of workers is priority number one while working in a foundry. These tips for safety in the foundry are the foundations of a safe work environment and can help make sure that everyone goes home safe.

Invest in Quality Equipment

Before taking care of your equipment, make sure that it is worth taking care of. Don’t spend money on cheaper and lower-quality protective equipment and tools. It will inevitably cost more to replace them, and the risk to workers is too high if you rely on cheap and faulty gear.

Investing in proper protective wear that leaves no exposed skin should be a requirement in the foundry. Equipment such as leather boots, fireproof aprons, and safety goggles will go a long way toward ensuring safety in the foundry and lower the possibility of accidents.

Know Your Equipment, Know Your Materials

Inspect your equipment before and after a day of use to make sure it is still in good condition. Whether it be burners, tongs, furnaces, or fuel lines, any faulty equipment along the way can mean disaster for everyone involved. Making sure you have the correct washers for the appropriate tools is also crucial for equipment upkeep and worker safety.

The same is true for the materials that you use. Different metals have different characteristics, and some of them, such as mercury and lead, can pose serious health risks. Knowing what you’re working with will help you better prepare to protect yourself.

Be Ready for Fires

By the nature of the work, the risk of fire is always right around the corner. When these situations occur, be calm and prepared. If metal spills, a quick response is necessary to ensure worker safety and stop the spread.

Always keep a supply of dry sand and a shovel at the ready for these occasions. Sometimes, a fire extinguisher is not enough to put out the fire, and water may cause more damage to equipment. The sand will smother and kill the flames before they have a chance to spread.

The foundry can be a very dangerous place to work. But working with the proper equipment and following the right protocols to answer immediate hazards will do much to make it safer.

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