3 Good Cyber Security Insurance Options For Small Business

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4 years ago

Cyber Security is crucial to all businesses big or small, so don’t get caught out. Here are 3 recommended options that all small businesses should consider when searching for the right policy for them. 

AIG Cybersecurity Insurance Option

This product was recommended by John Stevenson from Top VPN Canada

When it comes to cybersecurity insurance, I recommend American International Group, whose base product CyberEdge not only caters to tech but almost all other industries as well. The insurance offered by their CyberEdge product covers costs related to breaches including financial costs to third parties, as well as cyber or privacy extortion, First- and Third-Party damages.

AIG also offers extra coverage to its customers through CyberEdge PC, a service provided in partnership with tech giant, IBM.


This product was recommended by James Goepel from FathomCyber

There isn’t one best cyber insurance for small business. Each business has different risks that need to be defined and understood, along with the company’s tolerance for those risks, before a policy is chosen so they can ensure proper coverage of those risks. I see this all the time – companies buying the “best” cyber insurance only to find that, when they are breached, they don’t have coverage. And if their insurance agent tries to sell them a generic policy, it is time to find another agent.

Cowbell Prime 100

This product was recommended by Isabelle Dumont from Cowbell Cyber

Cyber insurance no longer has to be a lengthy and paper-based process. Cowbell Cyber Prime 100 provides standalone, admitted cyber insurance coverage to small and mid-size businesses and is distributed through a network of independent agencies with agents able to issue standalone, tailored coverage policies in less than 5 minutes.

In its unique approach to risk selection and pricing, Cowbell’s continuous underwriting platform, powered by Cowbell Factors(tm), compresses the once complicated insurance process.. Cowbell Prime 100 removes unnecessary friction in the quote and bind process for agents, enabling them to deliver SMBs continuous risk rating and full transparency on the details of the coverage. Cowbell Insurance Agency is currently licensed in 15 U.S. states and provides SMBs with up to $5 Million of cyber coverage.

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