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Are you wanting to learn more about weight ? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best weight podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, tweet us @MagazineWelp and we will check it out! You can also check out this great guide for more information.

Best Weight Podcasts 2021

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Weight Loss for Busy Physicians

  • Publisher: Katrina Ubell
  • Total Episodes: 244

Are you a busy physician who wants to lose weight permanently so you can have the life you want? This podcast is the resource you’ve been looking for. I’ll guide you on the journey to overcome stress eating, exhaustion, and overwhelm – and move into freedom around food. Each week, this podcast brings you specific tools and resources to meet the challenges busy doctors face. Your time is valuable – and so is your wellbeing. We’ll help you find the time to care for yourself as well as you care for your patients. -Learn new ways of thinking that make good eating decisions automatic and result in permanent, effortless weight loss. -Find out how to gain the time and energy to take care of yourself the way you tell your patients to! -We’ll show you how to stop overeating and using food to deal with stress and exhaustion. -You’ll learn to improve your relationships and to better deal with the difficult people in your life so you don’t need food to cope. -This can be the best stage of your life yet – just like you thought it would be when you started your training. -And most importantly, feel better in all aspects of your life without anything or anyone else having to change. Your host, Dr. Katrina Ubell, is a board-certified pediatrician and a certified life and weight loss coach. After completing her pediatric residency at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Dr. Ubell worked in a private pediatric practice for 10 years before retiring from her practice to become a life and weight loss coach for busy physicians. Dr. Ubell lost 45 pounds in 12 months without any surgery, pills, or unhealthy crash diets. You can find out more about Dr. Ubell and her work at www.katrinaubellmd.com.

Rebel Weight Loss & Lifestyle

  • Publisher: Cristy Code Red Nickel
  • Total Episodes: 112

Cristy “Code Red” Nickel, author of “The Code Red Revolution,” is a speaker, #2 world-ranked boxer (retired), celebrity nutritionist, award-winning personal trainer, and elite-level athlete. In this podcast, I am going to share everything I’ve learned over the past 25 years in the health and fitness industry. I’m going to leverage my experiences as a professional boxer, NPC Figure competitor, MTV MADE Coach and celebrity trainer to share only the best and most effective tactics to ensure you achieve all your health and lifestyle goals in record time. Be sure to check the website to learn more about how you can join the Code Red Revolution. www.CodeRedLifestyle.com

Weight Loss Success

  • Publisher: Natalie Brown
  • Total Episodes: 65

Are you a successful woman who feels like you have everything together but your weight? You’re not alone. You may think that what you need is the right meal plan, or a new gym membership. But the real solution to lasting weight loss is not just changing what you do, but understanding and changing WHY you do it. That’s what your host, Master Certified Weight Loss Coach Natalie Brown learned firsthand after struggling with her own weight for years. Now, Natalie provides powerful coaching and useful exercises in bite-sized weekly episodes. Join us, and learn more about losing weight for the last time at itbeginswithathought.com.

Logical Weight Loss

  • Publisher: Dave Jackson
  • Total Episodes: 394

Join Dave Jackson and he shares insights into geeky weight loss gadgets, insightful articles, and success stories on losing weight, feeling better, and living healthier. He’s also pretty darn funny.

Cut The Fat Weight Loss Podcast

  • Publisher: Ray Hinish And Blythe Wagner
  • Total Episodes: 126

Cut The Fat Podcast is dedicated to helping you achieve your weight loss goals using science-based tactics and strategies. It’s our mission to help people navigate the often times complex and conflicting information surrounding fitness, weight loss, and health. Besides helping people to achieve their weight-loss goals we also want to help people achieve that goal without having to resort to guilt as a mechanism for motivating yourself to achieve it. In addition, it’s not enough that we just achieve weight loss. We also want to help people live a healthier and more energetic life. If you have starting your journey of losing weight and getting fit and need some weight loss motivation, this podcast will deliver on that promise. Aside from advice on diet, exercise, and lifestyle, we also spend a lot of time discussing motivation and mindset around losing weight and building fitness permanently into your life.

Weight Solutions for Physicians

  • Publisher: Dr. Siobhan Key, MD
  • Total Episodes: 130

Produced by a physician for physicians, this podcast will help you identify and address all of the underlying causes of extra weight and overeating. Siobhan Key is a Weight Loss Coach for physicians and an Obesity Medicine Physician with years of experience. If you struggle with knowing what to do but also how to do it consistently, then you are in the right place! Together we will dive into all topics that impact eating and weight. By truly understanding your weight at this level, you can change behaviours and lose the weight without relying on willpower. Join Siobhan weekly to build your personal solution to your weight challenges. Need more help? Download the amazing “Time Saving Tips to End Binge & Stress Eating” Free mini-course at https://www.weightsolutionsforphysicians.ca/timesavingtips

Real Life Weight Loss

  • Publisher: Corey Little
  • Total Episodes: 128

Welcome to the Real Life Weight Loss Podcast where we cut through the confusion and get down to the truth – down to what really works for REAL people when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off. We’re diving into the most doable, sustainable weight loss strategies. This podcast is all about busy moms, dads, husbands, wives who are working, raising kids, and trying to juggle everything life’s throwing at them … but also want to be the best they can for their family and friends and loved ones. I’m your host Corey Little, a nutritionist and weight loss specialist with 2 degrees, 3 certifications, and 20 years of experience. I’ve been a champion bodybuilder with 3% body-fat and I’ve also pigged out at all-you-can-eat buffets and have a deep love of food and enjoying life like crazy! So, I’m not some Nutrition Nazi. I’m a real person just like you who loves the good things in life – friends, family, and all the delicious food that comes with it. So, make no mistake – this podcast is NOT about how to get six-pack abs or how to drop as much weight as possible in 8 weeks. There’s more to life than abs and there’s more to your body than how much you weigh. Honestly, weight loss is not really about losing weight … it’s about gaining life! Doing things you never thought you could. Having renewed confidence. And enjoying your body and your health more than ever. Week by week, I’ll provide bite-sized guidance – 15 to 20 minute episodes that pull back the curtain and reveal the truth about what it takes to lose weight and gain life – what strategy and approach real people are using to get results without giving up their day-to-day life. And here’s the really cool part … It’s really not as hard or confusing as you might think. Changing your body, getting crazy healthy, and demanding success from life is do-able for everyone – and it can be fun – and I’ll show you how.

The Weight Loss Podcast

  • Publisher: Matt Wolfs, Courtney Ley
  • Total Episodes: 150

The Weight Loss Podcast is a podcast focused on helping you lose the weight and never find it again in a realistic, sustainable and healthy way. Hosts Matt Wolfs and Courtney Ley are a married couple who together have lost a combined 105kg/230lbs between them. They’ll share their own inspirational stories of weight loss and the mindset struggles behind it, as well as interview real people just like you who will share their own stories of struggle and success. Along with tips, tools, resources and support to help you achieve your own goals, you’ll get your questions answered in our regular email segment! If you’ve just started your weight loss journey, are well on your way through it or are maintaining your success and are looking to connect with like-minded people, this show is for you. Matt and Courtney bring their own individual perspectives from a male and female point of view and aren’t afraid to voice their opinions with each other so you can guarantee this show will be raw, real and relatable!

The Other Side of Weight Loss

  • Publisher: Karen Martel: expert in women’s hormone health and weight loss.
  • Total Episodes: 170

Do you want to know the TRUTH about what it really takes to lose weight? If the answers YES then TUNE in and get ready to talk about The Other Side of Weight Loss! This podcast is for women who are ready to go beyond diet and exercise and want to discover how to balance their hormones’ and find their weight loss code! Karen Martel is a Certified Hormone Specialist & Transformational Nutrition Coach, and weight loss expert. After struggling with her own health issues, Karen was determined to bring her knowledge to others with a bold new approach to women’s health and weight management. Karen’s passion lies in helping women breakthrough weight loss resistance and find their personal weight loss code through nutrition and hormone optimization. You can find Karen at https://karenmartel.com

Correct Weight

  • Publisher: RSN – Correct Weight
  • Total Episodes: 1223

Warren Huntly leads the most comprehensive review of Saturday’s racing and is joined by the winning trainers and jockeys and from 9, leading Form Analysts, Deane Lester and Brendan Delaney.

Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss

  • Publisher: Leslie M. Thornton
  • Total Episodes: 58

As a Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss Coach, I know how hard constantly dieting and exercising can be. That’s why I’m giving you my top tips and tactics for getting free from the traditional diet mentality. Whether you’ve just started your journey to self-awareness, or you’re already established and looking for new ways to let go of your anxieties and stress around food, you’ve come to the right place!

Taste for Truth – Weight Loss Encouragement

  • Publisher: Barb Raveling
  • Total Episodes: 82

Join us on the Taste for Truth Podcast as we go to God for help with weight loss. We’ll have victory interviews, coaching interviews, author interviews, tips, and even opportunities to renew your mind while you’re listening to the podcast. My goal is to encourage you and equip you to break free from the control of food with God’s help.

The Weight Room

  • Publisher: Daniel Volz
  • Total Episodes: 75

We cover pretty much everything health, wellness, fitness, and diet and nutrition. We are fitness pro’s sharing our experiences and knowledge to help you along your journey. We also have guests with a broad range of health and fitness backgrounds to share their knowledge and experience! Our mission is to inform, learn, grow, and help YOU in your personal health and fitness journey! Get ready for some awesome conversation, crazy fun facts, and amazing guests- SUBSCRIBE and see you on the inside!

Weight Loss Nation

  • Publisher: Diane Daniels
  • Total Episodes: 101

Weight Loss Nation is the one place to find the tools you need to live a long-term healthy lifestyle. The one location for online support, guidance, recipes and video demonstrations to assist you in cooking simple and healthy meals. We have Mentors from the health & wellness industry ready to guide you on your journey. Weight Loss Nation also has the 90 Day Challenge, where ten individuals are chosen to compete against each other for 12 weeks. During those 12 weeks, contestants will be placed on a team and guided by a coach to help them reach their personal goals, while learning to live a healthy lifestyle. At the end of the 90 Day Challenge, the one individual, who has accumulated the most points by meeting certain criteria, will be named the “winner.” The winner will receive a 7 Day Cruise for two on Carnival Cruise Line. Go to www.TheWeightLossNation.com for contest rules and terms & conditions.

Weight Loss for Food-Lovers

  • Publisher: Molly Zemek
  • Total Episodes: 70

Tactical advice for food-lovers who want to lose weight and stop overeating without counting calories or over-exercising. Hosted by weight loss coach Molly Zemek, who used to be an executive chef, and lost 30 pounds by simply changing her mindset around food.

Waist Away: The Intermittent Fasting & Weight Loss Podcast

  • Publisher: Chantel Ray
  • Total Episodes: 404

An Inspirational Approach to Intermittent Fasting and Losing Weight!!

The Weight Loss Shift Podcast

  • Publisher: Lauren Koski
  • Total Episodes: 56

The Weight Loss Shift is the go to podcast for women who want to reach and maintain their ideal weight without dieting or being obsessed with food. Host Lauren Koski is a certified health and nutrition coach here to call out all the BS in the diet industry and teach what actually works to create long term, sustainable weight loss on your own terms! Lauren also created a free class to go along with the podcast and saved you a seat here: http://www.lauren-koski.com/freeclass

Losing Weight with Fasting & Mindful Eating.

  • Publisher: Monika Banach
  • Total Episodes: 31

Have you struggled with losing weight? Yo-yo dieting? Binge Eating? Blaming yourself? No accountability? If so, you have come to the right place. Along with Fasting and Mindful Eating, I can help you overcome these types of struggles. I did it, so can YOU! I can serenade you with my accent and make you believe that you CAN lose weight and keep it off; that you are Enough; that you are WORTHY! Any extra weight that you are carrying does NOT define you, so don’t let it! You will learn how to love and respect yourself again. IG: fit.fat.hotaf Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/monikab/support

The Fasting Podcast; WOW (Wellness & Optimal Weight)

  • Publisher: Julie Phillips, CNHP
  • Total Episodes: 106

The Fasting Podcast WOW (Wellness & Optimal Weight). The host is Julie Phillips, Certified Natural Health Professional for 2 decades. In these weekly episodes, you will discover simplified approaches, little known facts, insights from the wellness coach perspective, valuable tips, and amazing wellness tools and technologies. Visit www.TheFastingPodcastWOW.com where you will find our slides, previous episodes, our contact info, & any tools & technologies that we endorse. Also you will find a 28-min video featuring Julie and 2 expert doctors explaining our Wellness & Optimal Weight (WOW) program – which is beneficial for everyone.

Weight Loss for Foodies podcast | Ditch the Diet and Lose Weight with Shari Broder | Life Coach School certified

  • Publisher: Shari Broder: Weight Loss Coach for Foodies: Certified Life Coach: End Emot
  • Total Episodes: 106

Are you ready to shed your excess weight AND your struggle with food and eating without diets and deprivation? This podcast is for foodies who have tried just about every diet there is and are afraid they love food too much to lose weight. You’ll learn how to eat the way naturally thin people do so you can enjoy the foods you love while losing your desire to overeat along with your excess weight. We focus on skills for ending emotional eating and learning how to eat mindfully and in tune with your body’s signals and needs. Ditch the diet and join Shari Broder on what can be your final weight loss journey and lose the weight for good. Hop on the path and subscribe now. Learn more at ShariBroder.com/podcast-2

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