20 Best tour guide Podcasts of 2021

3 years ago

Are you wanting to learn more about tour guide ? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best tour guide podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, tweet us @MagazineWelp and we will check it out!

Best tour guide Podcasts 2021

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VisitScotland presents Tour Guide Tales

  • Publisher: VisitScotland
  • Total Episodes: 10

Welcome to Tour Guide Tales, an exciting and fascinating new podcast brought to you by VisitScotland. Each week, Grant Stott hears the eclectic and often incredibly rich history found only in Scotland from those who know and tell it best – the country’s captivating tour guides. From locations used to film the hit TV series Outlander to the National Wallace Monument, join us each week to hear expert guides and born storytellers recount their enthralling tales and personal experiences, just for us. Now, if you’ll follow this way, let’s move on and have a listen…

Dont miss the bus: Tour Guide Travel Podcast

  • Publisher: Rory and Mark
  • Total Episodes: 14

Come on a journey around the world with two Irish-Australian Teachers turned Tour Guides. Over 100 countries in 15 years these lads have backpacked and guided every corner of the planet. They will focus on one country each episode explaining the must do’s, the tourist trap’s and the hidden melons through unique, bizarre and often eccentric travel stories. Jump on board and enjoy the ride!

Tour Guide Confidential

  • Publisher: Dr. Eyal Dujovny
  • Total Episodes: 16

Tour Guides tell the best stories and Tour Guide Confidential provides the showcase for Tour Guides to talk about this endlessly fascinating profession. Join us for interviews with some of the top-tier tour guides to hear about their unforgettable guiding experiences while learning about best practices from truly creative colleagues. Last, but not least, if you’ve ever wondered about what happens behind-the-scenes on a tour, listen in to Tour Guide Confidential where every week we will explore and discuss the challenges of working in the tourism industry and uncover some of its more opaque practices.

Sawbones: A Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine

  • Publisher: Justin McElroy, Dr. Sydnee McElroy
  • Total Episodes: 366

Join Dr. Sydnee McElroy and her husband Justin McElroy for a tour of all the dumb, bad, gross, weird and wrong ways we’ve tried to fix people.

Tour Guide Tell All

  • Publisher: DC by Foot
  • Total Episodes: 86

Professional Tour Guides in Washington DC share the true and sometimes scandalous stories from history, DC travel tips and hacks, hidden gems and hilarious stories of what we’ve heard on tours. Support our Pod: https://www.patreon.com/tourguidetellall

Ms. Ileane Speaks | Your Digital Media Tour Guide

  • Publisher: Ileane Smith
  • Total Episodes: 57

Discover ways to build a better blog with blogging tips, social media, email marketing, video and podcasting. Promote and market your blog or small business and connect to the people that really matter.

Traveling Troubadour: A Musician’s Guide to Touring Europe as a Cover Artist

  • Publisher: Jason Perno
  • Total Episodes: 7

Join our live podcast to learn all about touring Europe as a cover artist. Many do not realize it but in Europe, there is a well-established network built just for musicians (a.k.a. troubadours) that differs significantly from the circuits used by original acts. This channel is dedicated to musicians who yearn to travel and make a decent living playing the music everyone already knows and loves.

Be a Better Guide Podcast – Tourism Training, Hospitality and Travel Business Success

  • Publisher: Kelsey Tonner: Award-winning Tour Guide Trainer, Tourism Consultant and Travel Business Coach
  • Total Episodes: 35

Kelsey Tonner is an experienced, global tour guide and founder of the Be a Better Guide Project, a movement that brings together tour guides and tour operators from around the world to learn from one another. His mission is to help anyone, anywhere, create extraordinary experiences for travellers. In this podcast we’ll look at best practices for tour guides, travel businesses, activity operators and Destination Management Companies. Whether you’re a freelance guide, a travel business owner, a tour operator, a travel agent, a lodge, a hotelier or a tour guide trainer, the Be a Better Guide podcast will offer simple, actionable advice for increasing your bookings and building a successful tourism brand. Find show notes, links and and VIP resources at http://www.beabetterguide.com/podcast

Dark Side Tour Guides

  • Publisher: Dark Side Tour Guides
  • Total Episodes: 34

Welcome to the Dark Side! Each week we take you on a tour of the darker side of a new city, covering the history and lore, the supernatural, and true crime. We’ll also introduce you to a new meal and drink pairing with each city. Disclaimer: This podcast includes mature language and content, and is not recommended for children. Listener discretion is advised.

DHS Plants Guided Tour

  • Publisher: Peevyhouse
  • Total Episodes: 45

This Podcast is a guided audio tour of the plants on the DHS campus. You will use it to complete the study packet for your project. Have you ever wondered what the plants are in your yard? Your neighborhood? Here is your opportunity to gain a better understanding and appreciation of the living world around you. The information is copyrighted for use in my classes. Not for distribution or any other use.

Self-Guided Walking Tour of Harvard Yard

  • Publisher: Harvard Information Center
  • Total Episodes: 31

Self-Guided Walking Tour of Harvard Yard

Actual Education Interactive Guided Tours History Podcast

  • Publisher: Actual Education Ltd
  • Total Episodes: 10

Explore some of the most fascinating moments in the history of Edinburgh, York, Chester and other places in this new podcast!

Tour Guide

  • Publisher: Mitzi Mcallum
  • Total Episodes: 3


Tour Guide Tales

  • Publisher: @TourGuideTalesPodcast
  • Total Episodes: 7

Curious to hear about the madness of tour guiding from behind-the-scenes? Here’s your chance! We’ll be interviewing guides on our global travels to hear some of their most entertaining tales. Have a story to share? Follow us @TourGuideTalesPodcast or holler at [email protected]

Scottish Tour Guide Podcast

  • Publisher: David Hope
  • Total Episodes: 5

Scottish Tour Guide Podcast

Tour Guide Talks

  • Publisher: Alvaro Garza
  • Total Episodes: 9

This show is about great tour guides. We are going to get to know them on another level and talk about the ups and downs of the tour guide profession, their passions, their quirks, and their love for the tour themes they host. We will learn how some guides are historians, as others are history detectives, some can be philosophers that explain the unexplainable, some are social psychologists that can give you historical context so you can better understand why things are the way they are. We are going to discuss why guides are more than just local facts. It’s in a guide´s nature to be gregarious and inquisitive and always willing to help. That makes them great resources to hidden gems and recommendations. They have connections to where to find things, an be that translator when need be. Above all, this podcast is about letting these great storytellers tell you their perspectives, strange interactions with guests, funny stories, and fact sand the secrets they want to share with you.

Tour guide to life

  • Publisher: Carlos Jose Santiago
  • Total Episodes: 4

Just a guy who wants to help people and encourage people. This podcast dives into mental health issues, what’s it like to feel hopeless and all the things that can suck in life but ways we can grow from it.

The bluehaired tour guide

  • Publisher: Louke Spigt
  • Total Episodes: 9

Louke is the bluehaired tour guide in Amsterdam that talks about her favorite bits and memorable facts she learned wandering from snack to snack.

Pride Tour Guide

  • Publisher: SirFreezy Presents
  • Total Episodes: 4

Updates on Prides and LGBTQ News around the globe.

Tour Guide On Demand

  • Publisher: Tour Guide On Demand
  • Total Episodes: 5

This podcast is for those who want to see the world. Not tomorrow or next year, now. For those who don’t want to do it alone or want to do it from the comfort of their home. Let’s see the world together! Every week I’ll be taking you on an oral tour around the world. This podcast is an on-demand personalized tour with me. We will travel the world experiencing historic-cultural and beautiful delights. I’ll be posting a new episode every Friday which you play anytime if you want to experience the adventure of traveling.

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