20 Best System Testing Podcasts of 2021

3 years ago

Are you wanting to learn more about system testing ? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best system testing podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, tweet us @MagazineWelp and we will check it out!

Best System Testing Podcasts 2021

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Full Stack Radio

  • Publisher: Adam Wathan
  • Total Episodes: 152

A podcast for developers interested in building great software products. Every episode, Adam Wathan is joined by a guest to talk about everything from product design and user experience to unit testing and system administration.

RBCS Podcast

  • Publisher: Rex Black
  • Total Episodes: 10

The RBCS podcast allows you to stay current on important topics in software testing – on your iPod. Subscribe to the RBCS podcast and, about twice a month, you’ll learn something new and interesting. Rex will share important lessons learned from RBCS’ software test consulting, training, and outsourcing engagements, such as software test management, software testing metrics and results reporting, software test training, system test, unit testing, test automation and other software testing topics. Listen while exercising, going for a walk, shopping, or driving, and become a more informed software tester.

Build With Rob

  • Publisher: Rob Dyrdek
  • Total Episodes: 5

Rob Dyrdek builds & invests in startups, takes them to multi-million dollar exits, and shares lessons along the way. His one-of-a-kind venture creation studio, The Dyrdek Machine, is a company that builds companies by systematically fusing art, science and magic through a process called The Machine Method. Rob seeks out talented founders with Do-or-Dier instincts, whitespace ideas, and the experience to execute. For the first time, Rob will reveal his secrets of successful company creation and bring us all along for the ride. Build With Rob gathers the Dyrdek Machine’s ecosystem of amazing co-founders together in one show to deliver key lessons from the past as well as new insights and evolutions. Throughout the course of the show, we will meet new companies and new partners, experience life-changing developments with current companies, receive invaluable advice from Rob, launch new products, pivot toward excellence, and build impactful brands. If you are an entrepreneur, aspiring entrepreneur, marketer, brand builder, investor, businessperson, just love unique consumer products, or dream of building a company one day, then Build With Rob is for you. Throughout this show, you’ll watch ideas validated, built, changed, shaped and eventually sold for millions. The lessons of Build With Rob include building with a plan to exit, market testing your brand, creating a great brand, platform products, the many types of pivots, being proud even if an idea fails, the power of strategic capital, the enormous value of intellectual property (IP), evolving to a higher multiple, mapping your business model to your core values, challenges of first time founders, and so much more. See it. Believe it. Do it. Subscribe. Build With Rob can also be watched at YouTube.com/DyrdekMachine

JAMAevidence The Rational Clinical Examination

  • Publisher: JAMA Network
  • Total Episodes: 56

Interviews with authors of Rational Clinical Examination systematic reviews in JAMA about the accuracy of the medical history, physical examination, and laboratory testing for the diagnosis of common medical conditions. JAMAevidence is an evidence-based medicine (EBM) resource created and maintained by JAMA Network to promote the use of EBM to improve patient care.

the Building Performance Podcast

  • Publisher: the Building Performance Workshop
  • Total Episodes: 85

The Building Performance Podcast is an interview series drawing on the experience and ideas of a wide array of professionals in the high performance building industry. The intersection of advances in building technologies, the energy crisis, green building trends, and the environmental crisis has made it hard to pursue business-as-usual. The general climate is forcing those of us in the building industry to take a more integrated, systematic approach to building. We talk with engineers, policy makers, program managers, contractors, diagnosticians, ESCOs, architects, utilities, and building managers, among others. Hosted by Corbett Lunsford of the Building Performance Workshop, author of Home Performance Diagnostics and creator of an arsenal of resources for understanding and using home performance testing.

Cyrus Audio’s Podcast

  • Publisher: cyrusaudio
  • Total Episodes: 8

Which music should you use to test your hi-fi system? This is Cyrus Audio’s Simon Freethy and guests discussing their favourite ‘Testing Tracks’


  • Publisher: Paul J. Joseph
  • Total Episodes: 56

Sally’s life on Earth becomes boring when she turns to politics, but not for long. As UN space commissioner, Sally finds herself presiding over the aftermath of Earth’s first colonial war. Baltan City, Earth’s greatest achievement, tries to declare independence, which creates a violent and polarizing conflict. In the midst of this new cold war, an Earth ship from the future is entering the system and appears to be approaching Baltan. Sally and Ian must call a truce with the colonists long enough to investigate. The ill-fated mission launched 20 years after the day Sally Buds sets foot on Baltan involves the testing of an engine capable of creating its own fold. The results were disastrous. The crew of the Alliance ship Ultrablitz is still alive, technically, but they’ve been in transit for 1300 years in an attempt to stop their own mission. But, on further investigation, it becomes clear that there is yet more at stake and than one ship, and it falls upon Sally to decide the fate of thousands of people across the centuries.

That Smiling Dentist Show

  • Publisher: That Smiling Dentist Show
  • Total Episodes: 8

Helping Dentists solve problems through properly leveraged technology and time automation. This is purely about generating new patients. After speaking with thousands of Dentists and developing systems that work, you can save yourself the testing. Predictably use your existing resources to automate the early stages of your patient sales cycle. Understand where you are losing big revenue daily and how to position yourself for the future. Need help? Head over to www.ThatSmilingDentist.com for free strategy consultations and checklists to help you, your practice and staff be better.

Quantum Yoga Podcast

  • Publisher: Jonathan Rickert
  • Total Episodes: 60

The Quantum Yoga Podcast explores the Human Photonic and Electromagnetic Body. On the podcast, Jonathan Rickert interviews experts in the Human Biofield, Biophysics, Functional Medicine, Movement, Food, Water, Lifestyle & Behavior to give you the cutting edge tools you need to thrive! Jonathan is the founder of the Quantum Yoga Health System, an online & physical clinic using advanced human energy field testing to optimize health and performance.

Fair Admission

  • Publisher: The Daily Free Press
  • Total Episodes: 10

College admissions aren’t fair. Could they ever be? Fair Admission is a nine-episode series hosted by Edward Sturm that explores equity in the college admissions process. From systemic racism to standardized testing to the way we make subjective decisions, who gets into college affects all of us—whether we like it or not. From the Daily Free Press.

Meanwhile Back at the Lab with Paximus

  • Publisher: Paximus
  • Total Episodes: 8

Meanwhile Back at the Lab with Paximus is a podcast that focuses on hotly discussed topics in Education. This podcast digs into topics ranging from homework, common core, standardized testing to mental health and parenting. Join in on the conversation as I spend some time with special guests ranging from educators, psychologists, and students talking about what our current educational system is and what it could be.

Hair Therapy

  • Publisher: Kate Holohan
  • Total Episodes: 11

Cultivating the conversation around Hair & Scalp health and Hair Loss. Whether you are in the Hair industry and would like to delve deeper into Hair Loss & Scalp conditions, have experienced or are suffering from some kind of alopecia or scalp problem, or would like to offer support to someone who has, think of this as your audio resource Library for everything you would like to know about all aspects of Hair & scalp health & hair life! Delving into all the aspects of: ~ Trichology ~ Expert Interviews ~ Real life stories ~ Nutrition ~ Hair products ~ General and mental wellbeing ~ Treatment options ~ Hair replacement systems & wigs ~ Hair transplants ~ SPMU & micropigmentation ~ DNA testing and much more.

Joseph Farley Show

  • Publisher: Joseph Farley
  • Total Episodes: 52

These are the times that try men’s souls, and in these hours of testing, there is created a massive amount of opportunity for those who are seeking a better future. Those who are not willing to embrace change and adopt new business concepts will find that the future has left them behind. The Joseph Farley Show interviews the industry movers and shakers to garner wisdom and knowledge about the financial system and its technologies – such as Healthcare, Property and Casualty Insurance, and Professional Employer Organizations. Also included might be Administrative Services Organizations, Career Opportunities, Professional Sales Organizations, and the complex challenges that top CEO’s and CFO’s are facing in the market place daily. We are drowning in a glut of informational technology, and at the same time, starving for wisdom. Knowledge will serve you for naught if you lack the wisdom to make it work in your life.Once you learn just how great the combination of your body and mind can be, it will change your life forever. Find meaning and mission through these trying times on the Joseph Farley Show. Joseph also works for the business development of companies like Trump Capital, AmericaCNG, American Direct Power, and Farley & Associates.

South Central Rooted

  • Publisher: South Central Rooted
  • Total Episodes: 7

South Los Angeles, in mainstream media and in the minds of those who don’t work or live here, is often branded by the violent and chaotic flashpoints in its history, including the watts rebellion in 1965 in the LA uprising in 1992. The South Central Rooted podcast explores the connections between these events and the generations of institutional neglect and intentional exploitation that preceded them. This legacy of oppression still affects South LA residents in all aspects of their daily lives from housing, unemployment, transportation, policing, and the environment. And, the combination of these problems has serious consequences for community health. What we have come to realize is that this racist architecture cannot be dismantled piece by piece at a time when South LA residents are increasingly vulnerable to multiple forms of harassment, displacement and erasure. While South LA has been a testing ground for racist policy, it has also been a real- life laboratory for innovative solutions. Many of the tools, strategies and narratives that South LA leaders developed were once considered too radical. But today these same strategies are being adopted by movement leaders in other cities, and even by policymakers. This is because South LA’s grassroots leaders know that to address these complex, or intersectional problems, we must change the system. Drawing on research and local knowledge, this podcast identifies where Band Aid solutions have failed, where gains have been made, and where future opportunities lie in South LA. If you are from South Central, are familiar with its history, or are involved in organizing, then kick back listen to some familiar voices share stories about some of the great work your neighbors are doing on behalf of the community. And if you are new to south central or south central is new to you, well, get ready for an education, and welcome to the neighborhood!

Software Quality Today

  • Publisher: Dori Gonzalez-Acevedo
  • Total Episodes: 2

Explore the world of software testing and computer systems validation for regulated industries. The who, what, when, why and how of best practices within software quality assurance.

A Few Godly Men -Speaking To The King! Esp. 4

  • Publisher: Rachelle Love
  • Total Episodes: 1

We are speaking to the King within! Bringing real conversations directly from Godly men on the frontlines. The topic of this episode will deal with the death of #GeorgeFloyd who was killed by Police in Minnesota. Unfortunately, racism within law enforcement is not new, but a systemic problem. Folks are protesting and are now taking a stand against senseless killings of human beings. #BlackAmericans and all Americans are outraged and are calling for justice!

Isolated Together

  • Publisher: Quinnipiac University
  • Total Episodes: 14

We’ll be looking at every conceivable angle related to the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath — that includes the serious stuff, and the stuff we can laugh at.  One day we might talk to health care workers and people who have recovered from the virus and their families, and look at the health care system and its struggles. The next day, we might dig up tips and tricks for being creative in a world without toilet paper, or mayonnaise. We’re gonna explore the problems with testing, and we’ll be interviewing epidemiologists, virologists, biostatisticians, public health experts, and regular folks like you and me. How do you keep your hands moisturized after washing them 30 times a day? We also want to take a critical look at media coverage of this pandemic, as well as the impact of social media misinformation and disinformation. Clear, accurate, and contextual information is more important now than ever before. Isolated Together is a production of the Quinnipiac University Podcast Studio, and is hosted by David DesRoches, director of community programming.

21st Century Education

  • Publisher: Dave C
  • Total Episodes: 4

I am a 20 year veteran teacher who is disgusted at our government’s insistence at testing our students to death. I will be examining new, creative educational systems and techniques that can be used in both school and after school settings.

Smalltalk Reflections

  • Publisher: David Buck and Craig Latta
  • Total Episodes: 16

The Smalltalk programming language is not only the first pure object oriented language, but has been the birthplace for many of today’s best practices in software development including agile methods, design patterns, unit testing, refactoring and incremental development. In the Smalltalk Reflections podcast, David Buck and Craig Latta guide you through the world of Smalltalk covering topics from basic object oriented principles to software testing, version control and deployment techniques. They discuss theory, practice and experiences in Smalltalk development. They interview developers working in Smalltalk on major financial, insurance, shipping and manufacturing systems and discuss the latest advances with the vendors and developers of Smalltalk implementations. Smalltalk Reflections is a great resource for Smalltalk developers to learn more about their field and for other developers interested in learning Smalltalk. Come join them on a journey into one of the most influential programming languages of all time.

One Intentional Life

  • Publisher: Josh Medeski (with John Cooper)
  • Total Episodes: 27

Productivity is more than trying to get out of the office by 5 Friday afternoon, it’s about building a life you love and focusing on the work that matters to you. In our podcast, we are breaking down productivity by sharing personal, down to earth, stories and struggles combining meaningful and intentional action steps with practical tips and tricks. It’s our hope that this podcast will open your eyes to the “why” behind the productivity. Defining purpose to your life and building systems to help you get more done, have less stress, manage your energy, define goals, and more! You don’t have to be a self-help junkie or productivity nut to enjoy this show. We’ve done all the research and have spent years reading books and articles, testing apps and products, and implementing many productivity systems into our own lives. By listening to this show, you can learn from our mistakes and learn how to connect purpose with productivity.

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