20 Best Stage Make-up Podcasts of 2021

3 years ago

Are you wanting to learn more about stage make-up ? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best stage make-up podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, tweet us @MagazineWelp and we will check it out!

Best Stage Make-up Podcasts 2021

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The Munk Debates Podcast

  • Publisher: Munk Foundation / Antica Productions / iHeartRadio
  • Total Episodes: 99

The Munk Debates podcast is an extension of the main stage events – in subject, speaker selection, tone and format. It will introduce the iconic brand – and its engaging debates about significant issues of our time. Audiences will hear strong and passionate arguments from both sides of an issue so they will have enough information to make up their own minds about where they stand.

Claim the Stage: A Podcast About Speaking and Sisterhood

  • Publisher: Angela Lussier
  • Total Episodes: 182

Claim the Stage is a podcast for women who want to learn how to speak on stage and speak up in life. We also focus on how to build confidence to pursue your goals and how to rely on a sisterhood to make that happen. Hosted by Angela Lussier, award-winning professional speaker, seven-time author, and CEO and founder of the Speaker Sisterhood, a network of public speaking clubs for women and Dr. Joli Hamilton, a research psychologist, best selling author, TEDx speaker, and AASECT certified sex educator. Learn more about joining a speaking club: www.speakersisterhood.com

The Captivate Show

  • Publisher: Csilla Muscan
  • Total Episodes: 79

The CAPTIVATE Podcast is for influential women who want to OWN their voice and take their message to the stage to make a greater impact in the world. Women who want to lead with confidence and share their expertise through captivating and compelling communication. The CAPTIVATE show is hosted by Speaker, Performing Artist, and Author, Csilla Muscan (www.magnifymessage.com) Every week Csilla teaches practical and straight-forward speaking, messaging, and marketing tips as well as invites some of her amazing friends and thought leaders to share their expertise and stories with you, the listener. If you’d like to speak more confidently on ANY stage to grow your visibility, credibility, and income then we invite you to sign up for Csilla’s newest FREE Masterclass, “3 simple and powerful ways to grow your biz by speaking on stage.” here: www.captivate-training.com/masterclass

The Love Hour

  • Publisher: KevOnStage MrsKevOnStage
  • Total Episodes: 173

Kevin & Melissa are a young married couple, bringing you a fresh take on love and relationships. They’re using their 15+ years of marriage experience to offer insight in a relatable way, addressing matters of the heart with plenty of candor, humor, and nuggets of wisdom. Through transparency and honesty, Melissa & Kevin let couples know they aren’t alone in their trials, but that together they can make it through them all! Hosts Instagram: @KevOnStage, @MrsKevOnStage, @TheLoveHour

The Competitive Edge – Fitness Uncensored

  • Publisher: The Pro Coaches
  • Total Episodes: 92

“The Competitive Edge – Fitness Uncensored” kicks off our series of Podcasts that seek to be a wealth of information from active competitors perspectives on the fitness industry. From general topics of dieting all the way through to stage posing and everything in between, make sure you tune in for real time tips, tricks, advice and discussions from these 3 Australian WBFF Pro competitors. This promises to be a no filter view on all things fitness, positives, negatives and all the BS that comes with it. Get the real story, uncensored! Join our Facebook Group to stay up to date with our podcasts and discussions! Edited and Produced by Rachel Hustler For media / sponsorship enquiries please contact Rachel @ [email protected]

SaaS Growth Marketers Podcast

  • Publisher: saasgrowthmarketers
  • Total Episodes: 11

This is the FIRST podcast for Marketing Leader of GROWTH-STAGE SaaS businesses. For those who want to be inspired in a blunt, controversial, and entertaining manner. Here you get unfiltered insights that will make you excel in your career. No “BS” bingo. No feather beds. Leaders speaking up. Leaders admitting where they failed and what they learned. Profiled guests that have the guts to enter the ring with an unconventional host – Frank Buckler – Founder of SaaSconversion.io

The Boss Mom Podcast – Business Strategy – Work / Life Balance – -Digital Marketing – Content Strategy

  • Publisher: Dana Malstaff
  • Total Episodes: 490

Welcome to the Boss Mom Podcast, where mompreneurs and women in all stages of raising their business and family come to get tools, tips and support to help make their Boss Mom world just a little bit easier. With host Dana Malstaff

A Cup Full of Hope Podcast

  • Publisher: Caroline Harries
  • Total Episodes: 104

A Cup Full of Hope Podcast, hosted by Caroline Harries, invites you into spirit-filled conversations that will inspire, encourage and fill your cup to overflowing. No matter your age or stage, or what trials you are facing today, each episode will make you more aware of the goodness of God and more excited to dive in deeper to all the things He has for you, including peace, joy, and hope.

Wisen Up! Move to Canada !

  • Publisher: Canada Immigration Success Stories
  • Total Episodes: 14

Wisen Up Podcast supports your career move to Canada by providing all the information you need through Content, Consultation and Community. Our content covers stories and interviews of those who have relocated to Canada and established themselves in various careers in Canada, like IT, HR, Consulting, Pharma, Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Banker, and also as students.Our consultations help those trying to decide whether or not to make a move to Canada and what sector to focus on. We provide hands-on the pulse information, data from vetted sources combined with our collective 25 years of experience to help you make the right choices at the right time.We cover topics ranging from your career, courses, certifications, to business, startups, real estate, banking and investment management.Our community of consultants and experts have decades of experience working in Canada across multiple domains and specializations. The aim of the community is to build and support our members at each stage of our lives, to feel at home and to celebrate life’s milestones together by uplifting one another.

Making It Happen with Henry Ammar

  • Publisher: Henry Ammar
  • Total Episodes: 116

Making It Happen with Henry Ammar is a podcast that will provide real-world insights to create an empowered life that you can wake up excited for. The podcast is a mix of the best speeches, interviews, and any important empowering thoughts I will record specifically to help you create a life you wake up excited for. It’s time to fully live life making it happen the way YOU want it to! Henry Ammar, founder and CEO of MakeItHappen.Life, is an award-winning empowerment coach, an impact entrepreneur, a creative, and a visionary leader with in-depth experience in the personal development, business leadership, entertainment, real estate, and education industries. As a keynote speaker and empowerment coach, he has positively impacted hundreds of thousands of lives internationally. In his professional career, Henry has performed on a Grammy Award-winning album and traveled the world sharing the stage with legends. Henry went from creating music to creating businesses growing them locally from Los Angeles to international successes in just one year. He went on to graduate Magna Cum Laude from the University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business. Upon graduating, he put his knowledge to use by overseeing the investment and management of over $2 billion dollars in real estate in just three years. Henry’s true passion lies in the privilege to use his leadership, strengths, and successes to positively impact individuals, businesses, and community. His most recent brainchild, MakeItHappen.Life, was created to inspire and give energetic and real-world strategies that lead to an exhilarating, authentic life full of empowerment and success.

Let’s Veg About It Podcast

  • Publisher: That Veggie Gurl: Holistic Chef, Teacher, Health and Wellness Coach
  • Total Episodes: 86

Are you looking to transition to a more plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free, or cleaner way of eating? Do you want to eat more organically, locally and environmentally, but are intimidated by your local health markets? Have you been recently diagnosed with a lifestyle or autoimmune disease that requires a restrictive diet? Would you like to make room for nutritious foods that will become your pantry staples and mealtime favorites? Do you want to make a fresh start to restocking your kitchen, but don’t know where to begin? Would you like to gain a better understanding of how to stock a healthy, healing and holistic kitchen from the grocery cart to the fridge and pantry? Let’s get veggie together to transform your kitchen and your health. As the self-appointed marketing director for the veggies of the world and former veggie hater, Chef Annette aka That Veggie Gurl is committed to inspiring you to make Veggies Ya Bae. Drawing from her experience as a master certified clinical health coach, holistic chef, and retired educator, get answers to your questions on how to use food as medicine. After successfully being able to reverse Stage 4 Cancer, solely by making the transition to a plant-based diet, Annette recognized how important it is for everyone to start cooking more and nourishing their bodies with holistic healing foods. Class is in session and it’s time for you to get in the kitchen and cook up some wellness.

Prime Venture Partners Podcast

  • Publisher: Prime Venture Partners: Early Stage VC Fund
  • Total Episodes: 63

A podcast for entrepreneurs who are looking to build & grow their startups. Avoid common traps & learn uncommon strategies & tactics from makers & doers of startup ecosystem. Prime Ventures is a early-stage venture fund which focuses on startups that not only need capital but also require mentoring to transform them into disruptive companies. We share a passion for working closely with entrepreneurs and enjoy sharing their journey in a high-frequency, interactive and fun environment.Read more about us at http://primevp.in

Startup Competitors

  • Publisher: Michael Kelly
  • Total Episodes: 171

How do early-stage software startup founders identify competitors in their space? How do they leverage the information they learn to develop a go-to-market strategy? In each episode of the Startup Competitors Podcast, we sit down with a startup founder to learn about how they think about competition, and how they leverage their knowledge of the market and competitors to make better tactical decisions.

That Will Never Work

  • Publisher: Marc Randolph
  • Total Episodes: 10

How many times have you been told “that will never work”? Probably not as often as Marc Randolph, the veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneur, advisor, investor, speaker and best-selling author. Though best known as the co-founder and first CEO of Netflix, he’s founded or co-founded a half dozen other successful startups and mentored scores of other early stage entrepreneurs. On his podcast, Marc works directly with entrepreneurs who have been told “that will never work,” helping them turn their nascent or struggling businesses into sustainable companies. Be a fly on the wall as Marc advises business founders, using his unique combination of analytical skills, tough love and a dose of humor to unearth the blind spots that may be holding them back. Each episode is an invaluable lesson for anyone aspiring to be a next-generation entrepreneur, so tune in to find out how to make your “impossible” vision a reality.If you want to be a guest on “That Will Never Work” and get help from Marc with your business issues, leave a message at: 1 888 MARCPOD / (888) 627-2763. You can also connect with Marc on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/thatwillneverwork/), Twitter (https://twitter.com/mbrandolph) and on his website (https://Marcrandolph.com).

Home Stagers and Designers on Fire

  • Publisher: Marianne Cherico
  • Total Episodes: 57

Are you a Home Stager or Designer who wants to attract more ideal clients, up level your business, make more money and still have a smokin’ hot life? If so, this podcast is for you! Hosted by best selling author, coach and speaker Marianne Cherico , this is a place where top leaders share best practices for creating a life and business by design-one that sets your soul on fire.

Chief Executive Connector

  • Publisher: Pablo Gonzalez
  • Total Episodes: 110

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “In My Walks, every man I meet is my superior in some way, and in that I learn from him.”This means every single person you ever interacted with, has done something slightly different than every single other person, and therefore has something to teach you, and YOU, my friend, have something to teach them.This means every conversation you have is both a chance to learn something and a chance to make an impact. Every networking event or conference you walk into is both a library and your stage.Your network is your personal google, and you are part of everyone’s Wikipedia.Welcome to the Chief Executive Connector Podcast. My name is Pablo Gonzalez and I am your Chief Executive Connector. Follow me as we meet people in my walks, find out what we can learn from them, what they’ve learned from others, and what made them want to connect so YOU can learn to gain and give value to others in ALL of your interactions.


  • Publisher: by Jennifer Zahlit and Larkin Bell
  • Total Episodes: 69

A BRIGHTER LENS is a podcast, hosted by Jennifer Zahlit and Larkin Bell, that aims to spotlight women, trans, and non-binary folx in film at different stages in their careers through thoughtful discussion. By holding a space for underrepresented creators to share their knowledge, experience, and creative inspiration, we hope to make the process of filmmaking more accessible and cultivate a community dedicated to collaboration and support in the film industry.

Black Hair in the Big Leagues

  • Publisher: Broadway Podcast Network
  • Total Episodes: 38

Throughout Black Hair in the Big Leagues, host Salisha Thomas sits down with badass black women (and men) on Broadway and talks about all things hair. We are sharing secrets, swapping ideas, and talking about our individual experiences backstage, onstage and beyond. But that’s not all; there are women (and men!) who can speak on this topic in other industries as well and open the conversation about what it means to show up to work being black and “put together.”After every episode, you’ll have new ideas for your own tresses and leave feeling inspired and empowered no matter what color you are to stop fighting what makes you unique, to live your best life and to embrace yourself exactly the way you are.Part of the Broadway Podcast Network.

One Vision

  • Publisher: Theodora Lau, Bradley Leimer and Arun Krishnakumar
  • Total Episodes: 129

One Vision podcast co-hosted by Theodora Lau, Arunkumar Krishnakumar and Bradley Leimer brings purposeful innovation to spotlight.Its where impact meets innovation. One Vision is a convergence of minds that dream of a sustainable world for future generations galvanized by innovation.We speak to startup founders, investors, industry players, thought leaders and policy makers in the innovation ecosystem and get their views. While there have been a lot discussed about innovation in the western world, we believe that impact at scale can be achieved in the emerging markets too. In recent times we have seen several leap frog moments across the emerging world. What Alibaba and Tencent have achieved in China, PayTM in India and MPesa in Africa are great examples of impactful stories. We talk to many emerging market players and highlight their efforts to create such leap frog moments.We believe there are many innovation stories that have impact on people’s life across the world. We identify these stories and talk to them about their journeys, successes and challenges they have had to overcome. In providing a stage for these entrepreneurs, thought leaders and innovators, we hope to inspire a generation looking to effect positive change. One Vision, One Dream, One Voice for One sustainable future. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Born to Fly Podcast

  • Publisher: Jane Trapman
  • Total Episodes: 21

The Born to Fly podcast is a podcast that combines faith and business. We focus on inspiring as many people as possible to discover your God-given purpose and end up doing what you love. The faith-based entrepreneurs on this show have found that purpose and started a business. They happily share how they have made it work while trusting and aligning what they do with God. The tips and tricks they share will help to launch your business and inspire how to make it work. How do you promote your business? What is good marketing? What is a good brand and how do you build it? What are the best sales techniques? How do you become a person of influence? What leadership skills are needed to run your own business? These questions, and many more, will be answered to help you grow personally, professionally and spiritually. This podcast is especially interesting for early-stage entrepreneurs and wannabe entrepreneurs. But also people who are looking to find their purpose in life are very welcome. If you embrace personal growth and are passionate about Jesus, you want to check out this podcast. NEW EPISODE EVERY OTHER WEEK! www.borntofly.faith

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