20 Best Performance Tuning Podcasts of 2021

3 years ago

Are you wanting to learn more about performance tuning ? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best performance tuning podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, tweet us @MagazineWelp and we will check it out!

Best Performance Tuning Podcasts 2021

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The PBSCCS Podcast

  • Publisher: Professional Baseball Strength and Conditioning Coaches Society
  • Total Episodes: 127

The Professional Baseball Strength and Conditioning Coaches Society Podcast provides recognition for those who have experienced the unique demands of professional baseball performance enhancement. Individuals share their stories and insights, providing valuable lessons for all who are tuning in!

Practice Break

  • Publisher: Erica Lee and Ashley Cheng
  • Total Episodes: 16

Classical music may not be new, but it’s certainly never gone out of style. Join college music students and PCM alums Erica Lee and Ashley Cheng as they talk about life as music students, performance anxiety, musical movies and TV shows, and anything to do with— you guessed it— music by tuning into Practice Break on your practice breaks.


  • Publisher: Beau Sauls
  • Total Episodes: 33

How can health practitioners and sports and fitness trainers interact with their patients, clients and other professionals to integrate care and improve their overall quality of life? Host Beau Sauls, DC, interviews different doctors, athletes and movement specialist from around the world, focusing on functional movement, performance, rehabilitation, and resiliency. Increase your knowledge of movement and assessment by tuning in and learning from the pros.

The DailyC Hockey Experience

  • Publisher: Corson’s Journey
  • Total Episodes: 44

This podcast is created by NCAA hockey player and Professional Performance Coach Corson Searles. The podcast is all about digging into the deeper truths of performance in order to enhance your enjoyment in hockey, as well as life, as you follow Corson‘s own journey to accomplish his goal of playing professional hockey. During these episodes we dive deep into the mindset of each guest (athletes, musicians, artists, etc) and explore the strategies and tactics they are currently using and fine tuning to pursue success in their field.

Build Tune Race

  • Publisher: James Schauer
  • Total Episodes: 21

All things Racecar! Build Tune Race is a podcast dedicated to bringing content to the performance automotive industry! The podcast includes interviewing leaders in the performance automotive industry to talking about products, and racing events! Build Tune Race is your go to podcast for Building Tuning and Racing cars! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/buildtunerace/support

The Discovery Pod

  • Publisher: Douglas Nelson
  • Total Episodes: 165

The Discovery Pod features conversations with leaders in non-profit/social sector. Join former CEO Douglas Nelson as he talks with CEOs, Board Chairs, Founders and other senior leaders about how they got started in the sector, how they work with their boards, and what remains to be done. As Managing Director of The Discovery Group, a philanthropy and governance consulting firm based in Vancouver, BC., Doug understands the complexity of leading organizations and institutions and the challenges of aligning governance and philanthropic performance. Doug has been called a ‘fundraising phenom’ by the Vancouver Sun and ‘a true innovator for a sector that can do so much more.’ Learn from the brightest and the best in the industry so you can accomplish what is most important by tuning in to The Discovery Pod today.

The Chemical Show

  • Publisher: Victoria Meyer
  • Total Episodes: 9

Welcome to The Chemical Show, a podcast focused on the business of chemicals. Featuring interviews with industry executives, you’ll hear about the key trends impacting chemicals and plastics today: growth, sustainability, innovation, transformation, digitalization, global supply chains, strategic marketing, and much more.Hosted by Victoria Meyer, The Chemical Show brings you the latest insights into the industry. You will hear from leading industry executives as they discuss their companies, business, markets, and leadership. You’ll learn how chemical and plastics companies are making an impact, responding to the changing business environment, and discussing best practices and approaches you can apply in your business.Victoria Meyer is the President and Founder of Progressio Global, a boutique consultancy that helps chemical companies accelerate business results by closing the strategy-to-execution gap. Working at the intersection of strategy, marketing, and execution, Victoria helps business leaders grow and optimize their business performance, align their organization, and achieve their strategic objectives. With 25 years of leadership in chemicals, Victoria is a B2B marketing and strategy expert who applies a holistic yet focused approach to your business goals and helps chemical executives and their teams achieve targeted results through boutique consulting packages and executive coaching.Better Living Through Chemistry.The Chemical Show highlights the positive impact of chemicals and plastics in our everyday lives, the innovations and transformations taking place in the chemical and plastics industry as companies grow and evolve to meet 21st century needs, and the challenges and opportunities the industry faces.Podcast guests include global senior leaders at private and public companies, heads of industry groups, and industry experts in plastics, chemicals, and supporting industries.Listen in as our host, Victoria Meyer, and industry executives discuss business, leadership, and more.The business of Chemistry is a $565-billion enterprise for the United States and triple that number globally. The chemical industry supports over 500,000 jobs in the United States. It is estimated that more than 96% of all manufactured goods are touched by the business of chemistry.Accelerate your business results, gain industry insights, and achieve greater growth in new and existing markets. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn the latest strategies and insights to help your company flourish, transform, and accelerate your goal achievement by tuning in to The Chemical Show.

HPA Tech Torque

  • Publisher: High Performance Academy
  • Total Episodes: 28

High Performance Academy Presents: Tech Torque. A show about performance tuning, wiring, engine building and big power builds. Learn from the best as we interview car nerds, engineers and builders at the top of their game at the biggest automotive shows and race events from around the world.

JBs Powercast – Automotive industry news, Events, Performance parts, Cars, Trucks and Accessories

  • Publisher: JBs Power Centre
  • Total Episodes: 29

Welcome to the JB’s Powercast, where we talk about industry news, events, performance parts,trucks and accessories, shop talk, and bench racing.Thanks for tuning in to JB’s Powercast Check out JB’s Power Centre dot com for the latest updates. Catch JBs Powercast at JB’s Power Centre dot com, youtube or facebook, be sure to like, comment and follow us.Our on air hosts include; Adel Abagoush, Corey Rogers and Sierra Eklund.JB’s Powercast is a JB’s Power Centre production and is produced by Steven Emde and Shawn Landsman.

The Deep Ball

  • Publisher: Anthony Paolillo & Corey Lichtman
  • Total Episodes: 34

Welcome to The Deep Ball! We now have two different editions: The Diamond Edition is our new Baseball spin-off, while The Gridiron Edition will be our usual football episodes. Keep up with league news, rumors, player performances, etc, by tuning in. Be sure to check us out on Instagram @thedeepball_

In Tune with the Garage

  • Publisher: Goat Rope Garage
  • Total Episodes: 8

The weekly live show In Tune from the Goat Rope Garage in audio format. We talk about automotive performance and answer viewer questions on the air about tuning vehicles. Find our YouTube channel and more at www.goatropegarage.com

VMP Performance Tuning Tuesday and Burnout Box Podcast

  • Publisher: VMP Performance
  • Total Episodes: 158

At VMP Performance the need for speed meets modern technology. Founders Justin and Rebecca Starkey strive for innovation and leadership in everything they do. This quest for perfection has driven VMP Performance’s evolution over the years. In the early 2000s, VMP began working with SCT founders to properly calibrate late model EFI vehicles. As needs in the automotive aftermarket grew, VMP saw opportunities beyond custom tuning. VMP added product development to their repertoire. The search for more horsepower culminated in the launch of the VMP line of superchargers. Today, VMP operates a modern e-commerce business focused on aftermarket automotive upgrades with customers all over the world. The company’s headquarters are in New Smyrna Beach Florida on a 12 acre campus. VMP offers custom tuning and installations in addition to the line of VMP performance parts and supporting components from quality manufacturers. VMP Performance hosts two weekly live shows, Tuning Tuesday and Burnout Box, in which VMP staff members discuss a variety of topics.

The Business Couch with Dr. Yishai

  • Publisher: Dr. Yishai
  • Total Episodes: 118

Welcome to The Business Couch with Dr. Yishai, where we delve into the minds and mistakes of entrepreneurs and business leaders so you can learn from them 3 days a week! I’m your host, Dr. Yishai Barkhordari, awe-inspiring psychologist and adaptability coach to entrepreneurs, business executives, and leaders. It is my mission to unlock the minds, thought processes, strategies, and hard-earned lessons from industry leaders, founders, and entrepreneurs to extract and share core ideas, principles, skills, and strategies so that you can learn and apply them in your life and business. In casual yet thoughtful conversations, The Business Couch with Dr. Yishai contains insightful interviews with industry and thought leaders, business founders, and CEOs. Plus you’ll hear scientific research, my personal reflections, and thought-provoking questions. You’ll hear origin stories that inspire and educate. You’ll uncover success secrets to overcoming obstacles, setbacks, and mistakes. You’ll unlock lessons learned by giants who came before you as well as relatable, humble journeys of evolution and adaptation… with all the disruption, stumbling, and struggling that meets us on the road to greatness. We deep dive into relevant topics from habits, mindset, productivity, and high performance to navigating online business, marketing, and scaling to team management, work-life, culture, and leadership. You’ll get access to new ideas, perspectives, strategies, and tactics to grow your business and yourself as leader-in-chief at the helm. Whether you are beginning your journey, have some experience under your belt, or a seasoned entrepreneur or business leader there is so much you can gain by subscribing and learning from the experience and wisdom of others to grow yourself and your company at any stage. My one request is that you share this podcast with one person you know would enjoy tuning in. Feel free to share this show on any app that supports podcasts, and check out DrYishai.com to connect, learn more, and grab any free resources I’ve got to share. Thanks for listening, I look forward to getting to know you better on this journey as we all raise each other up and learn from one another. Whether you’re on the go or winding down… Grab a proverbial seat and join The Business Couch with Dr. Yishai!

Game On: Improve Your Health

  • Publisher: 1PUNCH
  • Total Episodes: 28

1PUNCH is a health, wellness and gaming brand. Their mission is to bring educational content, health and wellness routines, and overall fitness and nutrition tips to their listeners. Although their content will relate to the general public, they will have a heavy focus on the gaming community to help bridge the gap between the gamers and the health and fitness fanatics, as well as discuss how a regular wellness routine can improve gaming performance. They will also talk heavily on the role that health and wellness routines can play on mental health and improve the mental state as a whole. They will be sharing personal experiences, tips, and resources to help combat and overcome mental health issues. All of this led by their host Austin J (or hallucinodream for those gamers tuning in). You can follow him at @hallucinodream across all social media. You can follow us on social media here: Instagram: @1PUNCHNation, Twitter: @1PUNCH, YouTube: youtube.com/1PUNCH, Twitch: twitch.tv/1PUNCHTV, and at our website: www.1punch.net. Thank you for the support, enjoy, and stay healthy!

Hobbyhorse Quarter Hour

  • Publisher: Hobbyhorse
  • Total Episodes: 8

The Hobbyhorse Quarter Hour Podcast is for those who would like an audio replay of our Facebook Live Hobbyhorse Quarter Hour live mini-concerts. Except for a few unnecessary moments in the beginning and end of the show, we have not edited anything out. You’ll hear the unique performance including great moments, mistakes, and chatting between songs with our live Facebook audience. Thanks for tuning in to the podcast! – Annie & Phil

Performance Society

  • Publisher: Marques Barosso
  • Total Episodes: 11

Welcome to the Performance Society podcast I am your host Coach B. In this Podcast we will be talking to coaches, professional athletes, and other fitness professionals about their personal stories, training and how sports has impacted their life’s. In this podcast we will talk about their success’s, failures and their evolution as a professional. Thanks for tuning in and I hope you enjoy

Behind the Mic | Old Time Radio

  • Publisher: OTR Podcasts
  • Total Episodes: 10

Welcome to the Behind the Mic from otrpodcasts.com. On this podcast, we explore the history behind many of Old Time Radio’s greatest performances! We jump around from series to series, picking one episode each week and together we learn about the actors, producers, sponsors, and more before listening to that full episode as it was originally broadcast. Thanks for tuning in! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/otr-behind-the-mic/support

The Working Well Podcast

  • Publisher: tborys
  • Total Episodes: 9

A must listen to podcast for corporate leaders and executives. Learn how to accelerate the performance of your people, corporate culture and business through Workplace Wellness Strategy. Find out why the death of traditional corporate wellness resulted in a better model for improving employee and organizational health. We explore topics each week involving personal and organizational health, workplace wellness strategy, corporate culture, productivity and business. By tuning in, you will benefit from learning about how the healthy workplace of the future drives passionate, productive people, corporate performance, and profits. In addition, you will improve your happiness, vitality, and performance that will transform your life at work and home.

Performance Through Health

  • Publisher: Martin McPhilimey
  • Total Episodes: 45

Welcome to the Performance Through Health podcast where we interview and chat with a variety of high performing individuals ranging from elite athletes, scientists, coaches and business owners as I delve into topics that will help you become healthy, happy with sustainable performance. If you’re looking to level up in life, you can inherit the wisdom from my guests by tuning in every week for a new and exciting episode. Make sure you’re to subscribe to my Itunes channel. Check out my website: performancethroughhealth.com or email [email protected] for more info.

Cower by LvYeti

  • Publisher: LvYeti
  • Total Episodes: 1

Thank you for tuning in to my podcast. Here we have general discussions all about the 5v5 tactical shooter “Valorant”. We discuss the flow of the game, meta, how to improve on your personal performance and general ideas on what can lead you towards the top.

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